Friday, November 18, 2016

Squid Again

It was a sorta slim night at Pub Quiz this week, attendance wise, but the challenge was there, and most teams were in contention. Four different teams won a round, and the Fire Squids won their second game in a row. But, for the second week in a row they didn't pull the jackpot. So, next game it is a GUARANTEED WINNING JACKPOT!

However, next Wednesday, the Santa Fe will be closed after 7 pm or the Thanksgiving holiday. So, the next Pub Quiz game, which will be a GUARANTEED WINNING JACKPOT, will be on 11/30. Join us then.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Wednesday night offered us a chance to laugh, play trivia, grab a drink, and banter a bit. Four different teams won a round, but after round 2, it wasn't all that close of a game. This week, one team was, as they say, en fuego. That team: the Fire Squids. Maybe surprising even themselves, they lit up the scoreboard with 37 points, which really does take some work.

This week should be 50/50 jackpot odds, so build your best team and join us Wednesday night for Pub Quiz at the Santa Fe Basque. Teams of 1-6, $5 a person.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Remember Remember the First Week of November

We had a small night of 6 teams going at it on Wednesday night. I mean, maybe game 7 of the World Series hurt our attendance a little, but those 6 teams gave it their best. Four different teams won a round (sorry 2 teams that didn't snag one) and we had a come from behind win. That's right, FKA Riker finished a half point ahead of three other teams. What a squeaker! However, no jackpot chip was pulled, so it'll keep building.

We hope you'll join us this Wednesday for a great night of Pub Quiz.

Also, a little heads up, there will not be Pub Quiz on November 23rd. The Santa Fe Basque will close at 7 that night due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What are you doing November 2nd?

Politics got you down? We suggest Pub Quiz.

Don't care about game 7 of stickball? We suggest Pub Quiz.

Want a stiff drink & good food? We suggest Pub Quiz.

Looking for something to do tonight? We definitely suggest Pub Quiz.

Join us tonight at the Santa Fe Basque for a fun game of Pub Quiz.

$5 a person, teams of 1-6.
Registration after 7:15, game at 8.

Mass Recap!

Ooops, we forgot to post some recaps lately.  Here they are!

10/26 game:
Eight teams went after it this week, and it was a close one at the top. Alana is Satan was dominant, taking 3 of 4 rounds. However, at the end of it all, it was only one half point separating the top two teams. Five Cocks and One Nasty Hair were contenders, but came up just shy. For the second week in a row, Alana is Satan were champions. However, unlike last week, they didn't win the jackpot. It will begin to build.
We hope you'll join us next Wednesday for another great game of Pub Quiz.

10/19 game:
Eight teams went to work this week in a tougher than usual game. Four different teams won a round, but Alana is Satan stayed up at the top all night long. Not only did they win the game, but they pulled the lucky jackpot chip to take that home as well. Fists Full of Pussy took our second place prize.
Next week, we'll start a fresh jackpot. We hope you'll join us at the Santa Fe Basque.