Friday, September 27, 2013

Spoiler Alert, Good Teams Are Good

Another good game at Pub Quiz this week. Fresnocity looked great out the gate with a 9 in round 1, and they won round 4, but the middle rounds hurt them.  Michael "The Jackhammer" Fox came on strong with a 9 in round 2, and hung close to the top, but ended up 4th overall.  Going into round 4, we had a tie between Spoiler Alert: The Black Keys Are Not Actually Black and Portmanteaugasm.  It was close round 4, and the top four teams were within 2.5 points, but Spoiler Alert pulled it off.  In an interesting twist, they also pulled their chip to pick topics for next week's round 2.  What they couldn't pull off was the jackpot, so that begins to build.  Congrats to spoiler alert for the win.

Seal Team 666 and All We Do is Lose both qualified for our upcoming Tournament of Champions.  In an interesting twist, we still have two open slots for that game.  So, next week we'll still be qualifying teams, and hopefully we'll lock down our final two teams for the October 17th Championship Game.

As mentioned earlier, Spoiler Alert: The Black Keys Are Not Actually Black drew the random chip to pick topics, and here's what they chose for next week's round 2:

Pai Gow Poker
Oakland Raiders
The Sapranos
Big Brother 15
Iron Maiden
Dewey Decimal System
Legion of Superheroes (comic book)
Janelle Monae
Vintage Analog Synthesizers
Black Sabbath 1st 6 albums 1969-1975
Lyrics by The Smiths
Chinatown (movie)
Mammalian orders
The League (tv show)

You had better study up because Spoiler Alert doesn't play when it comes to their topics. If you want to win, you better hit the books, or the internet.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gasm 5 Times and Call Me in the Morning

We admit, sometimes it's a small night at Pub Quiz.  We understand, people have things going on, not everyone can play every week.  This week was one of our smaller games, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good.  The game had a few lead changes, a few tied rounds, and when we finished 40 questions, Commander Rikers Baadasss Song was tied at the top with Grand Theft Gasm 5.  You know what, last week these teams tied on the night, although it wasn't for first place. They settled it with arm wrestling. We're not sure who won.  But when we have a tie at the end of the night, we do a tie breaker question.  Grand Theft Gasm 5 won that, and flexed a little muscle by pulling the jackpot chip.  Yep, it was only week one, but who doesn't like winning?  That means next week will be another week with 5 chips in the bag.

We only had two teams qualify for our upcoming Tournament of Champions. They are:
The Michael J. Fox Show is Really Shaking Things Up at NBC
Team 5 is Alive!

Since we only qualified two teams, that means four teams can qualify next week.  That could be you!

The Michael J. Fox Show is Really Shaking Things Up at NBC was also randomly drawn to pick topics for next week's round 2, and here is what they chose:
Big Bang Theory (tv show)
Friends (tv show)
Rules of Lacrosse
Rules of Curling
Medical Terms
Fast Pitch Softball
Animated Disney Movies
California University of Pennsylvania
University of Oregon football
University of Southern California
San Diego Zoo
Black Keys (band)
California Penal Code
Ca. Court of Appeal, 5th Appellate District

We hope you enjoy your weekend. Get out and see a film at Reel Pride. Check out the FUSE Festival and its great local music downtown.  But study up, and we'll see you next Wednesday at Pub Quiz.  Bring a friend, test your knowledge, and maybe win some prizes.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spoiler Alert: Winners Ahead

It was a runaway game for Spoiler Alert: Osama Dies at the End of Zero Dark Thirty.  The jumped out and won rounds 1 & 2, and had good scores in rounds 3 & 4. When it was all said and done, they were 6 points ahead of the pack.  They continued to dominate the night by pulling the jackpot chip.  That means next week the jackpot starts fresh, and there will be 5 chips back in the bag.

Three more teams qualified for our upcoming championship in October.  Joining last week's 3 were:
Alana is Satan
The Little Mensels

Finally, in our random draw to select round 2 topics, Fresnocity was drawn.  We were shocked, as we hadn't imagined that the same team would be drawn in successive weeks through a random system.  But they were, and here are the topics chosen to study for round 2:
Alt J
Famous Armenians
Greys Anatomy (tv show)
Skins (UK tv show)
Tim Curry films
80's heavy metal bands
soundtrack for the movie Singles
Make Mine Music (movie)
Johnny Depp movies
Laguna Beach (tv show)
Sleeping Beauty (Disney movie)
Disneyland Rides & Attractions
Monkees Headquarters (album)
Charlotte's Web (book)

Remember, you can actually study these topics. Studying will help your team. Shocking, right?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Riker Won't Go Out, but they're In!

It was the first week of qualifying for our Tournament of Champions, and it was also another good, close game.  In case you're wondering, the games are still the same, we just inviting people to play in a Championship match in October.  There is a Riker that Never Goes Out was in first place after every round, and yet never won a round outright.  They did win the night, but didn't pull the jackpot chip.  Next week it'll be 1 blue and 2 red chips in the jackpot bag.

This week's qualifiers for the Championship Game:
There is a Riker that Never Goes Out
Spoiler Alert: Oscar Wilde is not a Homophone

That means that those three teams are in.  If they finish in the top 3 next week,  the 4th place team will qualify (and so on).

Our random team selected to pick round 2 topics was My Mantra is E.S.A.D. (Eat Shit and Die) and here's what they selected for you to study:
Mary Poppins (movie)
N'Sync (band)
Songs of the Monkees
Babysitter Club books
Torchwood (tv show)
Zankou chicken
Panera Bread Secret menu
80's MTV VJ's
Real World Seattle
Passions Soap opera
Rides & Attractions at Disneyland
Grease 2 songs
Hazel (tv show)
Farmer Boy by Laura Ingels Wilder (book)

Study up so your team can not only win, but qualify for the Tournament of Champions!