Friday, August 26, 2011

Well Whaddya Know

The team that always wins won again, in a surprise upset after trailing the first 3 rounds. These guys know how to play the game. My Wife Doesn't Know How To Wrestle, But You Should See Her Box also secured round four for the first time in a while; below are their topics for next week's round two. WHO WILL DETHRONE THEM? It's up to you, quizzers! Blue chip wasn't pulled so the money rolls to next week's jackpot. Do it.

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm

2. The Matrix (first movie)

3. Fawcett Comics

4. Grateful Dead lyrics

5. the hymns of Charles Wesley

6. Isis (Egyptian goddess)

7. Books by Juliet Marillier

8. Martin Luther

9. Romeo and Juliet (just the Shakespear play)

10. Modern Evolutionary Synthesis (1930-1960)

11. 1994 World Cup

12. 90s Britpop bands

13. Washington DC punk of the 80s

14. XXX Holic (anime)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello Riker, Goodnight Moon out-guessed two other teams on song length

Thus winning round 4 by a half point for next week's Round 2 advantage. Here are their topics:

  1. David Lynch Films
  2. So You Think You Can Dance
  3. Yoga Poses
  4. U2
  5. 80s Orange County Punk
  6. Disneyland
  7. Burlesque Dancers
  8. the Platypus
  9. Canadian Geography
  10. Poetry
  11. Meteorology
  12. Star Trek: Next Gen
  13. The Damned (punk band)
  14. WWII Pacific Theater

Friday, August 12, 2011

668: The Neighbor of the Beast

The last game started out good for some teams, but they trailed off and 668: The Neighbor of the Beast came over for the win, and they pulled the jackpot chip.

Round four was won by the Catalina Winemixers, who snuck out before giving us their round 2 topics. But have no fear, we tracked them down, and got their topics. Enjoy yourselves as you study up.
1. Surfing Terminology
2. Oceanography
3. The Soup(TV Show)
4. Alkaline Trio(Band)
5. The Life Aquatic(Movie)
6. House on Mango Street(Book)
7. MLA Format
8. Star Wars
9. Entourage(TV Show)
10. Anchorman(Movie)
11. Jimmy Eat World(Band)
12. Flipping Out(TV Show)
13. Breaking Dawn-Twilight Novel
14. Fresno Pub Quiz History

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Congratulations to Mmmmmmm...Gamecocks for their win on Wednesday. They scored a 10 in round 1, and a 10.5 in round 2 and hung on for the win. It was a fresh jackpot, but it wasn't won so the odds get better and rolls on to next week.

Clown Practice didn't win round 2, featuring the topics they picked a few weeks back, but they did win round 4, and so here are their topics for next week's round 2. Study up, and we'll see you on the 10th.

1. Dialysis
2. C.S. Lewis
3. Scott Pilgrim vs the the World (movie)
4. English Premiership Soccer Stadia
5. Iron Maiden (band)
6. Dungeons & Dragons Online
7. The BElgariad
8. Avatar the Last Airbender (tv cartoon)
9. Reptiles
10. Fight Club (movie)
11. Yo Gabba Gabba
12. The Simpsons
13. Battlestar Galactica (all versions)
14. Norse Mythology