Friday, May 27, 2011

An overall win, a blue chip draw, and round four win for Oneders

Makes the recap easy and gives the Oneders the advantage for the new pot next week. Study up quizzers, we like a little variety around here once in a while!

Topics for next week's round two could be any of the following:

1. Green Lantern (comics)

2. Oasis (band)

3. Spanish-American War

4. Clan of the Cave Bear (novel)

5. Led Zeppelin (band)

6. Episodes of Star Trek (original series)

7. Tetrapod evolution

8. Galapagos fauna

9. The Anna Magdalena notebook

10. Marvel comics of the 1980s

11. Gastric bypass surgery

12. The West Wing (tv series)

13. Romeo and Juliet (play)

14. 1970s American Politics

Thanks for the big night this week and to everyone who showed up. We love seeing all of your faces. A big thanks to Steve Portola for being our Ed stand-in, and saving you all from having to listen to Carrie or Adam's voices for a night. See you Wednesday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Round 2 Topics 5/25

The Work of Bavmorta returns to the top of the heap with a fine score of 35.5. They didn't pull the jackpot chip, which will roll for the second week in a row. It's Not a Tumah, It's a Baby won round 4 and selected these fine topics to impregnate your minds:
Assassin's Creed (game)
Cutter Expansive Classification System
Storage Wars (tv show)
Periodic Table
Songs by Elvis Costello
Greek Mythology
Credit Reporting
Fawcett Comics
Major League Baseball 1st Round draft picks
Oingo Boingo
Pai Gow
Hard-Fi (band)
Mendelian Genetics
Pretty in Pink (movie)

There you have it. Study up, and we'll see you next Wednesday @ Pub Quiz.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alana Is Satan seeks redemption with a half-point win

It was another close game this week but Alana Is Satan eked out a win in an effort to counter their previous week's half-point loss. Team We Can't Think Of Anything Funny played a strong round 4 and gave us these topics to pass on. Have fun learning!

1. Little House on the Prairie (books)
2. Doctor Who (new series: 2005-present)
3. Stranger With Candy (TV show)
4. Panic! At The Disco
5. Weird Al Yankovic
6. Disneyland Rides
7. The Producers (play)
8. WW I Aviation
9. A Clockwork Orange (film)
10. Spongebob Squarepants
11. Stanley Ann Dunham
12. Titanic (the ship)
13. Raymond Chandler novels
14. Famous Entertainers from Fresno

Some wide-ranging topics. Study and build your teams well. See you on Wednesday.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Masticating In Public With Thespians wins a new jackpot

It was another close game with Alana Is Satan playing bridesmaid again. But neither team was able to outscore Grey Matters in round 4 giving them their first opportunity to choose the topics for round 2 next week. They've got some good ones so study up:

1. Jimmy Buffett
2. Napoleon Dynamite (film)
3. WW II
4. Geography
5. U2 (band)
6. Nicola Tesla
7. War Films
8. Bridge (card game)
9. Saturday Night Live
10. Magnum, P.I. (TV show)
11. Family Guy (TV show)
12. Fresno State Men's Basketball
13. George Thorogood & the Destroyers
14. '55-'57 Chevy Bel Air

Good luck!