Friday, October 25, 2013

Pub Quiz Needs You!

We admit, we need you. We need you to tell your friends. We need you to tell your coworkers. We need to get the word out again about Pub Quiz.  If you are willing, share our status on Facebook.  We know that Pub Quiz is most fun when there is a good crowd of teams.  The more the merrier is true at Pub Quiz.  We'll keep providing the best game possible.  And now on to recap & topics.

Spoiler Alert: Clemenza Didn't Forget the Cannoli grabbed hold of the lead with a strong round 2.  They are constant studiers of the topics and that paid off with a 9 in round 2.  The teams behind them moved around, but they stayed on top.  However, they didn't pull the jackpot, so next week it will be 1 in 3 chances.

Spoiler Alert also was randomly drawn to pick topics for next Wednesday's round 2. Here's what they chose:
The Godfather Saga (movies)
The Originals (tv show)
Justice League of America (comics)
Edger Allan Poe
The Arcana Chronicles (books)
Jack the Ripper
Samhain (holiday, not band)
Corky's Cuts 4 Kids (local business)
Bones in Human Skeleton
Theology & Critical Analysis of Genesis - the Old Testament book

Study up, because we know Spoiler Alert will.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 10/30 GAME -  Because it's the day before Halloween, we want to have some extra fun.  We're encouraging you to come in costume.  Get a little freaky.  And, if your entire team comes in costume, you'll play for half off.  That's right, half off admission for teams that are all in costume.  Now, there is some rules to this, you have to actually be in a costume.  Just showing up and saying your dressed up as a jerk, alcoholic, loser, whatever doesn't cut it.  You actually have to be in a costume.  Enjoy yourself.  Let your freak flag fly.  It's Halloweenish!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Busy Busy Busy at Pub Quiz

The round wins were spread around the room the other night at Pub Quiz.  My Government Pulls Out, But I Don't snatched the lead after round two, and held on for the rest of the night.  It was close going into round 4, with only 1/2 point separating  My Government and Riker is Forever, but My Government rolled on.  They kept on rolling as they drew their own random chip for next week's round 2. However, the roll stopped on the jackpot draw, so it rolled over and will begin to grow each week.

Here's the round two topics for next week's game:
Casablanca (movie)
Mr. Roberts (movie)
Prohibition Criminals
Napoleon Dynamite
The Freedom Trail
Monterey Pop Festival 1967 (bands)
Breaking Bad season 2
Godfather - original film
Battle of the Bulge - WW2
Juliana Hatfield
A Confederacy of Dunces (book)
Cake - Fashion Nugget (album songs)
A Mighty Wind (movie)

Thursday night we got together for the Tournament of Champions.  Here's how it went:
You guys did awesome!  We are very thankful that we had 21 teams show up and compete to see what were the trivia kings & queens of Fresno.  It was a close, tough game, as a championship should be.  When it was all said and done, Spoiler Alert: Gravity Was Not Actually Filmed in Space were our winners.  They hung around the top all night, but used a 9 point round 4 to leap frog over two teams in front of them.  Multiple Scoregasms finished in second, and Alana is Satan ended up third.  A special thanks go out to the Landmark, Sequoia Brewing Company and Cafe Corazon for prizes.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Double Up the Pub Quiz Next Week

The jackpot was won last week, so this was the first night of what could be a growing jackpot.  Well, it could be a growing jackpot if it wasn't won again!  Spoiler Alert: Washington Redskins Change Name to D.C. Redskins was involved in 2 round tie breakers, won a round outright, and ended up 2 points ahead of the rest of the teams when it was all done. They stayed hot and pulled the jackpot chip, so next Wednesday, we'll have another week one.

Sarilho De Mangueira worked their way into our final qualifying spot for the Tournament of Champions.  They will join 11 other  teams from the Fresno Pub Quiz and 12 teams from the Sequoia Pub Quiz next Thursday to see who will be crowned the trivia kings of Fresno!  Here are the teams qualified from Fresno Pub Quiz:
1. There is a Riker that Never Goes Out
2. Spoiler Alert: Oscar Wilde is not a Homophone
3. Gasmsag
4. Alana is Satan
5. Fresnocity
6. the Little Mensels
7 The Michael J. Fox Show is Really Shaking Things Up at NBC
8. Team 5 is Alive!
9. Seal Team 666
10. All We Do Is Lose
11. Here for the Specials
12. Sarilho De Mangueira

Government Not Working? Have You Tried Turning it Off and Back On Again was drawn to pick round two topics for Wednesday's game:
Gladiator (movie)
Disneyland Attractions & Rides
Doctor Who - pre 96 relaunch
Battle of Guadalcanal
Fantasy Football
Seinfeld (tv show)
By the Shores of Silver Lake (book by Laura Ingalls wilder)
The Writings of H.P. Lovecraft
Sons of Anarchy season 1
the music of Herman's Hermits
Amy Winehouse original music
To Kill A Mockingbird (movie)

Study up, and we'll see you Wednesday night.  And, if you're one of the twelve qualified teams we'll see you again on Thursday at the Landmark!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fresnocity Schools the Crowd

Spoiler Alert: The Sopranos is not an Opera Documentary jumped out to an early lead, winning rounds 1 & 2,  and each time it was on song length tie breakers. Fresnocity snatched the lead after round 3 and hung on for the win. It's a good thing they did, as they pulled the jackpot chip.

On the night, we also qualified another team for our Tournament of Champions. Here for the Specials rejoiced as they worked their way into the Championship.  They were doubly stoked when they were drawn to pick topics for next week's round 2. Here are their picks:
The Crow (movie)
Jimmy Eat World
Mets (baseball)
Car Makers
Bones in the Human Body
C + + Programming
Motown Artists
Venereal Disease
Gothic Architecture
Barclay's Premier League
IPA Beers
Third Party NES Nintendo Games

Study up and we'll see you next Wednesday.  There is still one open spot for the Championship!