Friday, September 26, 2014

That's a Lot of Seconds, Mr. Rooney

You would think that after writing Pub Quiz questions for 4 years we would have it down to a science. In reality, sometimes we can get a little wonky on questions or answers. This last Wednesday was an example of that. We always are striving for a good, fun, challenging game of trivia. We hope to write solid questions, that you can work at, and only have one answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that way. Our sincerest apologies go out to you, our players, on these occasions.

As for the game itself, we had twelve teams square off. Five of those teams rose to the top after round 1, and they stayed up there on the night. Iphone 6 Flip Phone was most dominant on the night, taking the game but not the week 2 jackpot. It'll keep rolling and growing for your benefit.

Next week brings a new game. More importantly, next week brings the beginning of our qualifications for the 2nd Pub Quiz Tournament of Champions. The top 8 teams from Fresno Pub Quiz will square off against the top 8 from Sequoia North Pub Quiz. Teams can qualify at either Pub Quiz during the month of October for our championship game on October 23rd. We'll be qualifying 2 teams a week for the next 4 weeks. (Shhhh, last year our teams dominated. We want to do it again!) Who will be crowned  the royalty of Fresno Pub trivia?

Friday, September 19, 2014

You So Fine

Wednesday nights are the best because of you. We had another great game at Pub Quiz this week, with the first three rounds all going to the time tie breaker. All four rounds were won by different teams, and it was a close game most of the way through. When it was all said and done, Los Jugadores Mas Fina! were the champs of the night. They pulled in 29.5 points, and had a small, 1 point victory over their next closest opponent.  However, they weren't fine enough to pull the jackpot chip, so that starts to build.

This week's game was the first without topics, and we have 3 more where we won't be doing them, and monitoring how it affects the game. Feel free to comment and give us your feedback along the way.

Coming soon - qualification for our Tournament of Champions. Once again, we'll be having a game with Sequoia North Pub Quiz to determine who is the quizziest in Fresno. 8 teams from Fresno Pub Quiz will square off against 8 teams from Sequoia North Pub Quiz.  The championship game will be on Thursday, October 23rd at Sequoia North. Qualies will happen in October so get ready.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Settle Down, Kent Brockman

It was a close game this week at Pub Quiz. The first three rounds were all ties, each requiring us to use the song length to break the tie and award tokens.  Each round went to a different team, but I For One, Welcome our Isis Overlords was in all three of them. Round 4 was the only round won straight up, and that was by a different team.  I For One, Welcome our Isis Overlords were lucky enough, and pulled the week 2 jackpot chip. Since we had a jackpot winner, we also gave out our second place prize, which went to the Stinky Bananas.

Remember, next week begins our first of 4 week without round 2 topics. We really are trying to see how this affects the game, and want your feedback as we go along.

Our another announcement is that we'll be doing our Tournament of Champions again with Sequoia North Pub Quiz. The match will be on October 23rd, and will be hosted by Sequoia Pub Quiz.  This year, we'll be sending 8 of our best team against 8 of theirs to decide who is the best Pub Quiz team in Fresno.  We'll be qualifying top teams in October.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Can You Write About This?

It was a new week at Pub Quiz, a new jackpot, and 14 teams gave it their best in a surprisingly difficult game.  Every so often these tough questions leak out of our heads and we end up with a night of lower scores.  It's Hard to Get Ahead in Journalism These Days was consistent on the night, pulling in scores of 6, 7, 7, and 7 to take the game. They didn't pull the jackpot chip, so that will start to grow with better odds.

Last of the White Washed Mohicans was randomly chosen for round 2 topics and here they are:
Lost (tv series)
Rocko's Modern Life
One Way Streets in Fresno
English Premier League Football
Water Polo
California Water Bond
The Jimmy Hendrix Experience album
Super Smash Brothers series
Paso Robles Winer Region
Blade Runner
Marijuana dispensaries in Fresno

A couple of notes:
If you remember, we did a Tournament of Champions last year with teams from Fresno Pub Quiz & Teams from Sequoia North Pub Quiz.  We are currently firming up a date to do that again and will let you know as soon as we can.

Every so often, we like to tinker with the game. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a fun experience every week for every player, to have an enjoyable event, and grow our crowd. So, unless there is a massive quibble, we're going to try something out for a month. THIS WILL BE THE LAST WEEK WITH ROUND 2 TOPICS. That's right, we won't be doing round 2 topics after the September 10th game.  We'll monitor the game, the crowds, and take input from you all about it, but we want to give it a try and see if it improves the Fresno Pub Quiz experience.  Feel free to share your thoughts already in the comments.

Friday, August 29, 2014

4th Time Was a Charm

We see that you're gunning after the kings, but you're just missing.  Although they had different names each time, the same team has won the last 4 games in a row, and they finally managed to pull that jackpot chip. Congrats to Uzi: So Simple a 9 Year Old Can Use It for winning the game and taking home the big ca$h.

Alana, Not So Bad After All was our randomly chosen team for next week's round 2, and here's what they chose:
Denver Broncos
Space 1999 (tv show)
Americas Cup Sailing
Prehistoric History
Janis Joplin
Gilmore Girls
Emergency (70's tv show)
Kenny Chesney
Ray Donovan
Dixie Chicks
Cabernet Franc
St. Louis Rams
Harry Potter
Depeche Mode

So there you have it. Study up for next week as we start a new jackpot.

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's a Shiver and a Shake

UPDATE: A little heads up: the songs this week are all hip hop songs, from movies that were released from 1994 - 2000

Some teams lead from the start. Others grab the lead mid game and don't let go. Some teams just hang around and then win it in the end. Any strategy can work, but to win Pub Quiz you've got to get the right mix of team and pull it all together.  This week, I Challenge Lou Gherig to take the Ice Water Challenge stayed just off the lead and then took round 4 and the game. This is the third week in a row that this team won the game. But, for the third week in a row, they failed to pull the jackpot chip. So next week, it will be 50/50 odds on the jackpot!

Fresnocity was chosen for Round 2 topics, and here's what you need to study:
Cards Against Humanity (the game)
Disneyland attractions
Batman (60's tv show)
What's Happening (tv show)
Lots Lenski books including agriculture
The Monkey's Headquarters album songs
The Beatles second album songs
Playboy interviews
Tobyisms (West Wings season 1)
Famed Don Rickles insults
high school basketball rules
1970's Doonesbury characters
Star Trek original series

Study up, and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Play the Instrument

They had a different name, but they were still dominant. If Peeing Your Pants is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis was hot for the first 3 rounds, and even though they cooled off a little in round 4, they still ended up with a 3.5 point victory. That takes skill & study. But, their chip pulling skills are as random as yours, and so they were unable to grab the blue chip. Next week will be 1 in 3.

Princess Plant & the Bed of Arugula won round 4 and was randomly chosen for next week's round 2 topics. Here's what they want you all to study:
US Presidents
Music Theory
Punjabi Words
Ray Donovan (tv show)
Fashion Designers
Musical Theater
French Wine Appellations
Rolex Watches
Assault Rifles
How Was Your Week w/Julie Klausner
Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon
The Leftovers (tv show)
NATO phonetic alphabet

Watch some tv, hit the internet, get your study on and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.