Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Ends With A Bang

Hey hey hey! Contrary to the name, there will not be a party at Ed's house for which Adam buys all the booze but the team that wishes that were true did manage to win the overall and round four but were unable to hit for the cycle and draw the jackpot which means it rolls over into January and the new year.

Here are the topics they'd like you to bone up on before and/or after you enjoy your new year's eve celebrations:

1. Break Bad (TV Show)
2. Uncanny X-Men 1975-1985
3. Pai Gow Poker
4. Stone Roses (Band)
5. Pisces (Astrological Sign)
6. Periodic Table of Elements
7. Episodes of Star Trek (Original Series)
8. Al Qaeda
9. H. P. Lovecraft
10. Edward Hopper
11. European capitols
12. The Odyssey by Homer
13. Storage Wars (TV Show)
14. Medici (Board Game)

An item of note, the last night of quiz in 2011 ended up being a record-breaker in terms of both player count and teams competing with 152 of you joining forces on 30 teams.

We'll see you in 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Leave a little room for the Holy Ghost, Tim makes room for a win

Last week Alana is Satan pulled the double by winning round 4 and the overall but this week, the honor went to the folks who found SNL's Tim Tebow skit as amusing as we did. Here are their topics:

1. Blue Mountain State (TV show)
2. Avengers (comic book)
3. Pai Gow Poker
4. Breaking Bad (TV show)
5. The Saint (literary character)
6. Edgar Allen Poe
7. Elementary Schools in Sanger Unified School District
8. Mike & Molly (TV show)
9. Settlers of Catan (board game)
10. Hunger Games (book)
11. The Smiths (band)
12. Minor Threat (band)
13. Counties in Ireland
14. Astrology (Western)

We hope you have a very happy holiday and enjoy your time with friends and family. Study hard and we'll see you next week for the last pub quiz of 2011.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Alana is Satan powered to a win but they turned me into a newt

Heyo, here are your round two topics fresh from Alana is Satan. Hit the books:

1. Poker
2. 1980 Oakland A's
3. X (Band)
4. Baseball Nicknames (MLB)
5. Statistics (math)
6. Great Lakes (USA)
7. Radiohead (Band)
8. Native California Birds
9. Get Fuzzy (Comic)
10. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
11. Dead Kennedys (Band)
12. Linux OS
13. Barfly (Film)
14. Thai Food

We're excited for next week's pre-Christmas pub quiz and hope that lots of you can make it. Once again, feel free to drag along any visiting relatives. We always like meeting more of you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Topics 12/14

We were glad to be back in our normal hosting chairs last Wednesday because we again demonstrated that we're much better at asking questions than answering them.  It was a good game, and ended fairly close.  Congratulations go out to You Sank My Battleship. They rose to the top for the win, and pulled the jackpot chip.
Topics from Mitch Cumstein Considers Cleavage Pearl Harbor for next week's round two:
1. Brand New (band)
2. Kill Bill (movie)
3. Structural Engineering
4. Tombstone (movie)
5. UFC
6. Dental terminology
7. Community (tv show)
8. CA Public Contract Code
9. NY Yankees
10. 2011 Detroit Lions
11. Metallica (band)
12. Southern Vampire Mysteries (books)
13. 1990s grunge bands
14. TV chef
*SPECIAL NOTE/HINT - all the music next week has been featured in commercials in the last year

*UPDATE SPECIAL BONUS - We'll be awarding a bonus 1/2 point to teams that can identify the current commercial using the song.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Back to it!

Hey, back to your regularly scheduled pub quiz, here are the round 2 topics from Gina Rebecca Toof & T-Rex:

1. Pez
2. Unicorns
3. They Might Be Giants (Band)
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Firefighting
6. Young Adult Fiction
7. Spelling
8. Dewey Decimal Classification
9. Savannah, GA
10. St. Louis, MO
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Factory Farming
13. MacGyver (TV Show)
14. Morrissey Lyrics

Don't forget that the Landmark has graciously offered to let pub quizzers bring ornaments to hang on the Christmas trees they plan to erect. Buy or make one that represents you or your team. Have fun with it!

See you next Wednesday!