Friday, April 26, 2013

Deal with the Devil?

Alana is Satan is on quite a roll right now. They won three weeks ago and took down a big jackpot, guest hosted last week, and won this week on a tie breaker. Not only did they win, but they pulled the jackpot again!

Alana is Satan was able to pull off the win by taking down two rounds - including round four. Here are the topics they chose for next week:

The Simpsons
Probability and Statistics
San Joaquin River restoration
Beat literature
European football
1980 Oakland A's
Mystery Men (film)
Monty Python
Tom Waits

Study up and we'll see you Wednesday!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Satan Was Your Host

Guest hosts are great for us - we get to rest our question writing brains and play from the other side of the table.  So, this week we'd like to thank Alana is Satan for serving as guest hosts and letting us enjoy the game as participants.  As we always do with guest hosts, it was a stand alone, winner take all game, and Los Pervertibles de la Noche won it.

Two weeks ago, round 4 was won by How to Properly Scream and they chose these topics for next week's round 2:

Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm
Star Trek Voyager
Bravest Warriors (cartoon)
Justified (tv show)
Beer Home Brewing
Lexx (tv show)
Derek (UK tv show)
Ruby (programming language)
Bioshock Infinite
German Board Games
Karl Pilkington
90's Dance Music
Indian Cuisine

We hope you enjoyed the guest hosts, but we also hope you'll be glad to see us back behind the head table at Pub Quiz.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Devil is in the Details

There was only one chip and that meant a big jackpot was going to be doled out.  That also meant the winners were really going to have to earn their victory.  The game stayed close, there were lead changes each round and at the end of it all the top five teams were all within two and a half points.  Alana is Satan worked their devilish minds and conjured up the victory and took home the jackpot, so congratulations go out to them.

Round 4 was won by How to Properly Scream, and they came up with some good topics to study.  However, next week (4/17) we'll have a guest host, so How to Properly Scream's topics will be used in round 2 on 4/24.  Check back next week for their topics.

Next week we continue our tradition of sharing our job every few months with one of our player teams.  Alana is Satan, who had a heck of a night this week, will be running the show.  Show up and see if you can outwit them.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kings Crowned

It seems we specialize in close games, and this week didn't disappoint.  Once again, only a few points separated the top teams, and The Seattle Kings reigned victorious.  There were only two chips left in the jackpot, and unfortunately for them, they pulled the losing chip.  But that's great news for you all of you - next week is a guaranteed jackpot win.  Will the Seattle Kings be crowned champions and jackpot winner, or will another team usurp their throne?

The Irish Wrist Watchers clocked a 9 point round 4, and these are the topics they choose for next week's round 2:
Tap Dance Terminology
80's Action movies
New Testament
The Walking Dead (tv show)
Led Zepplin
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Will Ferrell Movies
Austin Powers
Vampire Diaries
90's Cartoons
British Invasion
1990's WWF wrestlers
Secondary Twilight Characters

Be ready for a full house and a great night of Fresno Pub Quiz next Wednesday.  And if you want to warm up, check out Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Monday.