Friday, December 28, 2012

Slow; Kids at Play shows their quickness

The last Pub Quiz of 2012 was a good one.  Slow; Kids at Play finished at 30.5 point and held off a late challenge from The Hardest Part (of Pub Quiz) who won rounds 3 and 4.  However, Slow; Kids at Play didn't pull the winning chip, so next week it's 1 in 3 odds.

Here are the topics chosen by The Hardest Part (of Pub Quiz):
X Men Comics
Sci-fi tv shows of the 90's
Rhianna (singer)
Rent (the Musical)
Types of Birth Control
Project Runway
Salvadoran Food
Hayao Miyazaki
Marxist theory
Quentin Tarantino Movies
Internet Memes

So there you have it.  Study up, and we'll see you in 2013!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Swooping Eagles Snatch the Win

It was a great crowd and a close game last Wednesday at Pub Quiz.  The lead changed hands several times, and when it was all said and done, Swooping Eagles not only won round 4, but also the game.  However, they didn't win the first week jackpot, so it begins to build.  Here are the topics they chose for next week's game:
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Lindsay Lohan
Law Blogs
Pink Floyd
Veronica Mars (tv show)
Rule Against Perpetuities
Bill of Rights
42 USC Section 1983
NY Yankees
Ursula Le Guin books
LM Montgomery books
Sherlock Holmes stories
Star Trek the Next Generation

Enjoy your holiday and we'll see you at Pub Quiz.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Where Did That Come From?

Frumunda Maballs.  Yep, it was a night of interesting names, and Frumunda Maballs won on an overall tiebreaker question against Once You Go Black, You're A Single Mom (remember, you people come up with the names).

Alana is Satan pulled out round four convincingly, and picked these topics for you all to study for next week's game:
Joy Division
Tom Waits
Chicago Bears (NFL)
The Big Sleep (1946 Film)
1980 Oakland A's
California Hardcore Punk
All NFL Quarterbacks
Endangered Species in Central Valley (Ca.)
Seinfeld (tv show)
Cronenberg Films
Heisman Trophy Winners
U.S. Geography

Study up and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, December 7, 2012

What kind of job? Skyrim Job

After so many weeks of close games, this one was a bit of a blow out.  Skyrim Job pulled away in round 3, and hung on to win by 4 points.  Congrats go out to them for the win, but everyone in the room was glad that the jackpot rolled over.

Round 4 was won by If You Use Auto-Correct on Your iPhone You're Gonna Have a Badger Tit and here are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
Venture Brothers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)
Britney Spears
Captain Ron (movie)
Abraham Lincoln
San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Star Craft 2 video game
The Circle of 5ths
Tom Hardy (actor)
Mean Girls (movie)
John Mayer - singer
1990's Boy Bands
In N Out Secret Menu

We hope you have some hot cocoa and some time to study this weekend.

One last thing - leave a comment if you want to play Pub Quiz on December 26th.  We're trying to decide if we're putting on a game and if there is enough interest.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fresnocity For The Win!

It's been quite a while since Fresnocity won Pub Quiz, but this week they were all business, pulling down 31.5 points and a 1/2 point win.  It was a new jackpot, and it will roll because Fresnocity didn't pull the winning chip.

Round four was won by Calm Your Tits and here are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
Star Wars (Episodes 4-6)
Ballet Terminology
Fight Club (movie)
Snow Boarding Tricks
Walking Dead Comics
Bleach (anime not manga)
San Diego Comic Con
Chris Isaac
Street Fighter 2
WW2 Battles
Programming Languages
Harry Potter

Get to studying!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Norwegian Wood-Gasms Do It Big

While it was the first time that this team was called the Norwegian Wood-Gasms, they've been coming to Pub Quiz for a long time, sharing their Orgasmic joy with us all. They've won the game before, but never pulled the jackpot.  That all changed this week.  The Norwegian Wood-Gasms managed to put up high scores in each round, and even though they didn't win a single round, they still ended up in the lead.  Once again, the top team was only a half point ahead of two other teams.  Maybe they were lucky, but that luck extended to pulling the jackpot chip as well.

Round 4 was won by Public Service Announcement, which pulled them into that second place tie.  Here are the topics they chose for your study:
Local Ska Bands
Jane Austen novels
Forever Knight (tv show)
Plays of Arthur Miller
World War 2 combat aircraft
70's sitcoms
2004 Red Sox
the bends - scuba term
films of Akira Kurosawa
Fabulous Baker Boys (film)
History of Mac OS
Roosevelt School of the Arts
Presidency of Bill Clinton

Finally, we're thankful for all of your support quizzers.  We're glad to be a part of your lives on a weekly basis.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh-Needers Need Another Win

It was a really close game this week at Pub Quiz. When it was all said and done, and the dust was settled, the top seven teams were within two points of each other.  The top five were within one.  There was a tie for second place, just half a point off the winning score.  Emerging victorious, for the second week in row, were the Oh-Needers.  They won a dogfight, but didn't pull the jackpot chip.

Round four was won by PUBlic Nudity, one of the second place teams.  They decided that you should study these topics for next week's game:
The Wives of Henry the 8th
Rubber Soul (Beatles album)
Hanson (band)
San Diego Craft beers
Sondheim musicals
British Military rank insignia
World War 2 military aircraft
Inherit the Wind (movie)
The Works of George Orwell
History of the Fulton Mall
Rogue Festival
Star Trek (original series)
The "bends" - diving term

Remember, next Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving.  Your friends and family will be in town.  Why not celebrate at Pub Quiz?

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Oh Needers Win Big

We got back in the swing of things this week, and had a great time playing Pub Quiz.  The Oh Needers won rounds 2 and 3 and walked out overall winners.  They didn't win the jackpot however, so that will begin to build.

Scissor Me Timbers won round 4, and here's what they chose for you to study:
Downton Abbey (tv)
Dexter (tv)
Glee (tv)
Catching Fire (book)
Lord of the Flies (book)
Cooking Techniques
Dog Breeds
Halo 1
Swingers (movie)
Disneyland Rides
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (tv)
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Pregnancy (human)

Those should produce some interesting questions, so you better study up.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Back in the Saddle, Again

We hope you enjoyed the week off from Pub Quiz for Halloween.  If you missed us too much, don't worry, we'll be back in just a few days.

Here are the topics chosen for the upcoming round 2 by If At First Commander Riker Doesn't Succeed, He Trois, Trois Again:
Gwen Stefani
Doc Martin (tv show)
Revenge (tv show)
Venture Bros (cartoon)
True Blood (tv show)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Emily Dickinson
Rocky Horror Picture Show (movie)
Greek Mythology
They Might Be Giants (band)
Playground Games
Disney Animated Villains

Friday, October 26, 2012

Trois, Trois Again.

This last Wednesday, Team Riker was dominant. If At First Commander Riker Doesn't Suceed, He Trois, Trois Again kept at it, and won round 3 and 4 of the game. That helped them pull away to a victory by a few points, finishing with 31.5 points on the night. And, they won the jackpot (there was only 1 chip left). Congratulations to them for such a great evening.

Remember, next Wednesday is Halloween, so we won't be having Pub Quiz. We figure that there will be a lot of people out and about in the Tower District, and that the Landmark will be jammed with ghouls and ghosts. So, we'll be back on November 7th. Check back on November 2nd for topics for that game...picked by If At First Commander Riker Doesn't Succeed, He Trois, Trois Again.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Satan Win in a Row

Alana is Satan likes winning.  They've done it the past two weeks, each time right around 29.5 points.  And, they did it on a tie breaker question.  Congratulations to them on their win.  You, on the other hand, may want to congratulate them on not pulling the jackpot chip.  That means next week is a guaranteed jackpot for the winner of the game. Will Alana is Satan make it three weeks in a row, or will your team knock them off?

Round 4 was also won on a tie breaker, and Assphincter Says PFFT! chose these topics for your study:
Jane Austen Movies
Grandma's Boy
Electronic Music
U.S. Constitution
Y G Entertainment
Children's book authors
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Steven Seagal movies
Modest Mouse
Ancient Rome
Family Guy (Season 1)
Catching Fire (Hunger Games series)

An interesting mix for you to study, and you better get on it if you want a shot at the jackpot.

Final Note - Don't forget there will be no Pub Quiz on 10/31, but you're welcome to come down and join the Halloween fun at the Landmark.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Alana is Satan and a winner

We love a close game, and this week didn't disappoint. First place finished with 29.5 points, right ahead of a three way tie @ 29 points.  And, there were 3 more teams within 2 points.  What a night.  By the way, Alana is Satan developed a lead in round 3 and hung on for the win.  Congrats go out to them for the win, but they didn't pull the jackpot, which means 50/50 odds next week.

Round 4 was won by My Super Gravity Licks Your G-String Theory and they chose these topics for you to study:
State and Federal Payroll Taxes
Stephen Hawking
Robert Heinlen
Super-string theory
Top Gear UK version
Life and Career of Maggie Smith
Fresno Brewing Company
Castle (tv series)
The Freedomland by Jonathan Franzen
Music Theory
United States Presidents
In N Out Secret Menu
Elton John
Peter Gabriel's album So

A final reminder - Halloween is a Wednesday, and it usually can get a bit crazy at the Landmark so we're not going to fight the crowd.  No pub quiz on the 31st.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pub Quiz Wouldn't Cut PBS

Our latest Pub Quiz was another close game that came down to a really close finish. So close that it ended in a tie game.  The Pervertibles and We Heart Big Bird Too both managed to get 30.5 points.  They both missed the tie breaker question, but when it was all said and done We Heart Big Bird Too was closer for the win.  However, the didn't pull the winning chip, so the jackpot rolls over again. Next week wil be 2 reds & 1 blue.

The Pervertibles won rounds 1 & 4, but as we mentioned before, didn't win the game.  However, they did choose these topics for you to study.  We hope you have some popcorn handy.
Godfather 1 (movie)
Godfather 2 (movie)
Godfather 3 (movie)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (movie)
LOTR: The Two Towers (movie)
LOTR: The Return of the King
Gladiator (movie, 2000)
Band of Brothers (mini-series)
Solar System
So I Married an Axe Murderer (movie)
Some Kind of Wonderful (movie)
The Breakfast Club (movie)
Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby (movie)
The Princess Bride (movie)

Thanks again to all of you for playing. We really do appreciate your patronage.  Also, don't forget that we'll be off on October 31st for Halloween, but we invite you to come on down to the Landmark for the festivities.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Please Allow Me To Introduce You To Colonel Angus

Sometimes Pub Quiz will really stretch your brain. This Wednesday was a tough night, and 28 points secured a victory for Please Let Me Introduce You to Colonel Angus. However, Colonel Angus didn't win the jackpot, and so we start our rolling jackpot.

Captain Krunch and the Cereal Killers has been a team on the rise, and they won round 4 and picked these topics for your study:
90's ABC TGIF Line up
Alan Turing
LA Lakers basketball
American Revolution
Arrested Development (tv show)
Hook (movie)
Newsies (movie)
Batman (comic books)
Chevelle (band)
Hunger Games (book)
Game of Thrones (books)
NCAA College Basketball

Enjoy your study time and we'll see you on Wednesday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Political Names Carry the Night

As far as we can tell, we've never had the jackpot won three weeks in row.  That is, we hadn't had that happen until this week.  Three weeks in a row, jackpot.  Pretty cool.

Our overall winner, and jackpot winner this week was Mitt Romney Can & Should Lick 47% of My Balls.  They won a close game, and as we mentioned, the jackpot.

Round 4 was won by We Go Up to Eleven!  Here's the topics they picked for your  study:
D-Day Invasion
Grand Prix Racing
Gladiator (Russel Crow Movie)
Cinderella Man (movie)
New Model Army (band)
Skankin' Pickle (band)
Pretty in Pink (movie)
Nacho Libre (movie)
Anchor Man (movie)
Casablanca (movie)
Better Off Dead (movie)
Say Anything (movie)
16 Candles (movie)
Godfather 2 (movie)

Study up and we'll see you next Wednesday.

One final note, Halloween is a Wednesday this year, and we're figuring that the Landmark will be crazy busy that night, so we won't be having Pub Quiz that night.  Enjoy the night, and maybe dress up as your favorite pub quiz host.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Public Humiliation revels in Victory

Thanks again to our sponsors this week, the band Back in the Valley.  One more plug for their cd release spectacle this Saturday at Fulton 55.  The California Calliope Spectacle should be an amazing good time.

This week was the first week of our jackpot, and six or seven teams stayed up near the lead in the game all night long, and Public Humiliation had two really strong rounds to finish out the night and win the game.  They also were super lucky and pulled the jackpot, so next week will be another fresh jackpot.

Round 4 was won by Don't Just Want Barack to Win, Now I Want Mitt to Lose. Badly. and here are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
The Sex Pistols
Songs from the American Civil War
Dewey Decimal System
Batman: Year One (comic book, 1987)
Friday (movie)
Sandman (comics by Neil Gaiman)
Travis (band)
Credit reporting
Periodic Table of Elements
the Black Panther - Marvel Comics character
Big Brother season 14
The Burgess Shale
Nolan Ryan
The Electoral College

A little extra hint for next week, all the songs we'll play during rounds will be songs written or co-written by Hal David.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh?

It took 4 of the 5 weeks, but the jackpot was won.  Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? was on the ball, and won by several points, and then pulled the blue chip for the win.  Congrats to them on their wins.

Round 4 was won by Pervertibles, Except Matt, and here's the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
Napolean Dynamite (film)
Talladega Nights (film)
Godfather (film)
Battle of Midway
Solar System
Cooking Terminology
Casablanca (film)
Nacho Libre (film)
To Kill A Mockingbird (1962 film version)
Buckaroo Bonzai (film)
Moonstruck (film)
Oingo Boingo (band)
Skankin' Pickle (band)
1957 Chevy Bel Air

Looks like we'll be hitting up IMDB or other film websites this weekend.  Enjoy your studying and we'll see you Wednesday @ Pub Quiz.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Chicks Can Get Guys To Do Anything

It was a tough one this last Wednesday at Pub Quiz.  The winning score was a 28, which is a little off the normal pace, and it looked like there was a lot of head scratching in the crowd.  Chicks Can Get Guys To Do Anything pulled away from the crowd, winning 3 of the 4 rounds, including round four.  However, they didn't win the jackpot, so next week it's 50/50 odds on a pretty good size jackpot!

Here are the round two topics for your studying pleasure:
Sons of Anarchy (tv show)
Doves (band)
Quotes from Goonies
Kwan Yin (goddess)
Cafe Corazon
The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller comic)
Louis Vuitton Date Codes
Henry V (Shakespeare play)
Around the World in 80 Days (novel)
Watchmen (comic books)
Periodic Table of Elements
Goldberg variation (JS Bach)
Films of Ray Harryhausen
Tolkein's Middle Earth (books, Hobbit & LOTR, not other works)

You may want to study up, because once again, it's 50/50 odds next week!

Friday, August 24, 2012

We Got More Rhymes Than Phyllis Diller wraps up a win

We Got More Rhymes Than Phyllis Diller was hanging around the top of the leader board, but crushed round 4 with a perfect 10, and that vaulted past the competition for a win.  They didn't pull the jackpot, so next week there will be two reds & a blue in the bag.  Here's the topics chosen for your study by We Got More Rhymes Than Phyllis Diller:
Episodes of Star Trek original series
Storage Wars
Mythological Creatures
The Flash (comic boks)
Kasabian (band)
2012 Alex Award Winning books
Drive By Truckers (band, 2001-2006)
Pai Gow Poker
Genesis (band 1970-78)
Revive Cafe (local eatery)
James Garfield (president)
Lost Girl (tv show)
Dazed and Confused (movie)
Fossil Hominids from Africa

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alana is Satan & is Victorious

Something you may not know: Alana is Satan finishes in second place. A lot. They often tell us how often they have finished second. This week, the climbed the mountain and made it into first place by winning the first two rounds, narrowly missing a round 3 win and hung on for the win. However, they didn't pull the fresh jackpot, so let the rolling jackpot commence.

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor won round 4, and here's what they would like for you to study for next week's round 2:
The Smiths (band)
Arrested Development (tv show)
SF Giants history
East Bay Punk
Six Feet Under (tv show)
Nintendo Wii
California Wines
Pro Football Quarterbacks
Toto (Band)
The Sandman (graphic novels)
Guy Fierri
Real Housewives (Bravo Series)
Nikola Tesla

Thanks to everyone that played last week, and helped us have a great night at Pub Quiz. it was a packed house and we hope you all had a fun time.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Command Her? I Don't Even Riker!

The team with Riker in their name is on a roll.  For the second week in a row they won rounds 3 & 4.  Last night, Command Her? I Don't Even Riker! won the game with a whopping 35 points and pulled the jackpot.  What a night for them.  Since they won round 4, here are the topics they're challenging you with:
Psych (tv show)
Food Network
Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker (game)
Pixar Movies
World's Greatest Dad (movie)
Early 20th Century American Poets
Christopher Nolan movies
Elephants (the animal)
Henry Selick Movies
Crew (rowing)
Auckland, New Zealand
Talking Heads (band)

For those that like interesting tidbits, Riker won both rounds 3 and 4 on song lenth tie-breakers.

One final note, the Landmark would like to remind players that outside food or drink is not allowed.  However, they'll gladly sell you food and drinks. ;-)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Who came out on top this week?

Chick-Fil-A is My Favorite Sexual Position showed their stuff and won the night on a tie breaker, even though they didn't win a single round.  They also didn't win the jackpot, so next week it's 50/50 odds.

Cmdr Riker Take Paul Lynde For the Win surged at the end of the game, winning rounds 3 & 4. Here are the topics they chose for you to study for next week:
Venture Brothers CArtoon
Paul Lynde (Nyuk, Nyuk)
Big Bang Theory (tv show)
How I Met Your Mother (tv show)
Ska - all waves
They Might Be Giants
Fresno History
Stephen Colbert
Command Riker (man, myth, legend)
California Gold Rush Era
Syd & Marty Kroft Shows
Give Us a Spelling Question
Fashion Faux Pas (dress right)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Itty Bitty Witty Committee convenes for win

The Itty Bitty Witty Committee played a good game this week and pulled away for a win by a few points.  Their wits didn't help them pull the jackpot chip, so next week there will be 2 reds & 1 blue in the bag.

You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl showed that it was no sweat for them to win round 4 with 9 points.  Here are the topics they chose for you to study:
Invincible (comic book)
The Empire Strikes Back
50 Shades of Grey
The League (tv show)
Free Skiing (in the snow)
Nikola Tesla
San Francisco Giants
Code of Bushido
Jazz Saxophone players
Microsoft Windows 7
Dean Martin

Will those topics cause you to break a sweat? We'll find out next week at Pub Quiz.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alana wins, teams should stick around to see if they also win

Pub Quiz returned this week and not only was it a good night, but it was also filled with things that hadn't occurred in a while.  We had an overall tie, which hadn't happened in a while, and Alana is Satan not only won that, but they won the night. They didn't win the jackpot, but  that happens most weeks.

In round four, there was a tie, but one team didn't put down a song length, so they missed out on the prize for winning the round, and picking topics.  Well, they would have missed out on that, but the team that actually won round four left early.  Shockingly, this isn't the first time we've had a team leave early when they won round four.  In fact, IT WAS THE SAME TEAM.  So, since they weren't there, we gave the round four win to the team that tied but didn't have a song length.  So, here are the topics to study from the Grapest:
Pokemon: original 151
Harry Potter books
Marc Jacobs
Arrested Development (tv show)
Jane Austen
Taylor Swift songs
Higgs Boson
Tech Talker Podcast
Ephesians (book of Bible)
Sweet Home Alabama (movie)
Chico, Ca.
Calvin Crest Conferences (Oakhurst, Ca.)
X-Men comics
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Friday, July 13, 2012

Topics for July 18 Quiz

It's Friday before a Pub Quiz so here are your round 2 topics to study for next Wednesday:
Al Smith - Fresno Chamber of Commerce President
Parks & Rec (tv show)
Teresa Strasser
Carl Sagan
Eddie Izzard
Chromeo (band)
WiFi Pineapple
Hollywood Bable-on (podcast)
The Oatmeal (website)
Genesis 1970-1978 (band)
Bastion (videogame)
Charles Darwin
Sherlock (tv series)
Gen. William T. Sherman

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pub Quiz Next Week - Get ready!

Some trivia questions to get you back in the swing for next week: What do you call the perceptions that an individual experiences relating to a limb or an organ that is not physically part of the body?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pub Quiz still on Vacation. Be back next week.

Friendly reminder: Landmark is closed this week. No Pub Quiz. See you next Wednesday. Keep checking back for some updates between now & then.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jersey Shoregasmic

Pub Quiz returns soon!  But while we're away, feel free to study.  We know you're hungry for some quiz action, and we'll be back Wednesday, July 18 to deliver it.  In case you forgot, last time we played the jackpot was won.  So, it's a whole new jackpot.  Come and take your shot at winning.

The last round 4 we played was won by the Jersey Shoregasms and these are the topics to study for round 2 on July 18:
Al Smith - Fresno Chamber of Commerce President
Parks & Rec (tv show)
Teresa Strasser
Carl Sagan
Eddie Izzard
Chromeo (band)
WiFi Pineapple
Hollywood Bable-on (podcast)
The Oatmeal (website)
Genesis 1970-1978 (band)
Bastion (videogame)
Charles Darwin
Sherlock (tv series)
Gen. William T. Sherman

Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of June Update

sorry we've had some formatting issues here on the blog recently.  we'll do better.

also, remember we're on vacation for two weeks, but keep checking back here or on our facebook for updates.

Congrats to Gersberms Mah Fravrit Berks for winning the match and the jackpot.  Jersey Shoregasms won round 4, and we'll put up their topics the Friday before we come back to Pub Quiz.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Who Needs Underpants to Win?

Commando Riker. What? It's Hot was in effect Wednesday night, winning rounds 2 and 3 as well as holding off some stiff competition for the overall win. However, they couldn't win the jackpot so that rolls over to next week. Round four was won by Boats & Hoes with a perfect score of 10. Here are the topics they picked for your study: Elementary Schools in Sanger Unified Wonder Valley Ranch International Air Transport Association Codes US Tax Laws US Presidents Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (movie) Jersey Shore (tv show) Game of Thrones The Bachelorette Cribbage Rules Pugs (dog) Pool Maintenance California Workers Comp SF Giants Remember, there is Pub Quiz next Wednesday, June 27, but no Pub Quiz on July 4 or July 11. We'll keep you updated with info throughout the time off though.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dingo Eats up Competition

Another week of Pub Quiz, another close finish. A Dingo Ate Your Baby won by 1/2 point, triumphing over the crowd. Round 4 was won on a tie breaker, and here are the topics chosen for you by Commander Riker's Islands in the Stream: David Lynch Movies Planned Parenthood Musical Theater 1960’s TV Comedy Jack White in totality Hermaphrodites we know and love Sid & Marty Croft shows Dexter (tv show) 50 Shades of Grey Rocky Horror Picture Show Walt Disney Haruki Murakami Pomegranates Potential Band Names that would be totally cool! Study, Study, Study. Don't forget that Pub Quiz will have a little break coming up. We're closed for the 4th of July and the Landmark will be closed July 8-14 so no Pub Quiz that week.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Return of Bavmorta

There hasn't been a team using the name Bavmorta for a few weeks, but last night Bavmorta Who? returned and came back to show who was boss.  The won rounds 3 & 4, won the night, and won the jackpot.  What a night for them.  Here are the topics they picked for next week's game:

Bespoke Tailoring
No Doubt (band)
Carl Jung
Teddy Roosevelt
The L Word (tv show)
W. Somerset Maugham
Phoebe Philo
Lost (tv show)
VGA planets
Battlestar Gallactica (new version)

Study up and see if you can be the ones to take home the glory!  Or, at least win.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow victorious

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow brought the funk and won by 1/2 point, capturing 32.5 of the 40 points available on the night.  They managed to hold off several surging teams, including Fantastic Fourgasm who won rounds 3 and 4. Here are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:

New Model Army (band)
Nottingham Forest Football Club
Girls (HBO show)
Sherlock (tv show)
Diablo 3 (game)
I.P.v6 (Internet Protocol version 6)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (movie)
Frankenstein (book)
City of Heroes (video game)
Sufjan Stevens
Forbidden Zone (movie)
Doctor Who (tv show)
Animaniacs (tv show)
Oscar Wilde

On a side note, Brown Chicken, Brown Cow stepped out on a limb and welcomed a single player onto their team.  After the game, they told us that it played a part in their win.  We know they're not the only ones, in fact we saw three teams add on strangers this week, but we're always glad to see teams open up and add newcomers and we'd like to thank every team that does so.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Only Two Boobies, Any More Would Be Weird

A close game, lots of round ties, and a couple of boobie prizes. What did you guys think? The Scorgasm business model proved fruitful for the win, alas a red chip was pulled and the jackpot grows. Grey Matters won the coveted fourth round, and the topics they hope to best you in are as follows:

1. Napoleon Dynamite (movie)
2. Talladega Nights (movie)
3. Casablanca (movie)
4. Magnum PI (tv show)
5. Jimmy Buffett
6. The Hangover (the movie)
7. US Geography
8. Anchor Man (movie)
9. White Stripes (band)
10. 1983 NIT Champions
11. Blue Bloods (tv show)
12. Godfather (movie)
13. Family Guy
14. Solar System

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Some of you may remember a few months back, we asked about what you might do differently at Pub Quiz.  Well, we wanted to implement a few changes to what we're doing.  Don't worry, the game is going to be the same, mostly.  We have six weeks until the 4th of July, when we'll have two weeks off.  We figured this would be a nice little trial period for some changes.  We're starting off with two changes:
1. Elimination of 1/2 point for round tie breakers.  We're still going to use song length to decide ties in rounds to dole out the drink tokens, but no more 1/2 point.
2. More prizes.  We're going to incorporate more random prize give-aways.  These prizes will vary, and we're going to do some different methods of awarding rather than just points in game or round wins.

And now, to this week's topics, provided by the Wealth Mathematicians, winners of round 4 and the game:
Rolling Stones 1968-1974
X Men comics 1975-1985
The Goonies
Idris Elba
Edward O. Wilson
Black Sabbath post-Dio (1983-now)
Elvis Costello
John Hughes films
Doc Savage
Pulp Fiction (film)
Ontological Argument
Barack Obama
Neuron Structure & Function
Alternate Guitar tunings

Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama Smash! did just that

Who know that there are two members of the MLB Hall of Fame that went to Fresno High?  We didn't, but Obama Smash! did, and it helped them to a round four win, and an overall win on the night.  They were on a roll and pulled the jackpot chip.  So, next week we start over with a fresh jackpot, a fresh set of questions, and these topics for round 2.

Adam's Favorite Novel: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Carrie's Favorite Movie: Interview with a Vampire (she said it's her feel good movie)
Ed's Favorite Music: Rage Against the Machine
Films of Ray Harryhausen
The Ontological Argument
Isis (goddess)
Artemis (goddess)
The Morrigan (goddess)
The Alienist (comic book)
Metal Men (comic)
Pai Gow Poker
Uncanny X-Men 1975-1985
Rolling Stones 1968-1973


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hodor smart?

Hodor was definitely smarter than he looks.  Or, at least the team named Hodor was. They won the first three rounds and the game this week, but no jackpot. However, Snicklefits stepped up and took round four, and here are the topics they selected for you:
Lord of the Flies (book)
Indiana Jones Trilogy (movie)
50 Shades of Grey (book)
Catching Fire (book)
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Stellar Evolution  (astronomy)
311 (band)
The Shins (band)
Glee (tv show)
SF Giants (sports)
Southpark (show)
The Avengers (movie)
D-Listed (website)
Investment Act of 1940 (bank shit)

Enjoy your studying, and yes, they wrote those parenthetical captions.

Friday, April 27, 2012

We're Slow Jamming Pub Quiz

We're Slow Jamming Pub Quiz raced out to an early lead by winning rounds 1 & 2, and then managed to hang on for a half point win on the night.  Impressive work, but they were unlucky on the jackpot draw.

Sippin on Gin & Hand Sanitizer won round 4, and here are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
original series Star Trek Episodes
Periodic Table of Elements
Mendelian Genetics
The Go! Team (band)
The Avengers (comics)
Don Williams (singer)
The Middle (tv show)
HP Lovecraft
Edward Abbey (writer)
Derek Trucks (musician)
Major League baseball perfect games
Grateful Dead
Romeo & Juliet (play)
Allman Brothers Band

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in the saddle with topics

Here are the topics chosen two weeks back by Santorum Drips-uh-Drops Out:
Epic of Gilgamesh
Astrological Signs
J.S. Bach
The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot
Ryan Adams
Bryan Adams
Insane Clown Posse
Existential Works of Soren Kierkegaard
New Girl (tv show)
Fresno Chamber of Commerce CEO Al Smith
Elbow (the band)
Richard Dawkins
works of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Enjoy your studying and we'll see you Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a fresnocity guest host update

in case you didn't see this, a message from this week's guest hosts

As Happy Hosts for this Wednesday's Pub Quiz, we want to let you players in on some category choices, in case you want to sorta study:

We're theming this week, and some of the categories in our surprise theme are:

Comic Book Characters
Dance Craze's
Movie Taglines
Disney Movies!

See all you superhero pub quizzers this Wednesday - we promise to make it a fun time (and we promise the winning score will be way over 16!)



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fresnocity goes big time

Fresnocity led the game from the get go last night, and then won the jackpot. Congratulations. Santorum Drips-uh-Drops Out won round 4 and we'll see their topics in 2 weeks.

Why 2 weeks? Well, next week Fresnocity will be guest hosting. They'll be creating all the questions and running the show in a stand-alone, winner take all game. Your regular hosts will be playing against you all (and most likely losing horribly).  We hope we see you all next week.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mad Figs return for a win

It seems like we used to write about the Mad Figs winning a lot when we started Pub Quiz two years ago, but not so much of late.  Well, they're back, and they won last night.  So, our congratulations go to them.

The Work of Bavmorta won round 4, and they chose these 14 topics for next week's round 2:
Somerset Maugham
Richard Nixon
Music Theory
Lost (tv show)
Twin Peaks (tv show)
Adam 12 (tv show)
The Ultimate Fighter (current live season)
Zach Snyder
Steely Dan
The L Word (tv show)
Greetings from Fresno (book)
Lindsay Lohan (person?)

Have a nice time studying and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Head Khan Tread wins jackpot

It's been 5 weeks since someone won the jackpot, so it had to happen.  Head Khan Tread won the game and automatically pulled the jackpot.  Congrats to them.

Dirty Rotten Rikers won round 4, and here's what they would like for you to studio this week:
- Josephine Baker
- Novelty Candy
- Endangered Species of the San Joaquin Valley
- Platypus
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv show)
- Chihuahuas (dog)
- The Beatles
- Monty Python
- How I Met Your Mother (tv show)
- Bodies of Water in the San Joaquin Valley
- Yoga Poses
- Meditation (vipassana)
- Major Australian Cities
- Locally owned, Tower District Businesses

Some interesting stuff. We hope you dig in, study and enjoy. See you next Wednesday.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Who Needs to win Pub Quiz?

We Need To Win Pub Quiz, Liz Lemon did just that. Unfortunately, for them, they didn't win the jackpot.  You know what that means? Next week, guaranteed jackpot.  They did pull off round 4 and have selected some tough topics for you to study.  Studying these may help you win that jackpot:
The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix
Yom Kippur War
Geography of Turkmenistan
Evolutionary Biology
Episodes of Star Trek the original series
Gomez (band)
Call of the Wild (book)
The Grateful Dead lyrics
Jack the Ripper
Russian Language
Artemis (Greek goddess)
The Flash (comic book)
Black Flag (band)
Darker than Black (anime)

Enjoy, and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Yes, the team name Inconceivable won round 4 and strung together a good night and won the game.  However, they didn't win the jackpot, so next week will be a 50/50 shot of winning.  Here are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
- Plate Tectonics
- Queer studies
- Pink Floyd
- Exeter, Ca.
- Linux Terminal Commands
- Community (tv show)
- Nottingham Forest Football Club
- Casablanca (film)
- US Men's National Soccer Team
- Peter Gabriel
- Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
- Works of T.S. Eliot
- films of Sam Peckinpah
- Payroll Taxes

Enjoy your studies and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Alana is a Decent Person would lke you to study this

Another week of pub quiz with many twists and turns.  When it was all said and done, no one managed to leap ahead of What's in the Box.  They won the game, but failed to pull the jackpot chip.

Round 4 was won by Alana is a Decent Person, and here are the topics they choose for you to study next week:
Warcraft 2
Electronic Medical Records
Beethoven (composer)
Ranma 1/2 (anime)
General William T. Sherman
George Carlin
They Might Be Giants
Works of Quentin Tarantino
Princess Bride (book or movie)
Monty Python's Life of Brian
Madera Superior Court
Payroll Taxes
Sanger Boats
Queer Theory/ LGBTQ studies

enjoy your study time and we'll see you on Wednesday.

Friday, March 2, 2012

'Wreck' wins round 4, 'Satan' wins game

Another game came down to the wire on Wednesday, and although it wasn't a Leap Day miracle from Leap Year William, Alana is Satan did manage to jump ahead and win the night's game.  They didn't win the jackpot, or round 4. Round 4 went to the Wreck of Edmund Bavmorta, who chose these topics for you to study:

- Richard Nixon
- Music Theory
- Berserk (Manga/Anime)
- Theodore Roosevelt
- Yom Kippur War
- American Splendor (Comic book & Movie)
- Ani DiFranco's musical career
- Stanley Kubrick
- The Fleshtones
- Red Cinema
- Robert Moses
- Lincoln Mk Series III - VIII (auto)

Enjoy your study time and we'll see you on Wednesday.

Friday, February 24, 2012

topics by eminem's m&m enema for feb 29

it was a big night for eminem's m&m enema. they won round 4, won the game, and won the jackpot. congratulations for pulling off such an impressive feat.

we recommend that you study up on these topics if you hope to leap over them next week in the standings:
- Dracula (historical figure & legend)
- Crazy Squirrel (local store)
- Cellular Organelles
- Mendelian Genetics
- Sexual Positions
- Lost Girl (tv show)
- Library Collection Development
- The Black Crowes (band)
- Big Creek Hydro Electric Project
- Godfather 3
- The Middle (tv show)
- Divergent (book by Veronica Roth)
- Jack the Ripper
- Teen Titans (comic book)

Friday, February 17, 2012

results & topics 2/22

For camels and your mom, ever day is hump day won round 4 and the game last night.  However, they failed to win the jackpot so let the rollover begin!

Here are the [updated, correct] topics they chose for your study pleasure to prepare for next week's round 2:
- linguistics
- Marvel Zombies (comic series)
- Claude Debussey
- Mendelian Genetics
- Devil in the White City (book)
- Russian language
- Storage Wars
- X-men comics 1975-1985
- Bad Brains (band)
- Sumerian Mythology
- Dover v. Kitzmiller (court case)
- Balloon Juice blog
- Private Mortgage Insurance
- Paprika (anime film)

See you next Wednesday.

Friday, February 10, 2012

topics 2/15

congrats to Alana is Satan on their win the other evening and for also being jackpot winners.  XOXO...Bavmorta won round 4, and here are the topics they selected for your study:

Frasier (tv show)
Early Islam
Cults in America
Stanley Kubrick
Richard Nixon
Jim Jannard
Deadpool (comic book character)
Somerset Maugham
Ani DiFranco musical career
Lost (tv show)
David Lynch
W.C. Fields
Food & Nutrition

an interesting looking list, enjoy your studying.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Topics for 2/8

For your enjoyment, and round 2, the Gray Matters have selected these 14 topics:

The Godfather, part 2.
Frampton Comes Alive (album)
George Thorogood & the Destroyers
1969 Fresno State Basketball
New Girl (tv show)
WW2 Military Aircraft
Napolean Dynamite
Three Stooges
Car Insurance Terms
California Geography
Jimmy Buffett
Magnum P.I. (tv show)
Talladega Nights (movie)
WW2 battles Pacific Theater

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It was Briggs!

Last night's quiz was a good, close battle.  At the end of it all, Gray Matters won round 4 and It was Briggs won the night.  Congrats to both of those teams.  No jackpot win for team Briggs, so next week is 1 red, 1 blue.

Topics from Gray Matters will be up on Friday. Study up.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Swinging on 2/1

Are you interested in swinging or swapping?  No, not that kind of swinging & swapping. Team swapping. A few of our long-time teams are interested in switching teams for the night. If you want to meet some new people and play on a different team, show up @ 7, and meet up with members of Cmdr Riker or Fresnocity up near the front table. They'll draw names around 7:45 and go from there.

Possible fun extra to go along with your swinging experience.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Topics for 2/1/2012

Hey, Alana is Satan won round four so here are the topics they'd like you to get acquainted with:

1. Seinfeld (TV Show)
2. Futurama (TV Show)
3. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book)
4. California Geography
5. Oingo Boingo (only the music released under this iteration of the band's name)
6. World War II Battles
7. Godfather Part I
8. English Premier League
9. Thoroughbred Horse Racing
10. Tom Waits
11. London Landmarks
12. X (band)
13. Lost Boys (film)
14. Montreal Expos

Have fun! See you next week.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Topics for 1/25/2012

And here are the topics from the Midiscorians:

1. James Ellroy Novels
2. Mac OSX (All Versions)
3. Archer (TV Show)
4. Alfred Hitchcock Films
5. Pokemon (The Video Game)
6. Judo
7. Doctor Who (TV Shows)
8. 20th Century American Small Arms (pistols and rifles)
9. Genesis (Band)
10. Internet Memes
11. Johnny Cash
12. Much Ado About Nothing (The Play)
13. Tectonic Geology
14. The Wonder Years (TV Show)

Study up and we'll see you on Wednesday.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A fun start to a new jackpot

This should be fun. Here are the topics submitted by Admiral Akbar for next week's round two. Get yer nerd on, quizzers!

1. the Star Wars Films
2. the Star Wars Films
3. the Star Wars Films
4. the Star Wars Films
5. the Star Wars Films
6. the Star Wars Films
7. the Star Wars Films
8. the Star Wars Films
9. the Star Wars Films
10. the Star Wars Films
11. the Star Wars Films
12. the Star Wars Films
13. the Star Wars Films
14. the Star Wars Films

Monday, January 9, 2012

Topics for 1/11

Sorry we didn't get these up here earlier, but here are you topics for this Wednesday. Also, sorry that we didn't post an update about last Wednesday.
Topicos Magnificos
1. German Board Games
2. Star Trek films
3. World of Warcraft
4. Western Philosophy
5. Manga
6. Composting
7. Six Feet Under (tv show)
8. Haruki Murakami (author)
9. Leonardo DiVinci
10. Vegan Cooking
11. Classical Music
12. A Song of Fire and Ice
13. Classic Rock
14. NFL Football (2011-2012)