Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still plugging away, look for exciting announcements in the weeks to come

The Work of Bavmorta pulled out a win this last week but pulled a red chip so next week will be the third without a blue chip drawing.  Here are the topics they chose for round 2 of next week:

1. Dune (Novels and/or Film)
2. 80s TV Shows
3. Willow
4. Woody Allen Films
5. Mopar Muscle Cars
6. HTML Code
7. Cocktails
8. Chuck Palahniuk
9. Mayors of Clovis
10. Martial Arts
11. Frasier
12. The Office (US Version)
13. Law & Order: SVU
14. Robert Rodriguez (Film Director)

Study up and thanks for playing.  This next week should be busy and full.  At least, we hope it will be.  ;-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Topics for Round 2 of 4/21/2010 and other tidbits of info

So, a new team, The DL's, picked up the win this last week.  Good for them!

The Work of Bavmorta won round 4 again and so the following topics are the ones they chose.  And just to out them a little bit, they were so confident that they were going to win round 4, they had their topics written before the end of the game.

1. NFL
2. New York Yankees
3. Martial Arts Styles
4. Transgender
5. Cultural & Social Taboos
6. Chloe Sevigny
7. John Waters Films
8. Dune (book & film)
9. Willow
10. Nixon
11. '80s Films
12. Woodstock
13. "The L Word" (TV Show)
14. Drinking Games

There you go.  Study up!

As an aside, the email group now has 45 pending memberships (including the 7 I added today).  If your friends are wondering why they aren't getting updates, it may be due to the fact that they haven't actually activated their membership in the group.  In that same vein, I don't invite about two people per week because their handwriting is too messy to discern what their email address is.  So you may mention to those same friends that are wondering why they aren't getting updates, that they should write their email a bit more legibly.

Okay, business aside, pub quiz is motoring along quite nicely though attendance did dip to 68 this last week.  We suspect some of that had to do with conflicting activities.  That we are still averaging 75 to 85 players each week continues to astonish us.  Thank you so much for making this such a fun and popular Fresno facet!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pub Quiz results for 4/7/2010 and topics for next week's round 2

Thanks to all of you that made up our 95 players last night.  And for those of you that were unable to make it, we look forward to your next appearance.

Mad Figs eked out a win by a slim margin and won the jackpot so kudos to them (despite all the poor sports and booing players on the other teams).  If any of you Mad Figgers are reading this, you've apparently created some arch nemeses by being the winningest team in our short Fresno Pub Quiz history.  My advice to all those teams that don't like it when the Mad Figs a bigger and/or better team.  There are many teams that place closely, Corporate Zombies, Alana is Satan, The Work of Bavmorta and a couple of other teams that change their names around are always lurking (and sometimes winning).  Fresno has more than 8 trivia buffs.  Find 'em and bring them to quiz night!

Enough rambling, Blogocide snuck in a winning round last night which just so happened to be the 4th round.  Here are the topics they chose for round 2 of next week's pub quiz.  Study up!

1. Pez
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. North of Shaw Ave.
4. Video Games
5. 80s TV
6. Apple Computers
7. Celebrity Gossip
8. Catholic Theology
9. Cajun Cooking
10. Wu-Tang Clan
11. The DMV Handbooks
12. Bloggeraderie
13. Serial Killers
14. Real Housewives

There you have it.  We'll see you next week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Topics for Round 2 of the next game, 4/7/2010

1. Greek Mythology
2. Art History
3. Famous Landmarks
4. Marijuana
5. World Religion
6. Tarantino Films
7. India
8. Computers (Operating Systems)
9. NBA
10. World Geography (good luck studying that one!)
11. Bones (TV Show)
12. Urban Legends
13. Woodstock
14. Harry Potter

Hope your Funk and Wagnall's is up to date!