Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pub Quiz 1/27

We had our biggest turnout yet last night.  86 of you showed up to play trivia.  It was a good night.

The Landmark brought in an extra bartender to keep your drinks running smoothly, the atmosphere was bubbly and loud, and people had fun.  The Lawn Gnomes finally had their day pulling off a win by just one point.  Unfortunately, they didn't draw the winning token and so the jackpot will roll over to next week.

As always, we are working to fine tune the event so it's better and better.  We'll continue to strive to write clear and concise questions (sorry about that single term presidency question), and we'll continue to work with The Landmark to hopefully offer more prizes.  Keep showing up and keep having fun while you stretch your knowledge of facts and tidbits.

Thanks for playing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

who won last week?

oh man, i forgot to mention how teams did last week:

we had a tie for first between blogocide and the loners. tie-breaker question went to the loners ftw!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

pub quiz 1/20

three photos shot at our second pub quiz night:

it was a great time last night. we had 77 people in the back of the Landmark for our quiz. those 77 broke into fourteen different teams, each competing for honor, bragging rights, drinks, and even a little cash. Here's a couple of bullets for the night:
-we had two rounds with perfect scores. time for us all to step our game up
we had a tie for the overall 1st place. the tie-breaker question was answered exactly right (when was the magna carta first issued - 1215).
-the overall scores were pretty close again. not too much space between the first place tie and a three-way tie for third place
-the jackpot chip was not drawn, moving next week's drawing odds to 1 in 8, and quite a nice amount of money rolls into next week's jackpot

thanks again to everyone who came out and helped make it a fun, successful night. we hope to see you next week at the Landmark.

remember, registration starts at 7:30, quiz at 8.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

pub quiz 1/13

two photos from our packed first night of pub quiz @ landmark

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 13th Pub Quiz: the inauguration

Last night was awesome!  We had a huge turn out, twice as many as were expected in fact.  62 of you formed teams and played, coupled with the fact that we ran out of room for another 4-10 players.  We'll remedy that issue next week when we move to the back room where we can stretch our legs.

I don't currently have the score sheet in front of me, but two things.  Team 12, Murphy's Law, pulled out a close win last night with a team made at the last minute between two couples that came separately so kudos to them for that.  They drew from the jackpot bag but did not pull the winning token which means they got $30 and the jackpot rolls over to next week where it will get even bigger.

The second thing, my math was bad and discovered upon checking the scores that Blogocide was actually the second place team and Lawn Gnomes were bumped to third, though all three top teams were within a point or two.  It was a close game.

Thanks to everyone who came and played.  Thank you also for your patience.  For our first time, we felt that it went really well and we hope you come back next week.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rules

  1. Teams may be comprised of no more than six physically present individuals. No other people besides the team members can be at your table. I don't want to hear any of that "They're just going to sit here and not play" crap. There is no minimum team size. If you think you have the chops to take on teams of six people by yourself, then giddy-up. Hint: When building your team, go for the widest variety of subjects covered possible.You wouldn't want a baseball team comprised of only shortstops.
  2. No outside help for questions, and no inanimate team members. Please don't call people on your cell phones, download web pages on your PDAs or sneak in volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica in your shorts. We'll be watching you and the other teams will be watching you too.  No one wants to lose to cheaters.
  3. The quizmasters are the final arbiter of truth, beauty, fashion, justice, all questions and other matters of Pub Trivia policy. Even if the results appear unfair, inaccurate, rude or obscenely biological, don't argue. It won't help.
  4. Any rule not included herein may be created on the spot by the quizmaster and enforced with brutal abandon.
  5. The game is composed of four rounds of ten question each. At the end of each round, you'll turn in your answers, we'll grade them, and then make fun of your scores.
  6. In the event of an overall tie, the tied teams shall be asked a tie-breaker question. The team with the correct (or closest to correct) answer will win the game. In the unlikely event that more than one team puts down the same winning answer, the round will go to the team that gets in their winning answer first.
  7. At the end of the evening, we'll total up the scores and the team with the most points will get a chance to win the rolling jackpot.

How does this work?

Here is the format for how we plan to run the quiz:

The quizzing starts at 8 PM but we'd like to see you and your brains there early so you have time to register your team name and members as well as pay your entrance fee of $5 per person.

There will be four rounds of 10 questions each.  The first question of each round will consist of the intro to a song.  Your team will have to name the title of the song and the artist as well as how long you think the song is.  The length of the song will only come into play if there is a tie for the round in which case the team with the closest guess to the actual song length will win the round.  Even if you don't know the song or artist, you want to write a time in just in case you tie the round.  The rest of the questions in each round will consist of standard trivia which may be as simple as being asked to spell a word, to multiple choice, to answering within a range, to something as discrete as a specific number, person, or place.

Example questions:

Q. On the show Barney and Friends, who was Barney's first side kick?
A. Baby Bop

Q. What ingredients make up a standard Tom Collins cocktail?
A. Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda water

Q. Within +/- 200 feet, how tall is Mt. Everest?
A. Correct answers would fall within the range of 28,829 ft. and 29,229 ft. with the actual height being 29,029 ft.

Q. Name two members of Led Zeppelin.
A. Any two of the four: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham

At the end of each round, we'll put on some tunes and grade your answers.  Then we'll go over the questions and answers and name the round winner.

Winners of Round 3 will either be bought a round of drinks or given drink tokens (depending on availability).

Overall winners will be given an opportunity to draw for the rolling jackpot.  At the beginning of a new jackpot, a bag will be brought out containing 10 tokens (9 non-winners and one winner).  The winning team will draw one token.  If it is the winning token, the jackpot goes to them.  If it is not the winner, they will be paid out $30, the jackpot will roll over to the next week, and their token will be removed leaving nine for the next drawing.  This will continue each week until the jackpot is won and it reverts back to all 10 tokens.  As well, the "losing" payout will go up each week a team doesn't draw the winning token.  In other words:

Week 1 non-winning token: $30; 9 tokens left
Week 2 non-winning token: $35; 8 tokens left
Week 3 non-winning token: $40; 7 tokens left
Week 4 non-winning token: $45; 6 tokens left

And so on until the jackpot is won.

So it begins