Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pub Quiz 3/3/2010

We are on for next week's pub quiz! A good friend of the quizmasters
has stepped in to fill the gap that Ed will leave as he fulfill's
other obligations. We appreciate your patience with whatever bumps in
the road may result in having a substitute MC.

As well, these are the topics for Round 2 of next week's pub quiz as
chosen by The Lawn Gnomes:

1. Heavy Metal Music
2. Harry Potter
3. Art History
4. Comic Books
5. Fresno History
6. Physics
7. Typography
8. Design History
9. 80's TV Shows
10. Star Trek
11. Rubber Stamps
12. Grunge Music
13. Film History
14. The NHL

Expect all the questions for the round to come from these 14 topics.
This includes the song, if you catch my now very obvious drift. Feel
free to research these topics however you like. And remember, these
are topics that their team chose because they feel they know them well
enough to win the round. That's some bragging rights if The Lawn
Gnomes fail to win Round 2. No pressure!!

See you next week! Thanks for playing!

pub quiz 2/24

Thanks to the 85 people that showed up for pub quiz last night. Much respect to the lawn gnomes, who became our first 2 time winner last night. They also won the jackpot, so congrats to them on that as well.

We're also working on our questions for next week and will be giving some hints soon.

Some scheduling notes: we will have pub quiz on 3/3 (next week) but won't have it on 3/10 - we're taking the week off for Rogue festival. Go see a Rogue show that night. We'll be back on 3/17. But, remember there is still Pub Quiz next week (3/3)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fresno Pub Quiz on Fresno Famous

Shoot, i totally forgot to put up a post about being interviewed by Famous Whitewater for Fresno Famous. If you haven't already, check out this interview with us.

Fresno Pub Quiz in the Bee

Yessir, we continue to get noticed. Thanks to Mike Oz for interviewing us about the pub quiz. Check out his story online if you weren't able to see a hard copy in today's 7 section.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

pub quiz article

we recently wrote an article for the undercurrent and thought we'd share it with you here as well. -

"Have you ever wondered how smart you were? I do all the time. Is your brain filled with useless facts? I know that mine is, and watching Jeopardy just doesn’t cut it. So, I joined with my podcast partner in crime, Adam to start a pub quiz. Of course, it was a natural choice for us to have it at the Landmark, our home away from home.
What is a pub quiz? Are the questions about bars? They could be, but really it’s just a team trivia night. Adam and I slave away all week for you, the quiz takers, creating questions that will challenge your brain. And on Wednesday we give you the opportunity to show how smart you are, enjoy some time with other people, answer questions, and have a cocktail. Each player contributes $5, and can either play the quiz alone or on a team of up to six people.
How does the pub quiz work? There are four rounds of questions. The first question of each round is a snippet of a song. You need to correctly identify the artist, title and tell us how long the song is. The length part is just used for tiebreakers, so don’t freak out if you don’t know that. The other nine questions of the round are all over the trivia spectrum. We had questions about sports, pop culture, movies, music and some basic trivia. We move through the questions at a good clip, but you have five minutes after the round to go over you answers, rethink what you wrote, or figure out that last one that was stumping you. Then we score each round and begin the next. When it’s all said and done, the team with the best overall score has a chance to win big. They draw a token from a bag, and if it’s the jackpot won they win a nice cash prize. If they draw one of the other chips, they win back at least their entry fees. That’s cool, right?
Wednesday, January 13 was our first pub quiz night. We were nervous and didn’t really know how many people would show up. We figured that if we had twenty people we’d be a success, and hoped for thirty. Fresno blew our minds and we had 62 people play. We actually turned away people because there just weren’t any more seats in the bar. Due to our success, we’ll be in the back dining room at the Landmark in the future. It can hold a lot more people, so we shouldn’t have to turn anyone away. The scores on the night we very close, and the winning team won only by 3/4 of a point! They didn’t pull the jackpot chip, so that rolls over to the next week. That winning team from the first night looks poised to be a juggernaut, come out the Landmark and see if you snatch victory away.
The details: Pub Quiz at the Landmark, 644 E. Olive. $5 a person, teams of 1-6. Registration @ 7:30, quiz starts @ 8pm sharp. More info available @"

Fresno Pub Quiz 2/3/2010

Heeeeeeeey, it's been a few days, but I'm finally writing a review of this last week's pub quiz.  It was an event, to be sure.  105 of you showed up to test your knowledge and drink some low-price happy hour drinks.  We're glad you did and hope that you're glad you did as well.  I know The Work of Bavmorda was glad they showed up to play.

Yes that's right folks, the jackpot got snapped up by their team in a nail-biter of a win.  They ended up tied with the Mad Figs at the end of the game and it came down to a tie-breaker.  In keeping with the Super Bowl theme we had going, the tie-breaking question was, "What is the longest punt in NFL history?"  Team member Fran from The Work of Bavmorda wrote down the correct answer of 98 yards and had the paper in my hand before the question had finished echoing around the room.  Fran was also the team member that got to draw the token and as mentioned above, it was the winning blue token so congratulations to them.  It was good to see all the other teams applaud their win.  We appreciate that spirit of fun and comradery coming from the teams that weren't quite able to get enough questions right.

What this all means, of course, is that next week, the jackpot rolls over to a new beginning.  We hope to see your smiling faces there.

Oh, and to the players that notified us of the warmth of the room and those who notified us of the lack of service due to the large crowd, we hope to have both of those issues addressed next week with the adjustment of the thermostat and the possible addition of a third server.  Yes that's right, you all have made pub quiz so popular, the Landmark is now able and considering bringing in an extra server in addition to the extra bartender they bring in already.

Thanks for playing!