Friday, February 25, 2011

Holy Scorgasms, Batman, we're down to one chip again!

Once again, the jackpot reaches maximum capacity as the final token is yet to be pulled, with no other token to get in the way. Big ups to the come-back team, the Multiple Scorgasms, who pulled a last minute half point victory in round four to take the whole game. Alas, they'll have to do it again next week to finally win the big prize. Here are their topics for next week's round two, giving them an edge unless you are an expert in the following too:

1. Parks and Rec (TV show)

2. Twin Peaks

3. Doctor Who

4. Autism

5. Jersey Shore

6. Cheesecake Factory Menu

7. Scrabble

8. Tectonic Geology

9. Rademacher

10. Constitutional Law

11. They Might Be Giants (band)

12. General William T. Sherman

13. Exeter, CA

14. Joy Division

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fresnocity gets ferocious

Fresnocity won round one and never looked back this week. Though they never won a round after that, their consistent play led to a solid overall win. The Work of Bavmorta worked for a win in round four so they could bring you these topics:

1. Music Theory
2. Bob's Burgers (TV Show)
3. The Fleshtones
4. House M.D. (TV Show)
5. Nixon
6. Social and Cultural Taboos
7. Winchester Mystery House
8. The Ramones
9. JFK (person, not the film)
10. Monty Python
11. 1971 music hits
12. Serial Killers
13. Linda Rondstadt
14. Connecticut

For those of you that get Monday off, enjoy your three day weekend. For those of you that don't, our sincerest condolences. Study hard and we'll see you on Wednesday!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Superfriends...With Benefits enjoy some perks

We had our first ever three-way tie after the final round of this week's game. Superfriends...With Benefits, Fresnocity, and Starring Commander Riker as "The Beaver" all finished with 30 points. It was a close game with a good showing from many teams but these three rose to the top. As the tie-breaker we asked the teams what the combined score of Super Bowl 45 was and Superfriends...With Benefits managed to get the right answer giving them the win. Alas (for them), they did not draw the jackpot.

In news that matters to all you studious types, The Snicklefits won round four and submitted these topics for your pain and suffering:

1. Breaking Dawn
2. Stephanie Plum Novels
3. Anne of Green Gables (mini-series)
4. Layers of the Atmosphere
5. The Great Gatsby (book)
6. Backgammon Terms
7. The Bouncing Souls (band)
8. Oh No They Didn't (Livejournal website)
9. Hell's Kitchen (American TV Show)
10. 2010 S.F. 49ers
11. Mechanical Watches
12. Handguns
13. Dog Breeds
14. Pillars of the Earth (book)

Have fun learning things for round two and we'll see you next week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

One night, five different team winners

We love it when a different team wins each round. Couple that with an overall winning team that won no rounds, and I'd call it a pretty good quiz night. Congratulations to Anderson Cooper Chin Check for their overall win, and congratulations to the rest of you for them not pulling the blue chip. We hope we see you all next week, charged up and ready to conquer round two with your in depth knowledge of the following categories, thanks to Committee to Re-elect Mubarak:

1. John Irving
2. Green Lantern
3. Chris Colfer
4. Battlestar Gallactica
5. New Testament
6. Android OS
7. Sandra Bullock movies
8. Musical Theater
9. French Architecture
10. Bruce Springsteen
11. Meteorology
12. Tom Selleck's Mustache
13. The Big Bang Theory: TV show
14. Sid and Marty Kroft Shows