Thursday, May 29, 2014

Porno Mutants?

It seemed like this week at Pub Quiz was all about tied rounds. Round 1 went to a tie breaker. Round 2 went to a tie breaker. Round 4 had a 4 way tie!  The XXX Men were on the winning end of the rounds 1 & 2 tie breakers by being closer to the song length. The didn't win the round 4 tie breaker, but they did win the game. But, their chromosomes weren't lucky enough to pull the jackpot chip. Next week, there will be only be two chips in the jackpot bag.

Star Wars Episode VII: Mecha Vader Strikes Back was chosen for round 2 topics and so here's what you need to study:
Mozart Violin Concertos
Israeli History
Differential Calculations
Chuck (tv series)
Ancient Roman History
Skin Game (book)
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (band)
Love Hina (manga)
The Simpsons (seasons 1-13)
Belgian Beer
Charlie Chaplin
Country Flags
Korean History
Movie Anagrams

Hit the books or the internet, study up, and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Bone Slayer!

It was the second week of a jackpot run, and  Muffy the Boner Slayer rushed out to an early lead in rounds 1 and 2. They were in time tie breakers for both rounds 2 and 3 and did enough in round 4 to keep a lead and take the win.  You could, perhaps, say they slayed the competition.  However, they weren't able to slay the jackpot drawing, so that will continue to grow.

Baelish Can Go Thru My Moon Door Any Time! was our randomly chosen team for round 2 topics, and here's what they want you to study up on:
The Fifth Element (movie)
Treasure of the Sierra Madre (movie)
SF Giants 1980's - present
Food & Beverage television shows
Jane Eyre (novel)
The Rh Factor (band)
The African Queen (movie)
Saved by the Bell
New England Patriots 2000 - present
Post-Modern Philosophy
Game of Thrones season 4 episode 7
James Garfield (president)
Community (tv show)
South Park - The Stick of Truth (video game)

If you want to slay Muffy next week, you had better study for round 2, grab your best buds, and bring your smart pants.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Michael Jordan Totally Dunked On Us

Another week of Pub Quiz, and another close game. Space Gasm: The Movie grabbed the lead in round one, and never let up, but several teams were hot on their heels all night long.  Kudos to Space Gasm on their win. Sadly, for them, they didn't pull the jackpot chip. Gladly, for you, the jackpot will begin to build.

Stupid Sexy Flanswers was chosen for topics for the first time. Here's what they picked for you to study:
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (tv show)
TV Voice Actors
Full House (90's sitcom)
Adam Corolla
Sorting Algorithms
Mega Man Bosses
Silent Film Stars
Harry Potter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original cartoon series)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv series)
The World of Xanth
Disney Princesses
The Smiths
Horror Movies from the 80's

Study your topics so you don't end up saying d'oh! We'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Friday, May 9, 2014

No Pea for This Princess

We had another good night of trivia. You all flexed your mental muscles, and it turns out that you know the names of songs from cable tv shows. Doomed To Lose Forever seemed like they may win, as they started out with a 9.5 in round 1. However, Princess Panty Line and the Painful Underwire snagged the lead after the second round, were tied for the lead with Occam's Gasm after three rounds and won by a point.  We don't know if the Panty Line helped them, but they also pulled the jackpot chip.  Congrats on their win and their jackpot.  Occam's Gasm, as the second place team on a jackpot win, got their entry fee back.

Silly Wabbit, You're Not a Wacist! was chosen for round 2 topics, and here's what they picked:

Bruno Mars
Veronica Mars
Mars Bars
Marshall Mathers
Famous Martians
My Favorite Martian
Martin Short
Marsha Brady
Mars Candy Co.
Space Jam (movie)

These are some out of this world topics. Study up, and we'll see next week for Pub Quiz. Bring a friend, or make a new friend at Pub Quiz. And, if you just can't get enough trivia in your life, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Hail Hail, She is our Dark Lord

It wasn't the biggest game, but we hope it was a fun one for you.  10 teams hooked up and challenged each other for a first week jackpot.  The lead moved around a little bit, but Alana is Satan came from the depths and took home the win.  Congrats to them for that win.  Their dark arts weren't strong enough to pull a win, so the jackpot will start rolling.

Princess Jones You Better Watch Your Speed was chosen for the round 2 topics and here's what you need to study:
Post 2007 Tori Amos
Game Show Network
Music Theory
Broadway Musicals
Derivatives/AntiDerivatives of a Function
Alias (tv)
Russian Vocabulary
The Office (US version)
Fashion Designers
Bars in West Hollywood
Musee D'Orsay
Logic (philosophy or mathematics)
Queer as Folk (US version)
The L Word (US version)

Hit the books, the web or whatever sources you use and we'll see you next week.

As an added hint for next week, all the music will be from t.v. shows that are still on the air.