Monday, December 29, 2014

Year End is Good for Satan

Our last Pub Quiz of the year was 12/23 and we had a small, but good time. Alana is Satan had a very strong night, winning 3 of 4 rounds, and pulled the lucky jackpot chip. Fresnocity pulled in our 2nd place jackpot.

Remember, we're off this week, as Wednesday night is New Years Eve. And, we didn't think it would be wise to shift to another day again.  We return to our regular Wednesday night on January 7, 2015.  We hope to see you out en masse then.

If you'd like some extra trivia, our friends at Sequoia North Pub Quiz is on for 12/29, and probably 1/5 as well.

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After working some holiday magic, we secured another night of for Pub Quiz before our holiday break, and you all turned out in good fashion for what will be our 2nd to last of the year. It was the first night of a jackpot run, and we had thirteen teams trying to earn a little bit of scrilla for the holidays.  Four different round winners spread the holiday cheer, and we had a nice little tie breaker at the end. Yule Like Our Log guessed correctly about how many times Rockefeller Center had their Christmas Tree Lighting, leaving Riker's Island of Misfit Toys in 2nd.  They didn't have enough holiday magic to pull the jackpot chip though, so that starts to build. Maybe your team can grab that jackpot next week as we have our final Pub Quiz of the year on December 23rd.

Next TUESDAY, that's right, TUESDAY we'll have our final Pub Quiz of the Year. So, you can expect some more holiday themed questions and such. You can also bet that there will be some year in review related questions.  We hope you bring yourself, your out of town family & friends, and whoever else to Pub Quiz and help us have a packed house for the final of the year.

Last thing, our friends up at Sequoia North Pub Quiz still have it going on, and so if you want to tune up your team, hit them up next Monday, then join us on Tuesday.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Late Edition!


Hey, couple of things - this week we will have some holiday themed songs in our round music (& some that aren't). Also, there will be some holiday themed questions. Prepare yoursELVES.

Also, it turns out this won't be the last Fresno Pub Quiz of the year. We worked some holiday magic, and we'll also be doing Pub Quiz on the 23rd! Yep, we'll move PQ to Tuesday night to sneak in one more for the year - so you better show up, and bring your friends. Let's pack the house for the last one of the year.

Friday, December 12, 2014

You Never Know What You Get

Maybe it was the threat of the impending #hellastorm, traffic from Christmas Tree Lane or something else, but this week's Pub Quiz brought us a smallish, but dedicated crowd. That's okay, because it brought us a close game, that had some lead changes and confirmation that there is a new team to watch out for.  That's right, Pub Quiz is Like a Box of Chocolates played as a team of 4, won the first two rounds, dropped into a tie for the lead in round 3, but jumped back out for the win after round 4. This team sometimes has more players, and doesn't always use the same name, but they did win a jackpot back in the start of November and have been taking down rounds each week.  This week, after their strong performance, they pulled the jackpot chip so congratulations definitely go out them. Alana is Satan took down our 2nd place prize of their money back, which happens whenever the jackpot is drawn.

Next week the jackpot starts fresh, but that doesn't mean you should take the week off.  After, next week is the last Fresno Pub Quiz of the year!  Yep, we are off for the holidays after next Wednesday so you don't want to miss it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wake and Win

We were back on Wednesday night this week, and 12 teams hooked up for a great game. We had some perfect scored rounds, some lead changes, and a tough round in the mix.  What a game. After it all, the game was decided by a half point. Hey Hey Hey! It's Roofies! did not sleep on the game, but instead were the winner. However, they couldn't overcome the odds and pull the jackpot chip, so next week it will be 1 blue and 2 reds in the bag.

Last week we thanked you for your contribution to the Marjaree Mason Center in our pre-Thanksgiving game.  In addition, they thanked you with a comment on our facebook. In case you didn't see it, here it is, "Marjaree Mason Center thanks you for your contribution! Awesome work you're doing for domestic violence victims in Fresno County!"

Finally, if you want/need an extra trivia fix in your week, check out our friends over at Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Good Game for a Good Cause

Thanks again for joining us this week on a special night for a special cause. We had a nice turnout on Tuesday, and you all helped to raise $200 for the Marjoree Mason Center.  As for our game, several teams won rounds, but Alana is Satan fared the best, and they took the game by 1.5 points.  We'll see if they can keep up next week as we return to our normal Wednesday night slot.

If you're looking ahead and planning out your December, be advised that we'll be on vacation at the end of December. Both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are Wednesday nights so we'll be off on the 24th and the 31st. You'll have to savor your Pub Quiz experiences on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Chicken, Engage

We had another good week at Pub Quiz. 3 of the 4 rounds were ties, and at the end of the night,  we had an overall tie. Both teams in the tie breaker got the correct answer, so we utilized our rarely used 2nd tie breaker of quicker turn in. Maybe a second separated the submissions, and Commander Riker Says, "Try the Chicken," triumphed over 2nd place Princess Deborah Norton and the Lady Snakes. However, Riker wasn't able to pull the week 1 jackpot chip, so that begins to build, and will be back in play in 2 weeks.

Next week, Pub Quiz is our special event. We'll be playing on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, and we'll be donating all the money from the game to the Marjoree Mason Center.  Also, if you have any old cell phones you'd like to donate, they wipe them clean and use them as emergency phones for women in need.  We hope you'll join us in a night of giving.

Friday, November 14, 2014

That Old Spice is a New Spice

This week at Pub Quiz it was 50/50 odds on the jackpot. We did our best to bring out a good game and you did your best to win. The game brought several round ties, and several lead changes. When it was all said and done, Smells Like Teen Wolfthorn had pulled themselves out to a 1 point lead and the win. Their musk must have been magical, as they pulled the blue jackpot chip & took home the big prize. The Hungover Princesses & the Good Luck Fries took home our second place prize on the night. Next week, our jackpot starts anew.

In two weeks, we have something special. Instead of our normal night of Wednesday, Pub Quiz will be on Tuesday, 11/25. As we begin the holiday season, we wanted to find a way to give back to our community. So, all of the proceeds from the game that night will be donated to the Marjaree Mason Center. In addition, if you have an old cell phone you'd like to donate, please bring it. Marjaree Mason Center wipes them clean, and then uses them as 911 Emergency phones.  We hope you'll join us that night & help make it a good turnout for a great cause.

Finally, every so often we find it helpful to reiterate the process to challenge/dispute a question or answer. If you need to dispute/challenge, ask about a score, whatever, please:
1. Wait until we are in between rounds (unless you're challenging something from Round 4) and done reading or repeating questions
2. Come up and talk to Ed (the guy with the microphone)
3. Let us know your team number, and what question/answer you're challenging
4. Let us know why you think your answer is correct/acceptable

After that, you're done. Your Pub Quiz hosts will talk about it as soon as we can, and then we'll let you know our decision. As we state every week in our introduction, we are the final arbiters on all questions. With that in mind, we do our best to make fair, rational decisions on all challenges or issues.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Pub Quiz

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually a good one for us. Lots of people in town, good game of trivia.  This year, we're trying something a little different (on a Tuesday).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Paging Mr. Dobalina

It was a great week at Pub Quiz on Wednesday. We had 15 teams fighting for 1 in 3 jackpot. Eight teams jumped out in round 1 with a score of 8 or better. Two of those teams, Los Jugadores Mas Finas and Commander Dob-A-Riker, Commander Bob Dob-A-Riker slugged it out for the next 3 rounds, but a perfect 10 in round 3 really sealed it up for Commander Dob-A-Riker, Commander Bob Dob-A-Riker.  They took down the night with an impressive score of 35 points. However, they didn't pull the jackpot chip, so next week is 50/50.

Stay tuned for information on our game the week of Thanksgiving. We'll see you next Wednesday @ Fresno Pub Quiz.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Appropriate Team Wins Before Halloween

We get to recap two games this week. Last Thursday, we had our Tournament of Champions with Sequoia North Pub Quiz. Really, we appreciate the opportunity to team up with another Pub Quiz, put on an extra event for you all, and let a team claim the belt of Fresno's Best Pub Quiz Team for a year.  Like last year, the Fresno Pub Quiz teams showed well, so we're happy that you all could be so strong at the trivia. Ultimately, Alana is Satan took home the title and the prize. Congrats to them.

This week at Pub Quiz, we knew a lot of you might be a little distracted by game 7 of the World Series. That's okay, so were we.  As we kicked off the game, the Giants we're finishing off the last inning and a half of their World Championship.  Like the Giants/Royals game, our Pub Quiz was pretty close all four rounds. We even ended in a tie between Happy Halloween, We're Finally Princesses and Alana is Satan.  Alana is Satan was closer on the length of I5 in the US and won the game. However, they didn't win the week 2 jackpot so it's growing and odds are getting better.

Next week brings the month of November, a growing jackpot with good odds, and hopefully more great games of Pub Quiz. See you then!

Friday, October 24, 2014

They are the Champions, My Friend

We had a great night over at Sequoia North for our second Tournament of Champions. Like most games, it was close through the night, but one team reigned supreme.

The Championship Results:
1st - Alana is satan
2nd - Partial Eclipse of the Heart
3rd - Marvel Presents: The Fresno Civil War

Great job by everyone on the night. Thanks for playing and we'll see you next Wednesday for our normal game.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Give Up the Funk

We're updating on Thursday because tonight is the Tournament of Champions!

This Wednesday @ Fresno Pub Quiz, Canadian Parliament Funkadelic got down, winning rounds 1 and 4, and were up for the down stroke on the win. However, their flashlight was turned off when it came to the jackpot. That's okay, it was only week 1 and now it'll start to build.

4-8-15-16-23-42 and I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing scored well enough to be our last 2 teams to qualify. So tonight (Thurdsay) we'll have the Tournament of Champions over at Sequoia North. Representing Fresno Pub Quiz will be:
The Secret Service is Neither Secret Nor a Service...Discuss
Number 1 is #1

Alana is Satan
Los Jugadores Mas Finas
Marvel Presents: Ebola is Bigger in Texas
Princess Drowned Fly & the Salt Revival

I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

We'll see you there tonight for an awesome game!

Friday, October 17, 2014

It Seems You Like This Ebola

In our third week of qualification for our Tournament of Champions, you all gave it your best. Or, perhaps you gave it your best because it was a guaranteed jackpot night. Whatever the reason, we had a fairly close game that had 4 different round winners, 3 lead changes, and ended in an overall tie. Our tiebreaker question settled it, and We Must Quarantine and Destroy Texas. Also, There's Ebola There triumphed. They pulled the ceremonial blue chip and took home the jackpot. Marvel Presents: Ebola is Bigger in Texas took home our 2nd place prize on the night.

Qualifying for our Tournament of Champions were Marvel Presents: Ebola is Bigger in Texas and Princess Drowned Fly & the Salt Revival.  Next Wednesday is the last chance for teams to qualify, and next Thursday, October 23rd we will send our 8 best teams over to Sequoia North to face off against their 8 best teams to determine the royalty of Pub Quiz in Fresno. If you haven't qualified, there's still hope - you can qualify at either Sequoia North on Monday, or Fresno Pub Quiz on Wednesday.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Jackpot is Not Dead Yet

It was week 2 of our qualifying for the Tournament of Champions and teams were working to get themselves qualified.  Round one was super close, and the top 5 teams were within 2 points of each other. These teams stayed up there, with a little bit of movement and a lead change. Alana is Satan took down rounds 1 and 4, Bring Out Yer Dead took rounds 2 and 3. Ultimately, it was a half point in round 2 and a half point in round 3 that decided the game. Bring Out Yer Dead was spry enough to win the match, but they weren't lucky enough to win the jackpot. So, that means that next week there will be a...
yes, we're down to one chip in the bag. Not only will we be qualifying 2 more teams for the tournament in champions, we'll for sure be giving away a jackpot win.

On the tournament of champions side, Alana is Satan and Los Jugadores Mas Finas worked their way into the game. 4 teams have qualified, and we'll qualify 4 more over the next 2 weeks. You can also qualify at Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights. October 23rd will be our night to crown a new champion of Fresno.

Friday, October 3, 2014

What is this, Coffee Talk?

October is upon us. The Big Fresno Fair is here with all its delights. We have days and nights of pleasant weather, and others where you have no idea what time of year it is. And at Pub Quiz, you have preparation for our Tournament of Champions.  For the second time we've joined up with Sequoia North Pub Quiz to have a little contest to crown the best Pub Quiz team in Fresno, qualifying teams from each of our regular games. On October 23rd we will crown some royalty.

This week, we had 12 teams matching wits. The game included several lead changes, great round scores, and hopefully a good time. The Secret Service is Neither Secret Nor a Service...Discuss was our eventual winner, but they didn't pull the jackpot. That means next week will be 50/50 odds. They qualified for the Tournament of Champions, and so did our second place team, Number 1 is #1.

We have 3 more weeks of qualification ahead. Teams can qualify at either Sequoia North on Mondays or Fresno Pub Quiz on Wednesday. Once your team qualifies, you're in, and every week each Pub Quiz will qualify two teams. The top 2 teams (that haven't qualified) get in, and then we'll have a face off on Thursday, October 23rd. Last year was at the Landmark, this year will be at Sequoia North. You don't want to miss out.

Friday, September 26, 2014

That's a Lot of Seconds, Mr. Rooney

You would think that after writing Pub Quiz questions for 4 years we would have it down to a science. In reality, sometimes we can get a little wonky on questions or answers. This last Wednesday was an example of that. We always are striving for a good, fun, challenging game of trivia. We hope to write solid questions, that you can work at, and only have one answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that way. Our sincerest apologies go out to you, our players, on these occasions.

As for the game itself, we had twelve teams square off. Five of those teams rose to the top after round 1, and they stayed up there on the night. Iphone 6 Flip Phone was most dominant on the night, taking the game but not the week 2 jackpot. It'll keep rolling and growing for your benefit.

Next week brings a new game. More importantly, next week brings the beginning of our qualifications for the 2nd Pub Quiz Tournament of Champions. The top 8 teams from Fresno Pub Quiz will square off against the top 8 from Sequoia North Pub Quiz. Teams can qualify at either Pub Quiz during the month of October for our championship game on October 23rd. We'll be qualifying 2 teams a week for the next 4 weeks. (Shhhh, last year our teams dominated. We want to do it again!) Who will be crowned  the royalty of Fresno Pub trivia?

Friday, September 19, 2014

You So Fine

Wednesday nights are the best because of you. We had another great game at Pub Quiz this week, with the first three rounds all going to the time tie breaker. All four rounds were won by different teams, and it was a close game most of the way through. When it was all said and done, Los Jugadores Mas Fina! were the champs of the night. They pulled in 29.5 points, and had a small, 1 point victory over their next closest opponent.  However, they weren't fine enough to pull the jackpot chip, so that starts to build.

This week's game was the first without topics, and we have 3 more where we won't be doing them, and monitoring how it affects the game. Feel free to comment and give us your feedback along the way.

Coming soon - qualification for our Tournament of Champions. Once again, we'll be having a game with Sequoia North Pub Quiz to determine who is the quizziest in Fresno. 8 teams from Fresno Pub Quiz will square off against 8 teams from Sequoia North Pub Quiz.  The championship game will be on Thursday, October 23rd at Sequoia North. Qualies will happen in October so get ready.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Settle Down, Kent Brockman

It was a close game this week at Pub Quiz. The first three rounds were all ties, each requiring us to use the song length to break the tie and award tokens.  Each round went to a different team, but I For One, Welcome our Isis Overlords was in all three of them. Round 4 was the only round won straight up, and that was by a different team.  I For One, Welcome our Isis Overlords were lucky enough, and pulled the week 2 jackpot chip. Since we had a jackpot winner, we also gave out our second place prize, which went to the Stinky Bananas.

Remember, next week begins our first of 4 week without round 2 topics. We really are trying to see how this affects the game, and want your feedback as we go along.

Our another announcement is that we'll be doing our Tournament of Champions again with Sequoia North Pub Quiz. The match will be on October 23rd, and will be hosted by Sequoia Pub Quiz.  This year, we'll be sending 8 of our best team against 8 of theirs to decide who is the best Pub Quiz team in Fresno.  We'll be qualifying top teams in October.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Can You Write About This?

It was a new week at Pub Quiz, a new jackpot, and 14 teams gave it their best in a surprisingly difficult game.  Every so often these tough questions leak out of our heads and we end up with a night of lower scores.  It's Hard to Get Ahead in Journalism These Days was consistent on the night, pulling in scores of 6, 7, 7, and 7 to take the game. They didn't pull the jackpot chip, so that will start to grow with better odds.

Last of the White Washed Mohicans was randomly chosen for round 2 topics and here they are:
Lost (tv series)
Rocko's Modern Life
One Way Streets in Fresno
English Premier League Football
Water Polo
California Water Bond
The Jimmy Hendrix Experience album
Super Smash Brothers series
Paso Robles Winer Region
Blade Runner
Marijuana dispensaries in Fresno

A couple of notes:
If you remember, we did a Tournament of Champions last year with teams from Fresno Pub Quiz & Teams from Sequoia North Pub Quiz.  We are currently firming up a date to do that again and will let you know as soon as we can.

Every so often, we like to tinker with the game. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a fun experience every week for every player, to have an enjoyable event, and grow our crowd. So, unless there is a massive quibble, we're going to try something out for a month. THIS WILL BE THE LAST WEEK WITH ROUND 2 TOPICS. That's right, we won't be doing round 2 topics after the September 10th game.  We'll monitor the game, the crowds, and take input from you all about it, but we want to give it a try and see if it improves the Fresno Pub Quiz experience.  Feel free to share your thoughts already in the comments.

Friday, August 29, 2014

4th Time Was a Charm

We see that you're gunning after the kings, but you're just missing.  Although they had different names each time, the same team has won the last 4 games in a row, and they finally managed to pull that jackpot chip. Congrats to Uzi: So Simple a 9 Year Old Can Use It for winning the game and taking home the big ca$h.

Alana, Not So Bad After All was our randomly chosen team for next week's round 2, and here's what they chose:
Denver Broncos
Space 1999 (tv show)
Americas Cup Sailing
Prehistoric History
Janis Joplin
Gilmore Girls
Emergency (70's tv show)
Kenny Chesney
Ray Donovan
Dixie Chicks
Cabernet Franc
St. Louis Rams
Harry Potter
Depeche Mode

So there you have it. Study up for next week as we start a new jackpot.

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's a Shiver and a Shake

UPDATE: A little heads up: the songs this week are all hip hop songs, from movies that were released from 1994 - 2000

Some teams lead from the start. Others grab the lead mid game and don't let go. Some teams just hang around and then win it in the end. Any strategy can work, but to win Pub Quiz you've got to get the right mix of team and pull it all together.  This week, I Challenge Lou Gherig to take the Ice Water Challenge stayed just off the lead and then took round 4 and the game. This is the third week in a row that this team won the game. But, for the third week in a row, they failed to pull the jackpot chip. So next week, it will be 50/50 odds on the jackpot!

Fresnocity was chosen for Round 2 topics, and here's what you need to study:
Cards Against Humanity (the game)
Disneyland attractions
Batman (60's tv show)
What's Happening (tv show)
Lots Lenski books including agriculture
The Monkey's Headquarters album songs
The Beatles second album songs
Playboy interviews
Tobyisms (West Wings season 1)
Famed Don Rickles insults
high school basketball rules
1970's Doonesbury characters
Star Trek original series

Study up, and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Play the Instrument

They had a different name, but they were still dominant. If Peeing Your Pants is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis was hot for the first 3 rounds, and even though they cooled off a little in round 4, they still ended up with a 3.5 point victory. That takes skill & study. But, their chip pulling skills are as random as yours, and so they were unable to grab the blue chip. Next week will be 1 in 3.

Princess Plant & the Bed of Arugula won round 4 and was randomly chosen for next week's round 2 topics. Here's what they want you all to study:
US Presidents
Music Theory
Punjabi Words
Ray Donovan (tv show)
Fashion Designers
Musical Theater
French Wine Appellations
Rolex Watches
Assault Rifles
How Was Your Week w/Julie Klausner
Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon
The Leftovers (tv show)
NATO phonetic alphabet

Watch some tv, hit the internet, get your study on and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Apparently Diseases are Jokeworthy

Adam & Ed were back at the hosting table this week, and you all were back and on fire. Seriously, the scores for the first few rounds were pretty impressive. When You're Vomiting Up Blood Til You Die in The Mud, That's Ebola was nearly unstoppable on the night. They won 3 rounds & the game, but were unable to win the jackpot. So, it starts building.

Ronin the Gasmer was randomly chosen to pick round 2 topics, and here's what they chose for you to study up on:

Casablanca (film)
A Young Doctor’s Notebook (tv show)
Bored to Death (tv show)
Clueless (movie)
Kevin Bacon
California Trade Secret Law
Home Brewing (beer)
Kit Kat flavors in Japan
League of Legends
Miles Davis

Study those topics and we'll see you next Wednesday. Need more trivia in your life? Check out Sequoia North's Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

One final note: we want to take a moment to encourage you all to be patient during Pub Quiz. Pub Quiz brings in a large group of people to the Landmark, all ordering food & drinks at pretty much the same time. If your order takes a minute to come out, know that they are working hard to get it to you as quickly as possible. We'd like to encourage all our patrons to be decent human beings and treat the staff like you would want to be treated.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Guest Host not a Ghost Host

This week at Pub Quiz we let someone else challenge your knowledge.  We does this about 4 times a year to give ourselves a break and to let someone else twist your brain in different ways.  The team that has frequently been a Spoiler Alert was behind the head table, and they did their best to make you think and rethink your answers. We Survived San Diego Gasm-con showed that they were true believers and true survivors as they won 3 of 4 rounds and won the night. Star Wars Episode VII: Crisis on Malaysian Star Tours tried their best to keep up, but finished second.

If you're interested in guest hosting, talk to Adam at Pub Quiz and he'll put you on our list of future hosts.

At the last game hosted by Adam & Ed, Crash Bandicoot was randomly chosen for round 2 topics and here's what they want you to study up on:
Krebs Cycle
Elvis Costello Get Happy album
Guardians of the Galaxy comic book
The Godfather movies
Dewey Decimal System
Black Sabbath - Dio era
Periodic Table of Elements
Fauna of the Galapagos Islands
US Presidential elections of last 80 years
Manchurian Candidate - the novel
Italian Cuisine
Pai Gow poker
King of Queens characters

It'll be the first week of a jackpot run, but that doesn't mean you can't come out to Pub Quiz and take home the big prize. We'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.  If you want to get extra quizzy, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Princess Picked a Winner

What a game we had this week at Pub Quiz. We had a packed house and a super tight game. Round 1 saw a 5 way tie at 9 points. Round 2 has a 3 way tie. Round 3 was our only round of the night that didn't go to a tie breaker. Round 4 was a 2 team tie breaker, and the winning team on that round worked themselves into an overall tie on the night. After a final tie breaker question, Princess Not Gay & the Deeply Religious beat Congrats to Amy Winehouse on 3 Years Sober. That win was important as it was a winner take all jackpot.

Crash Bandicoot was chosen for round 2 topics, but we won't see those topics for another week. Why? Well, because next week we have guest host. As we do a few times a year, Ed and Adam jump to the other side of the table and let someone else grill you with questions.  Remember, whenever we have a guest host it's a winner take all game. We'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

And a note from next week's guest hosts:

Each of these topics will be the basis for at least one question at Wednesday's Pub Quiz. Feel free to use them as a guide to your studies, or simply to help you choose teammates with relevant knowledge. We look forward to handing the guaranteed jackpot to you!
Units of measurement and conversions
Early American history
20th Century American and British writers
French poetry
British colloquialisms
Presidential tickets
Human Oddities
Lincoln assassination
Elvis Presley
Political internet memes of the left
New York City politicians of the 20th century
Voices in animated films
The calendar
Rock Festivals of the 70s
Harry Potter (the character)
Dogs around the world
California sister cities
Quentin Tarantino’s acting career
Friant Dam
California theme/amusement parks
Shakespeare quotes
Hereditary titles
Ancient booze I
nternet initialisms 
Billboard album milestones 
Irish punk band
50s/60s jazz 
CBGBs scene 
Mancunian pop of the 80s

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pastor, Pastor, Where's the Dreams that I've Been After?

We had 50/50 odds on the jackpot this week. Fourteen teams battled it out to see who could take home the prize. Round winners and the lead bounced around for the first two sessions.  In the third, Pastor of Muppets grabbed the lead and won round 4 on the tie breaker to keep it.  However, they weren't able to pull the strings of a jackpot win.  You know what that means? Next week is a guaranteed jackpot. Someone must win it all!

Behind the 8-Ball was selected for Round 2 topics. If you want to take home that jackpot, you need to study:
Silent Movies
Constitutional Law
90's Grunge Music
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Peanuts comic strip
US National Monuments
Famous Physicists
French Cuisine
Native Australian Animals
Famous Blondes
Edible Flowers
Automatic Weapons
Postal Service lore

After next week's guaranteed jackpot, we'll have another one-off game. That's right, Ed & Adam will be on the other side of the table, competing against you while a guest host comes up with the questions for the night. As always, those guest host nights are guaranteed jackpots as well. So, somebody will be taking home money for the next 2 Wednesdays at Pub Quiz.

One final note - we just wanted to remind everyone about what works best when challenging a question/answer. Wait until after the current round is over. If Ed's still reading questions, please wait.  This allows us to both give you our full attention on the challenge. Let us know what question you'd like to challenge, & why you think your answer is valid.  After you've presented your info, you're all done. Adam & Ed will discuss it, check sources, and get back to you with our decision.  We don't mind challenges, and we've been wrong before, but we do want to handle them in an efficient manner.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

We hope you enjoyed your week off from Pub Quiz.  We imagine that you let your brain rest a bit, but not turn to mush.  The Jiggy Figgies provided these topics for next week's round 2, so study up:
NYC Fashion Week
Real Housewives (tv shows)
Baby Paraphernalia
Sex & the City (tv show)
Canadian Geography
80's Sitcoms
Golden Girls (tv show)
Tom Cruise Movies
Giants Baseball
The Muppets
Stanley Tucci
20th Century Women's Lit

It will be 50/50 odds on the jackpot. Build your best team and we'll see you Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Peaceful Mindsets Will Always Help You Win

We had another fun week at Pub Quiz. 16 teams battled it out. Serenity Now won 3 rounds but could never really pull away from the crowd. They were calm enough to win by 1/2 point, with third place only another point behind that.

Jiggly Figgies were randomly chosen for topics, but we'll post those next week because we're on vacation next week. That's right, the Landmark has their annual week off around the 4th of July, so we're on hiatus as well.  Pub Quiz returns on July 16th, and topics will be posted on July 11th.

If you're looking for some Pub Quiz in the meantime, here are two options:
- our friends at Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights - always a nice option
- WORLD CUP PUB QUIZ - July 12, 7 pm @ Peeve's Pub. That's right soccer fans, a trivia night devoted to the beautiful game, the Cup of cups.

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Close Shave for the Win

This week, Occam's Dollar Shave Club went on a roller coaster ride. They grabbed the lead after round 1 with a perfect score, moved in and out of first over the next few rounds and were in an overall tie at the end of the night.  They were closer to the correct answer and cut down Doomed to Lose Forever.  However, they didn't draw the jackpot chip, so that will keep rolling & growing.

Alana is Satan was randomly chosen for round 2 topics and here's what they would like you to study for next week:
Star Wars (original 1977 movie)
Depeche Mode lyrics
1980 Oakland A's
Fresno County Hall of Records
Chicago Bulls
Rush (band)
2014 World Cup
Maltese Falcon (movie)
Star Trek (original tv series)
Classic Dr. Who (original series)
Wheel of Time (book series)
The Lost Boys (movie)
Aztec Camera (band)

Get your study on, and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

One last thing, a little heads up. Every year, the Landmark has a vacation week in July. They'll be close the week of July 9, so we'll be off that week.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tell It To My Balls that They Won

It was the first week of a jackpot run, and it got started off with a bang. The Harmonica Lewinskis scored a 10 in round 1 and grabbed the lead. So You're Telling Me There's a Chance had a 10 in round 2, and they jumped into a share of the lead. But Tell It to My Balls was also there in first, and they kept a share of the lead the rest of the night. When it was all over, they reigned supreme. But, fortunately for all of you, they didn't pull the jackpot. Now it begins to grow.

Doomed to Lose Forever didn't win, but they weren't totally on the outs because they were randomly chosen for next week's round 2 topics. Here's what they want us all to study:
Harry Potter (books & movies)
San Jose Sharks
Toy Soldiers (movie)
Dragonforce (band)
Legend of Zelda Series of videogames
Dawson's Creek (tv show)
Supernatural (tv show)
10 Things I Hate About You (movie)
Star Wars (movies)
Bleach (anime)
Indiana Jones
N Sync
Mario Kart (video games, all versions)

So, there it is. Study up and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz!

(As we often mention, you can play Pub Quiz on Mondays up @ Sequoia North as well.)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Good night for a jackpot

We came into the night knowing that it was a guaranteed jackpot which means teams bring out their best.  The night lived up to it. We had good scores all night and it was close.  Alana is Satan went from 4th to 2nd to 1st after round three and not only held on through round four but added an extra point to their lead and took down the win.  Of course, it was a guaranteed jackpot, so they took that home. Whenever someone wins the jackpot, the 2nd place team gets their money back, and we had to do a little tie breaker to decide who that was, and Shalom, Muthafuckah was decided to be the official 2nd place team on the night.

Ronaldo's Ghanian Witch Doctor was chosen for next week's Round 2 topics and here's what they chose for you to study:
Fresno State Players arrested during Tarkanian era
Federal Court Delta Smelt Decisions
Fresno Landmarks
Depeche Mode Songs
Cit of Sacramento
St. Louis sports teams
Denver Broncos trivia
Toby Keith trivia
Eragon - book & movie
Fletch (the movie)
Nicholas Sparks trivia
Wine trivia
Penis Size

It'll be a new start on the jackpot next week. Study up, come on out and take your best shot.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stabbing for a Gasm?

50/50 odds are a good thing at Pub Quiz.  This week, that's where we started the night.  Et Tu, Gasm and Senile Felines traded rounds all night, but a big round 3 helped Gasm take a nice lead. They held on in round 4, and ended the night with a 4.5 point lead.  They also scored 37 points, which is a tie for our highest score, and the 3rd time we've got that high.  But how could such a dominant team go wrong? Well, they were unlucky on those 50/50 odds. The drew the red chip.

That means next week is a guaranteed jackpot.  That always brings out the best in teams, so expect a good game.  Maybe your team can break our scoring record and take home some moolah.

For the second week in a row, Star Wars Episode VII: Goregasm the Legend of Dongslayer was randomly chosen for round 2 topics. Here's what you need to study:
Chinese Remainder Theorem
German Vocabulary
Hebrew Vocabulary
Mandelbrot Set
The Chinese Banking System
Second Discourse by Jean Jacques Rousseau
Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott
Chanukah History & celebration
Gustav Mahler
Korean History
Dota 2 Heroes
Automotive Diagnostic Tools
Tokyo Districts

Study hard, be confident with your answer, and take down that jackpot!

One last thing - we announce at the start of each game that drink tokens are worth more during Pub Quiz than outside of it. Don't forget - during normal hours the chips are worth a $5 drink, during 8-10 of PQ worth $6.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Porno Mutants?

It seemed like this week at Pub Quiz was all about tied rounds. Round 1 went to a tie breaker. Round 2 went to a tie breaker. Round 4 had a 4 way tie!  The XXX Men were on the winning end of the rounds 1 & 2 tie breakers by being closer to the song length. The didn't win the round 4 tie breaker, but they did win the game. But, their chromosomes weren't lucky enough to pull the jackpot chip. Next week, there will be only be two chips in the jackpot bag.

Star Wars Episode VII: Mecha Vader Strikes Back was chosen for round 2 topics and so here's what you need to study:
Mozart Violin Concertos
Israeli History
Differential Calculations
Chuck (tv series)
Ancient Roman History
Skin Game (book)
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (band)
Love Hina (manga)
The Simpsons (seasons 1-13)
Belgian Beer
Charlie Chaplin
Country Flags
Korean History
Movie Anagrams

Hit the books or the internet, study up, and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Bone Slayer!

It was the second week of a jackpot run, and  Muffy the Boner Slayer rushed out to an early lead in rounds 1 and 2. They were in time tie breakers for both rounds 2 and 3 and did enough in round 4 to keep a lead and take the win.  You could, perhaps, say they slayed the competition.  However, they weren't able to slay the jackpot drawing, so that will continue to grow.

Baelish Can Go Thru My Moon Door Any Time! was our randomly chosen team for round 2 topics, and here's what they want you to study up on:
The Fifth Element (movie)
Treasure of the Sierra Madre (movie)
SF Giants 1980's - present
Food & Beverage television shows
Jane Eyre (novel)
The Rh Factor (band)
The African Queen (movie)
Saved by the Bell
New England Patriots 2000 - present
Post-Modern Philosophy
Game of Thrones season 4 episode 7
James Garfield (president)
Community (tv show)
South Park - The Stick of Truth (video game)

If you want to slay Muffy next week, you had better study for round 2, grab your best buds, and bring your smart pants.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Michael Jordan Totally Dunked On Us

Another week of Pub Quiz, and another close game. Space Gasm: The Movie grabbed the lead in round one, and never let up, but several teams were hot on their heels all night long.  Kudos to Space Gasm on their win. Sadly, for them, they didn't pull the jackpot chip. Gladly, for you, the jackpot will begin to build.

Stupid Sexy Flanswers was chosen for topics for the first time. Here's what they picked for you to study:
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (tv show)
TV Voice Actors
Full House (90's sitcom)
Adam Corolla
Sorting Algorithms
Mega Man Bosses
Silent Film Stars
Harry Potter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original cartoon series)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv series)
The World of Xanth
Disney Princesses
The Smiths
Horror Movies from the 80's

Study your topics so you don't end up saying d'oh! We'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Friday, May 9, 2014

No Pea for This Princess

We had another good night of trivia. You all flexed your mental muscles, and it turns out that you know the names of songs from cable tv shows. Doomed To Lose Forever seemed like they may win, as they started out with a 9.5 in round 1. However, Princess Panty Line and the Painful Underwire snagged the lead after the second round, were tied for the lead with Occam's Gasm after three rounds and won by a point.  We don't know if the Panty Line helped them, but they also pulled the jackpot chip.  Congrats on their win and their jackpot.  Occam's Gasm, as the second place team on a jackpot win, got their entry fee back.

Silly Wabbit, You're Not a Wacist! was chosen for round 2 topics, and here's what they picked:

Bruno Mars
Veronica Mars
Mars Bars
Marshall Mathers
Famous Martians
My Favorite Martian
Martin Short
Marsha Brady
Mars Candy Co.
Space Jam (movie)

These are some out of this world topics. Study up, and we'll see next week for Pub Quiz. Bring a friend, or make a new friend at Pub Quiz. And, if you just can't get enough trivia in your life, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday nights.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Hail Hail, She is our Dark Lord

It wasn't the biggest game, but we hope it was a fun one for you.  10 teams hooked up and challenged each other for a first week jackpot.  The lead moved around a little bit, but Alana is Satan came from the depths and took home the win.  Congrats to them for that win.  Their dark arts weren't strong enough to pull a win, so the jackpot will start rolling.

Princess Jones You Better Watch Your Speed was chosen for the round 2 topics and here's what you need to study:
Post 2007 Tori Amos
Game Show Network
Music Theory
Broadway Musicals
Derivatives/AntiDerivatives of a Function
Alias (tv)
Russian Vocabulary
The Office (US version)
Fashion Designers
Bars in West Hollywood
Musee D'Orsay
Logic (philosophy or mathematics)
Queer as Folk (US version)
The L Word (US version)

Hit the books, the web or whatever sources you use and we'll see you next week.

As an added hint for next week, all the music will be from t.v. shows that are still on the air.

Friday, April 25, 2014

You Played for the Moneypenny and Got It

It was a jackpot night, and we had a nice game with four different teams winning rounds. And, there were several round ties.  We had a rarity, where two teams tied in round 1 at the top, and they picked the exact same time for the song.  Fortunately, they were cool about it and split the chips.  We're Playing for the Moneypenny also tied for the top spot on 2 rounds but lost them on the song length tie breaker. A very strong round 3 pushed them out into the lead and they didn't let up. Their play got them the win, and the guaranteed jackpot. Before the Cock Crows Twice, Thou Shalt Gasm Thrice took home the 2nd place prize.  Next week the jackpot starts over, so take your shot.

Holy Shit! They Broke Mutual Masturbation was our randomly chosen team for round two topics and here's what they came up with:
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
The Mother Sauces
Quidditch through the Ages
English Premier League Soccer
Scandinavia and the World (comic)
Classic American Coctails
Knitting Notions
Pre-2007 Tori Amos
WW 2 Aircraft
Emperor Norton
Exalted (2nd Edition RPG White Wolf)
Bars in Castro, San Francisco

Hit the books and we'll see you next Wednesday.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Guest Hosts Are Always the Best Hosts

We love guest hosts. Not only does it give our brains a week off from coming up with questions, it also gives us a chance to play.  Thanks to Fresnocity for filling our shoes this Wednesday.  Congrats to Alana is Satan on their win  and taking home a stand alone jackpot.

Next week, we'll return to our normal format with Adam and Ed at the front table, testing your knowledge. Remember, there will only be 1 chip in the jackpot bag, so if your team wins the game, you'll win the jackpot.

Don't You Want Me, Riker was randomly selected for Round two topics a week ago, and here's what they think you should study up on:
Famous Jesus Christ quotes
High Fidelity (movie)
Famous UFO encounters
Loni Anderson's Plastic Surgeries
James Bond's villains
Pootie Tang (movie)
Jason Mraz
Dollywood Theme Park
Geography of Scotland
Wild West Outlaws

It looks like we all have our work cut out. Get your study on, and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where Would I Periodically Find That?

This week we had our second alternate night game on a Tuesday.  Thanks to the 12 teams that were able to make it out.  It was a good, close game, and again, there were 4 different round winners.  The team that won the game, It's Boron, Dumbass, didn't even win one of the rounds, but were consistent enough to pull off the victory.  They weren't able to pull that jackpot chip, so in two weeks, they'll have a chance to take it all home.  And so will you.

Wait a minute, two weeks? That's right.  Next week, we return to our Wednesday night game on 4/16, but we'll have a guest host. Fresnocity is stepping up to the head table, and they'll be writing all the questions for the night. As always when we have a guest host, it's a stand alone game. That means no topics and an automatic jackpot.  If your team can outsmart everyone else over four rounds you'll get paid!

Don't You Want Me, Riker? was randomly selected for Round 2 topics for the game on 4/23, and we'll post those next week.  That game will also be a winner take all jackpot, as we'll be down to 1 chip left in the bag.

Thanks again for being flexible players and working with our wacky schedule over these last two weeks.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

He Loves Zombies, Zombies Love Your Brains

Going into this week, we were a little worried that we might be the only people that showed up for our Pub Quiz. We didn't know if you would think the change of night was an April Fools joke or what. We didn't know if everyone had their Tuesday nights all filled up.  Fortunately, most of you were still able to make it. We had fourteen teams flexing their mental muscles all over each other.  The game had four different round winners, and every round was won by an 8 or better.  Look at the big brains on you all.  By the end of the night, PS, Adam Hearts the Walking Dead managed to be the brainiest.  However, they were the luckiest, and didn't draw the jackpot chip. Next week, it will be 1 in 3 odds.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was Commandeered by Barney Stinson was randomly drawn for round two topics, and here's what they chose:

Talladega Nights
Chuck Ragan (musician)
Game of Thrones Season 4 Ep. 1
Rick and Morty (tv show)
Baking Terminology
Moonstruck (movie)
The Fifth Element (movie)
Giant (movie)
Rebel Without A Cause (movie)
The Three Stooges - original
Health Care Associated Infections
Banshee (tv show)
The Americans (tv show)

If you don't know, now you know. Study up.

Remember, next week's Pub Quiz will be on Tuesday again. We will return to our normal Wednesday slot on April 16th.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heretics Confess and Win

We had a pretty packed house this week at Pub Quiz.  We always love that, and it often brings about a close game with lots of teams in the running.  This week was like that, with a few lead changes, round ties, and a small controversy.  The Heretics professed the right answers early and often, and although they only won one round, they took the game.  However, they didn't win the jackpot, so it starts to roll.

Sometimes we get answers wrong. It's rare because we're so awesome.  but, if we do, don't feel bad challenging a question/answer. We'll check your sources, and our sources, and get back to you.  When we're wrong, we like to try and correct our errors, and provide you all with the best game possible. This week, we didn't accept an answer from two teams in round four.  Upon further review, their answers were correct (Warnog, the officially licensed Star Trek beer would also be an ale, which we originally didn't accept.)  Those two score changes didn't affect the overall game, but it did actually change the round 4 winner.  Originally, we thought the Cheap Beer Princesses won the round, but it turns out that Holy Shit!! Ocelots? won the round.  So, we've got some drink tokens for that team, and they can collect them next week.  Sorry for the error, and we'll keep working hard to not have these sort of issues.

The Cuddle Struggle is Real was our randomly selected team for round two topics, and here is what they chose for you to study:
Food Network Channel
The Office (show)
Entourage (show)
Coachella 2014
Celebrity Couples
How I Met Your Mother (show)
Friends (show)
90's Nickelodeon Shows
Famous Arcade Games
That 70's Show (show)
IT/Computers (general)


Study up, and we'll see you next Tuesday for Pub Quiz.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Does Frank Underwood Gasm?

Strong starts don't always win pub quiz. Strong finishes don't either. Sometimes, the team that is consistent across the rounds wins.  This week, House of Gasms started strong. They lost round one on the song length tie breaker, then came up a little short in round two. But they stayed strong then won rounds three and four. When it came time for the jackpot drawing, their luck was strong, and they won it all.  Congrats on that! That means the jackpot starts fresh next Wednesday.

4 the Mare was randomly chosen for round two topics, and so here is what you should study for next week's round 2:
Original 150 Pokemon
90's Nickelodeon shows
Fresno/Madera Golf Courses
Respitory Diseases
Tennis Champions
Walking Dead (tv show)
True Detective (tv show)
Workaholics (tv show)
ESPN Announcers/Analysts
Celebrity Couples
Parks and Recreation (tv show)
California Pro Sports Teams

Get fresh, study back back back back back, and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

One final note: due to scheduling issues, we will have Pub Quiz on Tuesday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 8 instead of April 2 & 9. Please plan accordingly.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Satan is a Winner

This week started off with a bang, as Stevenik, Scottnik, Corinenik, Nick, Nick & Kim scored 10s in each of the first two rounds. But Alana is Satan was right behind them. In the end, these two teams were tied at 35 points. Alana is Satan won the tie breaker to be the night's winner, but there didn't pull the jackpot chip. Next week, it'll be 1 in 3 odds.

On the night Arthur Chu lost on Jeopardy, a team named Arthur Chu was chosen for round 2 topics. In an interesting twist, it was their first time playing pub quiz with us. We love that random drawing element.  Anyway, here are the study topics they picked for next week's round 2:
Evolutionary Psychology
Cold War
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
California's Gold with Huell Howser
House of Cards
Sexual Fetishes

Study up and we'll see you next Wednesday.

As a reminder, we will be switching Pub Quiz off the normal night onto Tuesday April 1st and 8th, and then back to Wednesdays.

Friday, March 7, 2014

First 4 Round Winner Ever!

We've been doing Pub Quiz for four years now, and we've never had a team win all four rounds. There have been teams that got close, teams we thought were going to do it, teams that missed on a tie breaker, but never any team to actually pull off that sweep.

On Wednesday, March 5th it happened.  Gasm! The Musical put it all together. They were a show stopper of sorts. They won all four rounds. They scored the highest score ever in a game done by Adam, Carrie & Ed (we've had a higher guest hosted game) at 37 points.  The only thing that would have made their night perfect would have been a jackpot victory, but their chip pulling was off key and so our jackpot begins to roll.

Our randomly chosen team for topics was Uffizi Gallery? I Studied the Uzi Gallery and they picked these topics for next week's round 2:
History of Biology
Duane Allman
The Periodic Table
Citric Acid Cycle
Attack on Titan (anime)
Episodes of Star Trek original series
The King of Queens (tv show)
Derek Trucks
Dickey Betts
Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (Derek & the Dominoes Album)
The Grateful Dead
Films of Ray Harryhausen
The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East (album)
Javita Coffee

Put on your favorite album, brew a cup of coffee, snuggle up with your internet and see if you can become the next team to win all four rounds.  We'll see you next week at Pub Quiz!

P.S. If you're looking for more trivia for your life, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz. Find them on facebook, study some other topics. Maybe you can sweep their game?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Galactic Gasms Grab Gravy

We had a good mix of teams the other night at pub quiz, a few lead changes, different round winners, and a jackpot win. The Gasms of the Galaxy showed their intergalactic brains off and knew a few more things than everyone else. We don't know if it was supernatural, but they did pull the jackpot chip. Congrats on that.  Next week the jackpot starts fresh, but it already told us that it wants to go home with you.  And, whenever we have a jackpot winner, the second place team gets their entry money back, so Riker Goes Commando earned that distinction.

The Filthy Princesses Are Crossing Their Fingers and Opening Their Legs... Pick Us! we randomly picked for round 2 topics, and here is what they would like you to study:
How Was Your Week w/ Julie Klausner
Modest Mouse Lyrics
Punjabi Language
Broadway Musicals
Music Theory
Russian Words
Uffizi Gallery
Damages (tv show)
Symbolic Logic
Valentino design house
Hmong History
Gospel of John
U.S. Presidents

Sounds like you may need to исследование or ਦਾ ਅਧਿਐਨ before next Wednesday

Friday, February 21, 2014

50/50 Odds Next Week!

Commander Riker Has the Biggest Powerballs of Them All utilized a technique mastered by a few other teams this week - they hung around in second place, didn't win a round, but won the game.  That takes skill.  However, they didn't win the jackpot, which sets up next week to be a 50/50 chance at the big prize.

The Harry Wong Fan Club was randomly chosen for Round 2 topics, and here's what they came up with for you all to study:
Harry Wong
UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
98 Degrees (band)
Core Waiver California
Cats (animal)
2Pac & Notorious BIG
Gilmore Girls (tv show)
Chelsea Handler
Sons of Anarchy
Justified (tv show)
Wonder (book by RJ Palacio)
Red Wine

Interesting. Very Interesting.  Hit the books and maybe you'll take home the jackpot and more.

PS - please use your drink tokens. Stop squirreling them away. They will be of no use when the zombie apocalypse happens.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Delicious Nickalicious triumphs over Princesses

Two teams were on a roll this week, and they split the game with two rounds each. They even put down a lot of the same song lengths. When it came down to it though, Nickalicious savored their win on the evening.  Despite their shared dominance on the night, they didn't pull the jackpot chip so next week is 1 in 3 odds.

Tackling Tight Ends Like Michael Sam was drawn to pick Round 2 topics for their first time, and here is what they decided you should study:
Breaking Bad
Walking Dead (tv show)
Gossip Girl (tv show)
Naturally Occurring Plant Growth Hormones
Friday Night Lights (tv show)
Thermodynamic Laws
E! Network
Masters Champions (golf)
Cuts of Beef
Harry Potter
Six Flags Magic Mountain Rides
City of Coalinga

Study up, learn some new things, and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Seymour Black Tar Heroin

Seymour Black Tar Heroin was on a roll last night. They won two rounds to put the smack on the other teams for the win.  Sadly, for them, the didn't pull the jackpot, so next week it begins to build.

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Riker was our randomly drawn team for round 2 topics, and here is what they chose:
Current Broadway Musicals
Common Core Standards (education)
The Basin and Range Province
Anatomy of the Human Brain
Food Network shows
Strawberry Growing Regions in California
Things that rhyme with "butt"
Classic Hollywood Starlets 1930-1950
Emotional Freedom Technique
Early Simpsons (seasons 1-6)
Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 (tv show)
Sherman's March (Civil War event)

Spend some time with those topics and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

Friday, January 31, 2014

That Jackpot Win Will Buy a Lot of Broccoli

Another good night at Pub Quiz this week. Thirteen teams duked it out, and Britney Spears? Dammit, I Studied Broccoli Spears won it all.  They also pulled the jackpot chip, taking home the big prize.  We also had a 3 way tie for second place, with The Real Cold Housewives of Atlanta winning the 2nd place prize on a tiebreaker question.

In First Place with 875 points! was drawn for the round two topics, and here's what they chose:
Will Clark
Tom Savini
Cinderella Man (movie)
Gladiator (movie)
Amy Winehouse Songs
Slasher films from the 80's
Wrestlemania III
Martin Luther
Internet Memes
San Francisco 49ers (2004 - present)
To Kill A Mockingbird (movie)
Night of the Living Dead (1968 films)

Next week the jackpot starts building again, but your team could take it down if you study up.

Finally, if you want to keep sharp, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday night.  It's the 1 year anniversary and they'll be doing a bunch of give aways.

Friday, January 24, 2014

What Will Keep Us Together Then?

Spoiler Alert were back to using that moniker, playing this time as Spoiler Alert: Love Won't Keep Us Together and winning the night. They did it by a first round tie, a second round win and then they hung on for the final two rounds. The game ended up close, with a one point win.  But, the jackpot was not pulled, once again, and so next week it's 50/50 odds.

Another team got their first time picking topics, as The Suicidal Fetus was drawn for next week's round two topics.  Here's what they came up with:
Characters from the Buffyverse (tv only)
Obstetric Procedures
Heart Medicines
Discography of Britney Spears
Gourmet Cheese
Star Wars Aliens
Theater Lighting
CES 2014
History of Gay Marriage
The Beatles
Films of Leonardo DiCaprio
Homeland (tv show)
Celebrity Couples
Bravo Network

Remember, next week is 50/50 odds, so study up and be ready.  Also, if you want to keep your brain sharp, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Us

We had a great time this week at Pub Quiz as we celebrated our 4th anniversary and 201st game.  Eff You, We're Eating jumped out to an early lead, and held off all the competitors.  However, they didn't pull the winning chip, so next week it's 1 in 3 odds.

Tobias Funke & The Anal Rapists were drawn for round 2 topics. It's their first time picking topics and here's what they chose for you to study:
Busan Subway System (South Korea)
Differential Calculus
Films by Jean-Claude Junet - should be Jean Pierre Jeunet
Films by Marc Caro
Korean Grammar
Word Etymology
90's Children TV shows
Applied Behavior Analysis
Charlie Chaplin
Glasgow Coma Scale

Study up, and we'll see you next Wednesday.  Also, if you're looking for something to do on Monday night, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Artic Swirlies Are No Fun

We've never had a team win all four rounds at Pub Quiz.  This week, Polar Vortex or Arctic Swirlie came super close. They were in a round 1 tie breaker, but were farther away on song length time. Then they won the next 3 rounds of the night and finished 3.5 points ahead of the rest of the crowd.  But, their luck ended there as they didn't pull the jackpot chip.  So, that starts our jackpot growing.

Our randomly drawn team for round 2 topics was Fresnocity, and here's what they picked for you to study:
Disneyland Rides
Types of Kale
Bobby Sherman songs
Star Trek the original series
actors from the recent Linda Lovelace movie
Black Sabbath
Skins - UK version
Les Miserables
Pink Floyd
Superman - all media
The Tudor dynasty
Ann Margaret movie Bye Bye Birdie
Marvel cinematic universe
Mary Poppins - Disney movie

Finally, next Wednesday is our 4th anniversary of doing Pub Quiz.  We're thankful that you've stuck by us, and helped bring a fun night to Fresno.  Along with it being our 4th anniversary, it will also be the 201st game of Pub Quiz (that includes our games & all our guest hosts)!  201 games!   We'll be celebrating next week and hope you'll come join us.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Get Some, Son

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to.  Welcome Pub Quiz back into your life this Wednesday at the Landmark.  Study up for round 2, and we'll see you soon:

XKCD - web comic
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special
Logical Fallacies
Logical Positivism
2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees
History of Yeman
Cricket (the sport)
Dr. Dog (the band)
Career of Peter O'Toole
Career of Joan Fontaine
Films of Mel Brooks
Books of Max Brooks
Bryan Cranston tv shows

 Your actual winter may not be over, but the Pub Quiz winter break is.