Friday, May 25, 2012

Only Two Boobies, Any More Would Be Weird

A close game, lots of round ties, and a couple of boobie prizes. What did you guys think? The Scorgasm business model proved fruitful for the win, alas a red chip was pulled and the jackpot grows. Grey Matters won the coveted fourth round, and the topics they hope to best you in are as follows:

1. Napoleon Dynamite (movie)
2. Talladega Nights (movie)
3. Casablanca (movie)
4. Magnum PI (tv show)
5. Jimmy Buffett
6. The Hangover (the movie)
7. US Geography
8. Anchor Man (movie)
9. White Stripes (band)
10. 1983 NIT Champions
11. Blue Bloods (tv show)
12. Godfather (movie)
13. Family Guy
14. Solar System

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Some of you may remember a few months back, we asked about what you might do differently at Pub Quiz.  Well, we wanted to implement a few changes to what we're doing.  Don't worry, the game is going to be the same, mostly.  We have six weeks until the 4th of July, when we'll have two weeks off.  We figured this would be a nice little trial period for some changes.  We're starting off with two changes:
1. Elimination of 1/2 point for round tie breakers.  We're still going to use song length to decide ties in rounds to dole out the drink tokens, but no more 1/2 point.
2. More prizes.  We're going to incorporate more random prize give-aways.  These prizes will vary, and we're going to do some different methods of awarding rather than just points in game or round wins.

And now, to this week's topics, provided by the Wealth Mathematicians, winners of round 4 and the game:
Rolling Stones 1968-1974
X Men comics 1975-1985
The Goonies
Idris Elba
Edward O. Wilson
Black Sabbath post-Dio (1983-now)
Elvis Costello
John Hughes films
Doc Savage
Pulp Fiction (film)
Ontological Argument
Barack Obama
Neuron Structure & Function
Alternate Guitar tunings

Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama Smash! did just that

Who know that there are two members of the MLB Hall of Fame that went to Fresno High?  We didn't, but Obama Smash! did, and it helped them to a round four win, and an overall win on the night.  They were on a roll and pulled the jackpot chip.  So, next week we start over with a fresh jackpot, a fresh set of questions, and these topics for round 2.

Adam's Favorite Novel: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Carrie's Favorite Movie: Interview with a Vampire (she said it's her feel good movie)
Ed's Favorite Music: Rage Against the Machine
Films of Ray Harryhausen
The Ontological Argument
Isis (goddess)
Artemis (goddess)
The Morrigan (goddess)
The Alienist (comic book)
Metal Men (comic)
Pai Gow Poker
Uncanny X-Men 1975-1985
Rolling Stones 1968-1973


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hodor smart?

Hodor was definitely smarter than he looks.  Or, at least the team named Hodor was. They won the first three rounds and the game this week, but no jackpot. However, Snicklefits stepped up and took round four, and here are the topics they selected for you:
Lord of the Flies (book)
Indiana Jones Trilogy (movie)
50 Shades of Grey (book)
Catching Fire (book)
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Stellar Evolution  (astronomy)
311 (band)
The Shins (band)
Glee (tv show)
SF Giants (sports)
Southpark (show)
The Avengers (movie)
D-Listed (website)
Investment Act of 1940 (bank shit)

Enjoy your studying, and yes, they wrote those parenthetical captions.