Friday, August 27, 2010

The Work of Bavmorta hopes you won't study and that you don't know anything about these round 2 topics

The Mad Figs busted out a classic win this last week, not winning a single round but staying consistent through all four. Unfortunately for them, they didn't draw the blue chip. This next week is big because the winner of the game has a 100% chance of drawing the blue chip, so make sure you bring your A-game and I suggest you study because TWOB has a history of scoring very well on their own topics.

1. New Orleans Saints

2. Brian Wilson

3. Hot Wheels

4. Music Theory

5. Teddy Roosevelt

6. Amiga Computer

7. 1990s Major League Baseball

8. Rage Against the Machine

9. Fresno Mayors

10. Mopar Muscle Cars

11. Battlestar Galactica

12. Transformers (cartoon)

13. Algebra


See you next week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pub Quiz Results & Categories

Congrats to the Ground Zero Mosquitos on their win last Wednesday. It was a very close one with the top 5 teams all withhin 3 points of each other.

Whoa guys - still no pot winner! The rollover is getting ridiculous, so study up on the round two questions for next week, provided by Trivia Newton John, last week's round 4 winner by a 4-way, ten-point tie! Just goes to show - always put a time for the song, even if you leave the rest of the answer blank - you could just give yourself a round 2 advantage when there is a 50% chance of winning the jackpot for the overall winner. 50% Y'ALL!

1. Baroque Music

2. Vegan Cooking

3. Savannah, GA

4. iCarly

5. French Revolution

6. Fawcett Comics

7. Young Adult Fiction

8. Six Feet Under (TV series)

9. Green Day

10. Grammar

11. Psychology

12. Broadway Musicals

13. Nutrition

14. College Football

Friday, August 13, 2010

Record Breaking

This last week we had 131 of you players in the back room. That seems to be about all we can handle seeing as how the fire code puts room capacity at 138 and there just aren't anymore chairs for more people. It was certainly a fun night and we're glad you made it out. If you didn't, hopefully you can get there early enough next week to snag to a table.

Several teams duked it out for the top spot this week but it was the Mad Figs and Alana is Satan that made it to the end of the game in a tie for first place. In a tie-breaker race decided by a split second, Alana is Satan eked out the win. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for everyone else hoping to get a piece of the jackpot, they didn't draw the blue chip. That means you'll want to study up on the round 2 topics for next week, as chosen by Finding Strangers In The Alps:

1. The WIRE (TV series)
2. HTML code
3. The Venture Bros
4. Steven Soderbergh films
5. Firearms
6. Pennsylvania history
7. DC Comics
8. Mixology
9. The Killers (the band)
10. Color Theory
11. NBA
12. James Bond films
13. Coen Brothers films
14. Max Headroom (tv series)

See you next week! Thanks for playing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

round 2 topics 8/11

Congrats to Blogocide for winning the 4th round last week, and the night as a whole. Here are the topics they picked for next week's round 2:

1 Wiz Khalifa
2 80s WWF (wrestling)
3 Spaced (TV)
4 Angel (TV)
5 Wes Anderson Films
6 Bay Area Hip Hop
7 Garbage Pail Kids (1-5 series)
8 American Currency
9 Magic Tricks
10 Fresno Grafitti
11 Colorguard (flag spinning not military)
12 Hip Hop Producers
13 Fresno Blogs
14 Boer Wars