Friday, October 29, 2010

Evil abounds while The Work of Bavmorta win the Halloween week

That maniacal laughter you heard late Wednesday night was the sound of The Work of Bavmorta reforming with an old teammate to dominate the competition with a 34 point win. They didn't win the jackpot though, so it's rolling over to next week where you'll all have an opportunity to start your November off with a bang. We'll be there, will you be?

Also of note, Donner Pass Supper Club rallied in the fourth round to achieve their first ever win in the last frame. That means the topics you're about to read are their first go around. Let's see if they can stump you in round two next week:

1. Formula One Racing
2. Serial Killers
3. Steampunk
4. Norman Borlaug
5. Norse Mythology
6. Nikola Tesla
7. Gay and Lesbian History
8. Big Ban Theory (TV Show)
9. Neil Gaiman
10. British Slang
11. Music Man (Musical)
12. Irish Music
13. Top Gear (TV Show)
14. Fresno Ska Bands

Good luck, good studying, and have a spooky Halloween weekend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rectums lose their round 2 advantage for next week and the jackpot rolls over

Heidi-ho Pub Quiz Neighborinos,

This week's quizzing almost brought about a four round shut-out by the Rectum? Damn Near Killed 'EMs, but a round four victory put the category glory into the Work of Bavmorta's eager grasp. Congrats to both teams for their smarts, charm and overall good looks (this goes to the rest of you too). We hope to see you all next week with your brains filled with all you can learn up on the following topics:

1. Music Theory

2. House - tv series

3. Fresno History

4. 90s club music

5. Dead Kennedys (the band, I'm guessing? Bavmorta?)

6. "Hair", the musical

7. Motown

8. USAF Pararescue

9. Amiga Computers

10. South Park (cartoon)

11. Richard Nixon

12. Conspiracy Theories

13. Nutrition/Calories

14. New York Giants football

See you next week! Bring some friends!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

round 2 topics for 10/20

next week's round 2 topics:
1) Egyptian mythology
2) Claymore (anime)
3) Black Sabbath
4) Elvis Costello lyrics
5) West Wing (tv show)
6) Jack the Ripper
7) Credit reports
8) Real Housewives of New Jersey
9) 20th century Creationists
10) The periodic table of elements
11) Characters in Song of Fire and Ice
12) Preacher (comic book series)
13) Macbeth
14) Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones album)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Not A Witch! wins

That's right, I'm Not A Witch! won this last week. A name referencing a politician's denial and also a hilarious scene from a Monty Python film. Commander Riker's Klingon picked up a round 4 win (and were pretty excited about it. I'd be). They want to stump you with these topics for next week's round 2:

1. Geology
2. Cohen Brothers Films
3. Sanrio/Hello Kitty
4. Famous Photographers
5. Cycling Teams
6. San Francisco
7. Mexican Cuisine
8. Cooking
9. 1950's Television
10. Precious Metals
11. American Poetry
12. Aquatic Sports
13. The Beatles
14. Table Etiquette

A diverse selection. Have fun reading up and researching and we look forward to seeing you at Monday Night Football sports trivia and/or the regular Wednesday night quizzing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, by the way

All of this week's songs are from records released by the Sub Pop label. Incidentally, those songs are all by artists from the Pacific Northwest. Having an indie music guru on your team may be helpful.

Winners and topics from last week

Congrats to the overall winner and jackpot clenchers from Wednesday, the Vowel Movements. A solid win from the team formerly known for their skills in the art of alpine stranger finding.

And now for your round two topics for next week, brought to you by the words Mad and Figs. Good luck guessing which ones we will choose to try and stump you with. See you Wednesday.


2. FFA

3. Parliamentary Procedure

4. Moto GP

5. Valley Runner of the Year Series

6. #1 Overall Baseball Draft Picks

7. "How your mom likes sex"

8. Weezer

9. Tim Lincecum

10. Biology

11. Bicycle Repair

12. Buster Posey

13. Fulton Mall

14. Porn