Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Travis is a winner

It's Wednesday!

Last week, Travis Does the Fire Squids grabbed the bull by the horns early, and didn't let go. They quickly bombed the competition and ended up 4 points clear on the night. It wasn't a new high score, but 36 is definitely a strong finish. And their night ended up with even more joy as they pulled the jackpot chip. Congrats to them!

Tonight, we're back with a fresh jackpot. We have challenging questions prepared for you, some interesting song snippets, and some nice in between round music.

As always, register after 7:15, game at 8
$5 a person, teams of 1-6.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Drive for the Win

"Pub Quiz is twisting, turning, thrill ride." - review by the quizmaster.

Last week, Alana is Satan ended the win streak of Travis does something. And, they snuck up to overtake Let Us Win or AJ Will Make it Stay Hot in the last round. But they didn't pull the jackpot.

Tonight, it's 50/50 jackpot odds.

Will you be the one that puts your team over the top? Are you the key to a winning team?
Register after 7:15, game starts at 8.
$5 a person, teams of 1-6.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Come Play With Me?

Last week, Travis, Pub Quiz's Neymar continued a little streak. They rolled over the competition for the second week in a row. But like Neymar, they couldn't win the big prize.

This week, it 1 blue and 2 red chips in the jackpot bag. Can your team take the title and maybe even the jackpot?

Register after 7:15, game at 8.
$5 a person, teams of 1-6

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

And now, the new Chamion...

We have been at this 8.5 years. We have never had a perfect game - 40 points & win all four rounds and jackpot. We've never had a 40. To the best of our records, we have only had 2 times where a team won all four rounds. For the longest time, our highest score ever was 38 points. Teams would get close, or look like they had a chance, but something would trip them up, and they would finish just shy.

Last week, a team put on quite the show, and really flexed on our questions. After all four rounds, they had done the near impossible, and set a new high score record: 38.5!

Congrats to Roseanne, You Don't Have to Join the Alt-Right. They had the right mix of knowledge to take three rounds, two of them at 10 points, one at 9.5. Round 2 was their worst, losing on a time tie breaker and scoring 8 points. What a game! Again, congrats to them. Perhaps their only slip up was not pulling the jackpot chip. Or, maybe it was strategy to take down a bigger jackpot this week?

Find out tonight at the Santa Fe Basque.
Register after 7:15
Game at 8
Teams of 1-6, $5 a person

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Summer Schedule

Here is your tentative Upcoming Fresno Pub Quiz Schedule for the summer:
May 2- we're playing
May 9 - no Quiz
May 16 - we're playing
May 23 - we're playing
May 30 - we're playing

June 6 - we're playing
June 13 - no Quiz
June 20 - we're playing
June 27 - we're playing

July 4 - no Quiz
July 11 - we're playing
July 18 - we're playing
July 25 - we're playing

August 1 - we're playing
August 8 - we're playing
August 15 - we're playing
August 22 - we're playing
August 29 - we're playing

Subject to change.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spuradic Update post

Last week was a pretty good one. Three teams won a round, one round went to the time tie breaker, and at the end of it all, The Cycle Bar...(the Non-Alcoholic One) and Alana is Satan were tied at the top. Alana is Satan won the tie breaker question, and then pulled the jackpot chip!

That means tonight is a fresh jackpot. Like a mighty wind, spring has blown into Pub Quiz. Bone up on things new and old, and we'll see you tonight at the Santa Fe Basque.

As always:
Registration after 7:15, game at 8
$5 a person, teams of 1-6

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Going off half pipe

Last week was the first of a new jackpot, but that didn't stop you all from coming out and going after it. Eight teams squared off and played a close one. The Crisis Actors came up a little short to the Hungarian Halfhearted Half Pipe. The Half Pipers won, but didn't get the gold. This week the jackpot gets rolling.

As always, Wednesday night means we'll be at the Santa Fe Basque putting on some of the best trivia around.

Register after 7:15, Game at 8.
$5 a person, teams of 1-6.