Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You Signed Up Like This

Last week's game didn't end up with another jackpot win, but it did end up with the same team winning. We Know What We Signed Up For switched up their name for the 3rd week in a row, and despite being trailing in 3rd place going into round 4, they jumped over the competition for the win. As mentioned before, they didn't win the jackpot though, and so that will begin to grow!

See you tonight at the Santa Fe Basque.
Registration after 7:15
Game starts at 8

$5 a person, teams of 1-6.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Winner, Winner, Two Times the Chicken Dinner

Over the last two Wednesdays, the same team ended up winning, and both weeks ended with them pulling the jackpot chip! One week they were Trump: The Quicker Fucker Upper, the next they were Harvey Weinstein Watched Us Shower, and regardless of the name, they were winners.

Can your team break their hold on the game and the jackpot? Find out tonight at the Santa Fe Basque.

As always:
$5 a person, teams of 1-6
Register after 7:15, game starts at 8.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We should update this more often

If you're ever interested in a good story, ask Jay from Alana is Satan about their win and 2nd place finish percentages. He has meticulous notes on the subject. Last week, one of those numbers changed a little, as Alana is Satan won the first round and then managed to keep at least a share of the lead for the whole game and take the win. They didn't take that week 1 jackpot though, and so it begins to grow. And with 10 teams last week, it was a decent jackpot.

Tonight, there are 3 losing chips in the jackpot bag, along with the winning chip. Build yourself the best team, treat your self to a good meal or some great drinks, and take your best shot at the win!

As always:
$5 a person, teams of 1-6
Register after 7:15, game starts at 8.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cheesey and wet, but not a jackpot winner.

Last Wednesday at Pub Quiz had 7 teams squaring off for quiz supremacy. (Can 7 teams = a square off?) We had some new teams, some old teams, some familiar teams. We had two rounds that were decided by the time tie breaker. And we had a team with a name that you will hate stay up at the top all night long. They didn't win all four rounds, but Moist Smegma oozed their way to the win. However, they didn't take home the cheese. That means, this week's jackpot is 50/50!

See you tomorrow night.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Riker Engages the Win

This week's Pub Quiz seemed like a pretty fun one. FKA Riker and the Fire Squids were tied for the lead for the first two rounds, but only Riker won a round in that mix. Neither team won rounds 2 or 3, and somehow after that 3rd go, the Squids were in the lead by 2 points. But alas, you have to play all 4 quarters of four round games, and it looks like the Squids went to sleep at the wheel. Or, they slipped up on a banned condiment. We're not sure what a baseball team would have scored it, but that error allowed FKA Riker to dance into the lead, and the win. Riker must like drama, as they pulled a red chip, so the jackpot will keep growing.

See you next Wednesday for Fresno Pub Quiz.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Welcome Back, and I Guess Goodbye?

Last Wednesday was a week 1 in our jackpot run, and one team was a bit ahead of everyone all night long. Phatalie Phare Well won rounds 1 and 4 with 9 points each, and did well enough in rounds 2 and 3 to stay in first all night long. Fredos All the Way Down gave it a good run, and joined 1st place after round 3, but their luck ran out and Phatalie Phare Well was our winner. However, they didn't pull the jackpot chip, so it will begin to grow like a friendship.

We hope you'll take your shot at a round, the game, or the jackpot on Wednesday night. As always, it's $5 a person, and teams of 1-6 people. Registration starts around 7:30, the game kicks off at 8.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No Pub Quiz 7/5

Just a reminder, no Pub Quiz tonight at the Santa Fe due to their vacation hours.  We'll be back on 7/12.