Friday, August 29, 2014

4th Time Was a Charm

We see that you're gunning after the kings, but you're just missing.  Although they had different names each time, the same team has won the last 4 games in a row, and they finally managed to pull that jackpot chip. Congrats to Uzi: So Simple a 9 Year Old Can Use It for winning the game and taking home the big ca$h.

Alana, Not So Bad After All was our randomly chosen team for next week's round 2, and here's what they chose:
Denver Broncos
Space 1999 (tv show)
Americas Cup Sailing
Prehistoric History
Janis Joplin
Gilmore Girls
Emergency (70's tv show)
Kenny Chesney
Ray Donovan
Dixie Chicks
Cabernet Franc
St. Louis Rams
Harry Potter
Depeche Mode

So there you have it. Study up for next week as we start a new jackpot.

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's a Shiver and a Shake

UPDATE: A little heads up: the songs this week are all hip hop songs, from movies that were released from 1994 - 2000

Some teams lead from the start. Others grab the lead mid game and don't let go. Some teams just hang around and then win it in the end. Any strategy can work, but to win Pub Quiz you've got to get the right mix of team and pull it all together.  This week, I Challenge Lou Gherig to take the Ice Water Challenge stayed just off the lead and then took round 4 and the game. This is the third week in a row that this team won the game. But, for the third week in a row, they failed to pull the jackpot chip. So next week, it will be 50/50 odds on the jackpot!

Fresnocity was chosen for Round 2 topics, and here's what you need to study:
Cards Against Humanity (the game)
Disneyland attractions
Batman (60's tv show)
What's Happening (tv show)
Lots Lenski books including agriculture
The Monkey's Headquarters album songs
The Beatles second album songs
Playboy interviews
Tobyisms (West Wings season 1)
Famed Don Rickles insults
high school basketball rules
1970's Doonesbury characters
Star Trek original series

Study up, and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Play the Instrument

They had a different name, but they were still dominant. If Peeing Your Pants is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis was hot for the first 3 rounds, and even though they cooled off a little in round 4, they still ended up with a 3.5 point victory. That takes skill & study. But, their chip pulling skills are as random as yours, and so they were unable to grab the blue chip. Next week will be 1 in 3.

Princess Plant & the Bed of Arugula won round 4 and was randomly chosen for next week's round 2 topics. Here's what they want you all to study:
US Presidents
Music Theory
Punjabi Words
Ray Donovan (tv show)
Fashion Designers
Musical Theater
French Wine Appellations
Rolex Watches
Assault Rifles
How Was Your Week w/Julie Klausner
Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon
The Leftovers (tv show)
NATO phonetic alphabet

Watch some tv, hit the internet, get your study on and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Apparently Diseases are Jokeworthy

Adam & Ed were back at the hosting table this week, and you all were back and on fire. Seriously, the scores for the first few rounds were pretty impressive. When You're Vomiting Up Blood Til You Die in The Mud, That's Ebola was nearly unstoppable on the night. They won 3 rounds & the game, but were unable to win the jackpot. So, it starts building.

Ronin the Gasmer was randomly chosen to pick round 2 topics, and here's what they chose for you to study up on:

Casablanca (film)
A Young Doctor’s Notebook (tv show)
Bored to Death (tv show)
Clueless (movie)
Kevin Bacon
California Trade Secret Law
Home Brewing (beer)
Kit Kat flavors in Japan
League of Legends
Miles Davis

Study those topics and we'll see you next Wednesday. Need more trivia in your life? Check out Sequoia North's Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

One final note: we want to take a moment to encourage you all to be patient during Pub Quiz. Pub Quiz brings in a large group of people to the Landmark, all ordering food & drinks at pretty much the same time. If your order takes a minute to come out, know that they are working hard to get it to you as quickly as possible. We'd like to encourage all our patrons to be decent human beings and treat the staff like you would want to be treated.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Guest Host not a Ghost Host

This week at Pub Quiz we let someone else challenge your knowledge.  We does this about 4 times a year to give ourselves a break and to let someone else twist your brain in different ways.  The team that has frequently been a Spoiler Alert was behind the head table, and they did their best to make you think and rethink your answers. We Survived San Diego Gasm-con showed that they were true believers and true survivors as they won 3 of 4 rounds and won the night. Star Wars Episode VII: Crisis on Malaysian Star Tours tried their best to keep up, but finished second.

If you're interested in guest hosting, talk to Adam at Pub Quiz and he'll put you on our list of future hosts.

At the last game hosted by Adam & Ed, Crash Bandicoot was randomly chosen for round 2 topics and here's what they want you to study up on:
Krebs Cycle
Elvis Costello Get Happy album
Guardians of the Galaxy comic book
The Godfather movies
Dewey Decimal System
Black Sabbath - Dio era
Periodic Table of Elements
Fauna of the Galapagos Islands
US Presidential elections of last 80 years
Manchurian Candidate - the novel
Italian Cuisine
Pai Gow poker
King of Queens characters

It'll be the first week of a jackpot run, but that doesn't mean you can't come out to Pub Quiz and take home the big prize. We'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.  If you want to get extra quizzy, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Princess Picked a Winner

What a game we had this week at Pub Quiz. We had a packed house and a super tight game. Round 1 saw a 5 way tie at 9 points. Round 2 has a 3 way tie. Round 3 was our only round of the night that didn't go to a tie breaker. Round 4 was a 2 team tie breaker, and the winning team on that round worked themselves into an overall tie on the night. After a final tie breaker question, Princess Not Gay & the Deeply Religious beat Congrats to Amy Winehouse on 3 Years Sober. That win was important as it was a winner take all jackpot.

Crash Bandicoot was chosen for round 2 topics, but we won't see those topics for another week. Why? Well, because next week we have guest host. As we do a few times a year, Ed and Adam jump to the other side of the table and let someone else grill you with questions.  Remember, whenever we have a guest host it's a winner take all game. We'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

And a note from next week's guest hosts:

Each of these topics will be the basis for at least one question at Wednesday's Pub Quiz. Feel free to use them as a guide to your studies, or simply to help you choose teammates with relevant knowledge. We look forward to handing the guaranteed jackpot to you!
Units of measurement and conversions
Early American history
20th Century American and British writers
French poetry
British colloquialisms
Presidential tickets
Human Oddities
Lincoln assassination
Elvis Presley
Political internet memes of the left
New York City politicians of the 20th century
Voices in animated films
The calendar
Rock Festivals of the 70s
Harry Potter (the character)
Dogs around the world
California sister cities
Quentin Tarantino’s acting career
Friant Dam
California theme/amusement parks
Shakespeare quotes
Hereditary titles
Ancient booze I
nternet initialisms 
Billboard album milestones 
Irish punk band
50s/60s jazz 
CBGBs scene 
Mancunian pop of the 80s

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pastor, Pastor, Where's the Dreams that I've Been After?

We had 50/50 odds on the jackpot this week. Fourteen teams battled it out to see who could take home the prize. Round winners and the lead bounced around for the first two sessions.  In the third, Pastor of Muppets grabbed the lead and won round 4 on the tie breaker to keep it.  However, they weren't able to pull the strings of a jackpot win.  You know what that means? Next week is a guaranteed jackpot. Someone must win it all!

Behind the 8-Ball was selected for Round 2 topics. If you want to take home that jackpot, you need to study:
Silent Movies
Constitutional Law
90's Grunge Music
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Peanuts comic strip
US National Monuments
Famous Physicists
French Cuisine
Native Australian Animals
Famous Blondes
Edible Flowers
Automatic Weapons
Postal Service lore

After next week's guaranteed jackpot, we'll have another one-off game. That's right, Ed & Adam will be on the other side of the table, competing against you while a guest host comes up with the questions for the night. As always, those guest host nights are guaranteed jackpots as well. So, somebody will be taking home money for the next 2 Wednesdays at Pub Quiz.

One final note - we just wanted to remind everyone about what works best when challenging a question/answer. Wait until after the current round is over. If Ed's still reading questions, please wait.  This allows us to both give you our full attention on the challenge. Let us know what question you'd like to challenge, & why you think your answer is valid.  After you've presented your info, you're all done. Adam & Ed will discuss it, check sources, and get back to you with our decision.  We don't mind challenges, and we've been wrong before, but we do want to handle them in an efficient manner.