Friday, February 22, 2013

They Beamed Up A Win

It must have been fate or perhaps luck, because we asked a question about the highest percentage of people killed by shirt color on Star Trek in round 1, and although the Red Shirt Security Detail didn't win round 1, they won rounds 2-4.  They capped off their night by pulling the jackpot chip.  Pretty impressive stuff, we'd say.  Here are the topics they chose for next week:
Downton Abbey
House of Cards (netflix series)
Pagan Holidays
Symphonies of Beethoven
Secondary Characters in Harry Potter
Dewey Decimal Classification
Romanov Dynasty
A Midsummer Night's Dream (play)
Lyrics by The Smiths
Morcheeba (band)
Newton's Laws of Motion
Guardians of the Galaxy (comic book series)
Structure & Function of Neurons
Quotes from Shakespeare

Study up, and see if you can knock off the Red Shirts next week.

Also, if you're up for another night of trivia, check out the Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pour It!

Pour Me Some Sizzurp rocked the crowd and won a very tough game this week.  And, if we're not mistaken (sometimes we are) this was their first win, so congrats.  However, they didn't win the jackpot, so next week it's down to two red chips.

Round four was won by The Pope Has Proved His Credentials as a Good Catholic...By Pulling Out Before Finishing the Job and these are the topics chosen for next week's round 2:
I'll Have Another (race horse)
Down Periscope (movie)
Venture Brothers - The Monarch
Amy Winehouse
Abraham Lincoln
The Lonely Island
Jennifer Aniston Characters
Justin Timberlake appearances on Jimmy Fallon
The Descendants (band)
Sequoia Brewing Company Beers
Better Off Dead (movie)
Types of RAID configurations
The Argyle Pimps

(And yes, we know there is only 13 topics - they gave us a list that only had 13, and although it was numbered from 1 - 14, there was no 6.  Where did 6 go?)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hitch Hikers with Hatchets Chops Down Competition

We're not sure exactly how many swings it took, by the Hitch Hikers with Hatchets chopped down the rest of the teams for an exciting win.  However, they didn't win the jackpot, and so the jackpot begins to roll.

Round 4 was won by Hello, My Name is Future Jorgen and these are the topics they chose for next week's round 2:
The Hunger Games Series
Bleach Anime Characters
San Jose Sharks current roster
Breaking Dawn (book)
Charlame Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series
Pitch Perfect (movie)
Metallica (band)
New Kids on the Block (band)
Avatar the Last Air Bender (Nickelodeon TV cartoon)
Harry Potter books
Blazing Saddles (movie)
Federal Income Taxes
Princess Bride (movie)

Study up and get your quiz on the day after Mardi Gras and the day before Valentine's day.  And if you're feeling feisty and want another night of trivia, we suggest you check out Sequoia Pub Quiz at Sequoia North.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Epic Gasm

Epic Scoregasms of History have been on a run of late, and this week they won their 3rd game in a row.  This week, they managed to win the jackpot, their first ever.  Big congrats go out to Scoregasm for that.  Will they continue their streak?

Round 4 was won by Poopsicle and here are the topics they chose for next week's Round 2:
Television Shows
Political Science
Computer Science
Darjeeling Limited (film)
Girls (tv show)

It's not every day that we endorse a set of topics, but these got our seal of approval!

On another note, a few of our current players are starting up a trivia game of their own.  If you want another night of trivia, check out the pub quiz on Monday nights @ Sequoia North - check 'em on the web at