Friday, July 25, 2014

The Princess Picked a Winner

What a game we had this week at Pub Quiz. We had a packed house and a super tight game. Round 1 saw a 5 way tie at 9 points. Round 2 has a 3 way tie. Round 3 was our only round of the night that didn't go to a tie breaker. Round 4 was a 2 team tie breaker, and the winning team on that round worked themselves into an overall tie on the night. After a final tie breaker question, Princess Not Gay & the Deeply Religious beat Congrats to Amy Winehouse on 3 Years Sober. That win was important as it was a winner take all jackpot.

Crash Bandicoot was chosen for round 2 topics, but we won't see those topics for another week. Why? Well, because next week we have guest host. As we do a few times a year, Ed and Adam jump to the other side of the table and let someone else grill you with questions.  Remember, whenever we have a guest host it's a winner take all game. We'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

And a note from next week's guest hosts:

Each of these topics will be the basis for at least one question at Wednesday's Pub Quiz. Feel free to use them as a guide to your studies, or simply to help you choose teammates with relevant knowledge. We look forward to handing the guaranteed jackpot to you!
Units of measurement and conversions
Early American history
20th Century American and British writers
French poetry
British colloquialisms
Presidential tickets
Human Oddities
Lincoln assassination
Elvis Presley
Political internet memes of the left
New York City politicians of the 20th century
Voices in animated films
The calendar
Rock Festivals of the 70s
Harry Potter (the character)
Dogs around the world
California sister cities
Quentin Tarantino’s acting career
Friant Dam
California theme/amusement parks
Shakespeare quotes
Hereditary titles
Ancient booze I
nternet initialisms 
Billboard album milestones 
Irish punk band
50s/60s jazz 
CBGBs scene 
Mancunian pop of the 80s

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pastor, Pastor, Where's the Dreams that I've Been After?

We had 50/50 odds on the jackpot this week. Fourteen teams battled it out to see who could take home the prize. Round winners and the lead bounced around for the first two sessions.  In the third, Pastor of Muppets grabbed the lead and won round 4 on the tie breaker to keep it.  However, they weren't able to pull the strings of a jackpot win.  You know what that means? Next week is a guaranteed jackpot. Someone must win it all!

Behind the 8-Ball was selected for Round 2 topics. If you want to take home that jackpot, you need to study:
Silent Movies
Constitutional Law
90's Grunge Music
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Peanuts comic strip
US National Monuments
Famous Physicists
French Cuisine
Native Australian Animals
Famous Blondes
Edible Flowers
Automatic Weapons
Postal Service lore

After next week's guaranteed jackpot, we'll have another one-off game. That's right, Ed & Adam will be on the other side of the table, competing against you while a guest host comes up with the questions for the night. As always, those guest host nights are guaranteed jackpots as well. So, somebody will be taking home money for the next 2 Wednesdays at Pub Quiz.

One final note - we just wanted to remind everyone about what works best when challenging a question/answer. Wait until after the current round is over. If Ed's still reading questions, please wait.  This allows us to both give you our full attention on the challenge. Let us know what question you'd like to challenge, & why you think your answer is valid.  After you've presented your info, you're all done. Adam & Ed will discuss it, check sources, and get back to you with our decision.  We don't mind challenges, and we've been wrong before, but we do want to handle them in an efficient manner.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

We hope you enjoyed your week off from Pub Quiz.  We imagine that you let your brain rest a bit, but not turn to mush.  The Jiggy Figgies provided these topics for next week's round 2, so study up:
NYC Fashion Week
Real Housewives (tv shows)
Baby Paraphernalia
Sex & the City (tv show)
Canadian Geography
80's Sitcoms
Golden Girls (tv show)
Tom Cruise Movies
Giants Baseball
The Muppets
Stanley Tucci
20th Century Women's Lit

It will be 50/50 odds on the jackpot. Build your best team and we'll see you Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Peaceful Mindsets Will Always Help You Win

We had another fun week at Pub Quiz. 16 teams battled it out. Serenity Now won 3 rounds but could never really pull away from the crowd. They were calm enough to win by 1/2 point, with third place only another point behind that.

Jiggly Figgies were randomly chosen for topics, but we'll post those next week because we're on vacation next week. That's right, the Landmark has their annual week off around the 4th of July, so we're on hiatus as well.  Pub Quiz returns on July 16th, and topics will be posted on July 11th.

If you're looking for some Pub Quiz in the meantime, here are two options:
- our friends at Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights - always a nice option
- WORLD CUP PUB QUIZ - July 12, 7 pm @ Peeve's Pub. That's right soccer fans, a trivia night devoted to the beautiful game, the Cup of cups.

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Close Shave for the Win

This week, Occam's Dollar Shave Club went on a roller coaster ride. They grabbed the lead after round 1 with a perfect score, moved in and out of first over the next few rounds and were in an overall tie at the end of the night.  They were closer to the correct answer and cut down Doomed to Lose Forever.  However, they didn't draw the jackpot chip, so that will keep rolling & growing.

Alana is Satan was randomly chosen for round 2 topics and here's what they would like you to study for next week:
Star Wars (original 1977 movie)
Depeche Mode lyrics
1980 Oakland A's
Fresno County Hall of Records
Chicago Bulls
Rush (band)
2014 World Cup
Maltese Falcon (movie)
Star Trek (original tv series)
Classic Dr. Who (original series)
Wheel of Time (book series)
The Lost Boys (movie)
Aztec Camera (band)

Get your study on, and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

One last thing, a little heads up. Every year, the Landmark has a vacation week in July. They'll be close the week of July 9, so we'll be off that week.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tell It To My Balls that They Won

It was the first week of a jackpot run, and it got started off with a bang. The Harmonica Lewinskis scored a 10 in round 1 and grabbed the lead. So You're Telling Me There's a Chance had a 10 in round 2, and they jumped into a share of the lead. But Tell It to My Balls was also there in first, and they kept a share of the lead the rest of the night. When it was all over, they reigned supreme. But, fortunately for all of you, they didn't pull the jackpot. Now it begins to grow.

Doomed to Lose Forever didn't win, but they weren't totally on the outs because they were randomly chosen for next week's round 2 topics. Here's what they want us all to study:
Harry Potter (books & movies)
San Jose Sharks
Toy Soldiers (movie)
Dragonforce (band)
Legend of Zelda Series of videogames
Dawson's Creek (tv show)
Supernatural (tv show)
10 Things I Hate About You (movie)
Star Wars (movies)
Bleach (anime)
Indiana Jones
N Sync
Mario Kart (video games, all versions)

So, there it is. Study up and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz!

(As we often mention, you can play Pub Quiz on Mondays up @ Sequoia North as well.)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Good night for a jackpot

We came into the night knowing that it was a guaranteed jackpot which means teams bring out their best.  The night lived up to it. We had good scores all night and it was close.  Alana is Satan went from 4th to 2nd to 1st after round three and not only held on through round four but added an extra point to their lead and took down the win.  Of course, it was a guaranteed jackpot, so they took that home. Whenever someone wins the jackpot, the 2nd place team gets their money back, and we had to do a little tie breaker to decide who that was, and Shalom, Muthafuckah was decided to be the official 2nd place team on the night.

Ronaldo's Ghanian Witch Doctor was chosen for next week's Round 2 topics and here's what they chose for you to study:
Fresno State Players arrested during Tarkanian era
Federal Court Delta Smelt Decisions
Fresno Landmarks
Depeche Mode Songs
Cit of Sacramento
St. Louis sports teams
Denver Broncos trivia
Toby Keith trivia
Eragon - book & movie
Fletch (the movie)
Nicholas Sparks trivia
Wine trivia
Penis Size

It'll be a new start on the jackpot next week. Study up, come on out and take your best shot.