Friday, July 24, 2015

Rabbits Deliver, Death from Above Kills It

We had a guest host last Wednesday and they did Rabbit-y good job.  As with any guest host, they brought their own individual flavor and a different take on questions.

In the game, one team had the interesting twist of being tied for first in three rounds, but losing them all on the time tie breaker.  That takes some skills. They did manage to win round 3 outright, and all those good scores helped them end up with a 2.5 point on all the other teams.  That team, Death from Above.  They soared above us all and killed the winner take all jackpot.

Next week, Adam and Ed return to their normal hosting duties.  We'll see you Wednesday at Pub Quiz!

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Special No One Wants

We welcomed you back to Pub Quiz with a fun, yet challenging game of trivia this week.  Thirteen teams showed of a variety of knowledge and took their shot at winning it all.  The Fire Squids and Lucky Cats started strong, with Rabbits with Bad Habits right behind. Next Mission: 4.5 Billion Miles to Mickey and Minnie made a strong run at the end, taking rounds 3 & 4.  But the real MVP was Jared's New Deal: Free 6-incher With Every Kids Meal.  They didn't win a round, but they did lose out on two very close round tie-breakers.  And at the end of it all, they had a 2 point lead on every other team.  Their game continued to be strong all the way through the jackpot draw where they snagged the blue chip and the big prize.  As the second place team on a jackpot night, Fire Squids won their money back.  Congrats & thanks to everyone for a great night of Pub Quiz.

Next week we've got a guest host.  Like we do every 3-4 months, one of the regular teams of players takes over the question writing and runs the night.  That guest team will be: Rabbits With Bad Habits.  Adam & Ed will be out in the audience, testing their knowledge just like you.  Whenever we have a guest host, it's winner take all.  So bring your wits, bits of random trivia and your best team and be the big winner.

One final note: our friends at Sequoia North Pub Quiz start back up next week at their new home.  You'll now find them on Tuesday nights at Guri's Grub House.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Squids Can Be Found on the Mall

We've been enjoying our vacation. We're sure the Landmark enjoyed their vacation, and we hope you've enjoyed your vacation from Pub Quiz.  But we also know we're ready to get back at it.

A little recap of our last game on July 1st.  Alana is Satan took and early lead in the game, but it was close in every round. By round three, they had dropped back into a tie for first with the Fire Squids, one of our newer teams that have been making a decent showing each week.  They pulled off a perfect 10 in round 4, and Alana is Satan was only able to conjure up a 9.5, giving the Fire Squids their first win ever.  However, they weren't able to pull the lucky chip and so the jackpot was back to the sea to continue to grow for another team to try and catch.

Next week there will be 1 blue and 2 reds in the bag, so the odds are getting better for you all.  A little heads up: every couple of months we have a guest host game.  One of you teams takes our place at the head table, writing and asking all the questions and we play alongside of you.  Whenever we do this it's a winner take all jackpot night, which is always lovely.  Our next guest team will be up very soon, so be on the lookout. Also, if your team would like to get on our guest host waiting list, come talk to us.

We'll see you next Wednesday at the Landmark. As always, registration begins after 7 pm, game starts at 8.  Teams of 1-6, $5 a person.

Friday, June 26, 2015

We Take Your Wins

New blood coming up big. Two weeks ago, we had a new(ish) team win the game and the jackpot. This last week, another new team came in and grabbed the win. They were one of at least 5 new teams on the night, but they didn't pull the jackpot. Eminent Domination showed up, served papers, and won the game, holding off 18 other teams.

Next week, we'll be @ 3 reds & a blue. Will another new team show their worth, or will one of our regulars reassert their dominance?  You'll have to show up and see.

As a reminder, every year the Landmark shuts down for a week around the fourth of July.  That means we'll be off on July 8th. Make sure you join us July 1st for a great pub quiz.

Last things: our friends from Sequoia Pub Quiz will be making a name change.  They're off for a couple of weeks, and will now be at Guri's Grubhouse starting on Tuesday, July 21st. If you want another PQ in your life, we suggest them.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Who's your Boo Radley?

Things we like:
Round ties
Watching teams debate questions
Watching teams figure out a question
Home made ice cream
Different round winners
New teams winning

This last week we had almost all of those things happen. Sadly, there was no home made ice cream, but we did have a great time at Pub Quiz. Fifteen teams went after the prize. After round one, seven teams were tied for the lead, which may have been our biggest round tie.  After each round we were able to announce a different round winner, and our first place teams shifted around.  A constant in first on the night was Rachel Dolezal Presents: White is the New Black. They were either in first or a tie for first all night. At the end of four rounds, they were knotted up with Tequila Mockingbird for the overall lead.  After the tie breaker question, Tequila Mockingbird dropped Rachel Dolezal like Atticus Finch drops a rabid dog.  It was their first time winning, and they carried that winning energy through the jackpot drawing to snag the big prize.  That means next week is another fresh start on our jackpot drawing.

Don't forget, the Landmark will be closed the week of July 4 -11, so we'll be off on the 8th.  But every other week we hope to provide you with an excellent night of trivia.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hop on Pop McPoopy Boobs

We had a pretty full house this last Wednesday as sixteen teams went at it.  Like many weeks, round 1 ended in a tie. After round 2, things shuffled a little, but three teams were still locked up for the lead. After round 3, Wang McPoopy Boobs seemed like they were ready to pull away for a win, but in round 4 the Rabbits with Bad Habits jumped into an overall tie.  We went to a tie breaker question, and the Rabbits were closer to the total goals scored in the Women's World Cup so far.  They must have rubbed their lucky feet as they also snatched the jackpot chip. Wang McPoopy Boobs took down the second place prize, so it turned out sort of okay for them.

A note of heads up: Landmark will be closed July 4-11 for their annual vacation. We'll also be off that week.  But until then, we rage against the darkness! Or, we play trivia on Wednesday nights.

Friday, June 5, 2015

What's Going On...Is Not a Song by L7

You guys were great this last week at Pub Quiz. Another 14 teams showed up and showed off their smarts.  We, on the other hand, had some struggles.  One question caused a point change for most of the room, one question had a terribly misleading hint to it, and Ed seemingly forgot how to read mid-game.  We'll due better next week.

In the game, the round wins spread around the room in a nice fashion.  Rabbits with Bad Habits and Alana is Satan were tied after rounds two and three.  Alana is Satan used a 9.5 in round 5 to pull away for the win.  Rabbits with Bad Habits ended up in a tie for second with Stringer Barksdale.  Alana pulled a chip, but it wasn't the jackpot, so next week there will be 3 reds & the blue jackpot chip.  We hope you'll join us to take your shot at glory.