Friday, September 30, 2011

Beets and Riker, do their thang

We Got Mad Beets, Yo pulled off a win thanks in large part to winning their topics in round two. The fun part was four different teams winning a round, but the most important round to be won was four. Apparently, there is some truth in the team name The Power Of Riker Compels You. Here are their topics for next week:

1. The Matrix Trilogy (films)
2. Batman Graphic Novels (1980's)
3. Yoga Poses
4. Poop
5. Tim Burton
6. Platypus
7. The Beatles
8. Ballet
9. Cloud Formation
10. Ska
11. Hypnotherapy
12. History of Broadcasting
13. Original Indiana Jones Film Trilogy (4th movie sucks)
14. Huell Houser

Study up! Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking your team names and the win

Along with round four. Here are the topics for next week's round two. Get a study buddy.

  1. Washington DC Punk of the 80s
  2. Tarot cards
  3. Artemis (Greek Goddess)
  4. Pai Gow poker
  5. Alfred Hitchcock films
  6. Swimming pool care
  7. Banned books week
  8. Darker than Black (anime)
  9. The Wire (HBO series)
  10. Episodes of Star Trek (original series)
  11. Duane Allman
  12. Stephen Jay Gould
  13. Twelve Tone Composition
  14. That Metal Show (VH1 show)

Friday, September 16, 2011

And the jackpot rolls

Bavmorta won the game for the second week in a row, but failed to pull the blue chip. Our jackpot gets bigger next week, and round four winners always have an edge for the next week's round 2. Here are your topics, the work of Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers:

  1. periodic table
  2. Washington DC punk of the 80s
  3. Artemis (Greek Goddess)
  4. Modern Evolutionary Synthesis (1930-1960)
  5. 90s Britpop
  6. Belgium
  7. St. Augustine of Hippo
  8. Pai Gow poker
  9. Claymore (anime)
  10. Guns N' Roses
  11. Tarot cards
  12. Chris Farley
  13. Game of Thrones characters
  14. Veronica Mars

Friday, September 9, 2011

Results from 9/7, topics for 9/14

Congrats to The Work of Bavmorta. They won an overall tie-breaker an pulled the jackpot chip! Very well done. Next week the jackpot starts over. Thanks everyone for coming out and playing. We appreciate all of you being a part of what we do and love that you keep coming back for the fun.

Fresnocity won rounds 3 & 4, snuck into the overall tie-breaker at the end, and here are their topics to study up on:
  • Disney movies, 
  • pre-1990 spelling 
  • state capitals 
  • Reel Pride film fest history 
  • Chubby Checker 
  • Tudor dynasty 
  • Nursery Rhymes 
  • Fresno History 
  • Jesus Christ Super Star at the Tower Theater 
  • Fresno State Men’s Hoops Academic Scandal 
  • Black Sabbath 
  • Mario Bava films 
  • Downtown Fresno 
  • Heathers - film

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gray Matters materializes with round 4 victory

Crackers and Beans in Straw Hats gave We Might Be Dethroned Tonight a serious run for their money - neck and neck tie from round two on - that lead to an overall tie-breaker.WMBDT came out on top again, but they didn't pull the blue chip, so next week's winner has a 50% chance at taking the pot.

Here are Grey Matters's topics for next week's round two. Don't forget it's a holiday weekend and Wednesday might feel like Tuesday. Hooray for an early hump day!

  1. Nicola Tesla
  2. California Geography
  3. Jimmy Buffett
  4. Three Stooges
  5. Peter Frampton
  6. Magnum PI
  7. Civil War Battles
  8. Metallica
  9. Baseball Hall of Fame nicknames
  10. Fresno State Men's Basketball
  11. The Godfather (not the sequels)
  12. Attack on Pearl Harbor
  13. Alexander Calder
  14. Abe Lincoln

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Results from 8/31

We're Getting Dethroned Tonight was not, in fact, dethroned. Congrats on their win, but they just can't seem to pull the jackpot chip. Grey Matters won round 4, and their topics will be posted on Friday or Saturday. Thanks again to everyone for coming out and supporting Fresno Pub Quiz.

A friendly reminder: If you have a disagreement on an answer, please come up after a round and speak to Ed. Carrie and Adam are generally busy grading & scoring responses, and so Ed will hear your issue out. The three of us will discuss it as a team and come to a decision on the issue. We don't mind if you have a disagreement, but we want to make sure everything is handled in an appropriate fashion.