Friday, October 30, 2015

The Renegades Rocked the Boat to Make it Sunny Side Up

FKA Riker is psychic.  That is the only explanation we will accept.  Once again, they called their shot on a win at pub quiz on one of our Wednesday posts.  It didn't really look like it for most of the game, as they were never in first until the end, but sometimes that is how you do it.  You hang around for the first 3 rounds, you drop a 10 in round 4, and then you win.

But really, we hope everyone had a fun night at Pub Quiz.  We had four different round winners, a couple of lead changes, and a jackpot win.  Congrats again to FKA Riker on the jackpot, and to It's Not Adam and Steve, It's Adam and Ed for taking second place.

Next week, we'll have a guest host. Los Chingadores Mas Finas will be at the head table and Adam and Ed will be with the rest of you, trying to answer questions.  As always with a guest host, it's a winner take all night.  We hope you'll join us for another great night of Pub Quiz.

Friday, October 23, 2015

88 mph and still no future

Ten teams squared off on Wednesday, all taking their shot at a 50/50 jackpot draw.  The first round was a close affair, with 6 teams all near the top.  Round two created a little distance, but teams 1 and 2 were only separated by a half point.  But things shook loose in round 3, where Let's Make Like A Tree and Get Out of Here must have hit 88 mph and jumped to a different level.  Their half point lead became a 3.5 point lead, and in round 4 it became a 4.5 point lead and a sealed up win.  Sadly for them, but happily for the rest of you, their future wasn't bright enough to pull the jackpot chip.  That means...

Next week is a guaranteed jackpot!  Whichever team wins the game, takes it all down!  As you may or may not have noticed, the Landmark has already done a little reconfiguring, and some of our real estate in the back is gone.  There's still room for at least 15 teams, but you'll want to make sure your team grabs one of those tables next week.  Remember, seating is first come, first served and you can only reserve a table by having a member of your team on the premises.

Next week's guaranteed jackpot also means that in two weeks we will have a guest host.  Los Chingadores Mas Finas will be at the head table, grilling you with their knowledge and Adam and Ed will be joining you, trying to show how smart we is, two.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mas Finas Again

We're not sure if it was the fair, the changing weather or what, but we had a smaller crowd this week at Pub Quiz.  Only 9 teams went at it, but we hope you all had a great time.  The first two rounds both had ties, and were taken by different teams.  The third and fourth rounds were both won with 9.5 points, also by different teams.  In a strange twist, one team didn't win round 3, but still used it to grab a 1.5 point lead.  They did win round 4, growing that lead to 2.5 points.  That team, Los Chingadores Mas Finas.  They didn't win the jackpot, so next week it's 50/50 odds!

In other news, every so often we do a guest host.  Next on the schedule: Los Chingadores Mas Finas.  So, they'll be hosting in the next few weeks, giving you opportunity to complain to them about their music, the questions, and more.  We love these opportunities because it allows us to also play, and get our brains squished by some other trivia masters.  They'll be on after the next jackpot win, so expect it in 2 or 3 weeks.

Friday, October 9, 2015

This Squid is on Fire

We had a rocking good time this week at Pub Quiz. 83 people showed up as 15 teams and battled it out.  But really, the night belonged to one team. The Fire Squids started the game with a perfect 10, and a two point lead.  They didn't win every round, but they never let go of the lead. And, after four rounds, they had brought their lead up to 3 points and a total of 36 points.  However, they didn't grab the jackpot chip, so it will continue to grow.  Next week, there will be 1 blue and 2 red chips in the bag.

This was also our first week with new ownership at the Landmark.  We want to encourage you to check out the new menu.  Some stuff is still the same, but others are changing.  We're still using drink chips, but that will eventually change. If you have a few lying around your house, you may want to use them before they aren't worth anything.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Pub Quiz Mas Finas

This week at Pub Quiz we got off to a smashing start.  Five of the thirteen teams in round 1 pulled that perfect 10.  And, with the time tie breaker, one team was 1 second off and another was 2 off from the actual time.  Round 2 had 3 teams tied with 9 points.  Round 3 had 2 teams tied at 8.  Round 4 was the only round won outright, and that was another perfect 10.

As for the lead, it only moved a round a little.  The team in first after round 1 dropped to second after round 2 but moved back into first after round 3 and held on for the win.  That team, Los Chingadores Mas Finas. And while they were able to hold the lead, they couldn't grab the jackpot chip, so that begins to grow.

Little word on Landmark drink tokens - for the near future they will still work.  So, if you have them, you should use them.  We're not sure when exactly the new ownership will phase them out, or if they will keep them around.  We've been told they will be usable for a little bit longer.

We hope we see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.