Sunday, November 28, 2010

And we're back!

Oh hi. Last week was a vacation week during which some of the fellas from Alana is Satan hosted pub quiz for Thanksgiving Eve. We're back to our regularly schedule quizzing this week so lets see the topics that The Work of Bavmorta picked out for you a week and a half ago.

1. Richard Nixon
2. The Beach Boys
3. Music Theory
4. Martial Arts Fighting Styles
5. Theodore Roosevelt
6. Calories
7. Dune (the movie)
8. Marvin Gaye
9. Fight Club (the movie)
10. Tower District Bartenders (current)
11. The New York Giants (football)
12. West Hollywood Bars
13. Ani DiFranco's musical career
14. Ramones

Study up! See you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thanksgiving pub quiz

get your thanksgiving holiday started right with some pub quiz action!

tonight will be guest hosted by Alana is Satan and your regular pub quiz hosts will be playing on a team. So you there.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cho-Stix win, Cho-Stix win!!

It was an exciting week. The anticipation of a big win was in the air and a lot of teams decided to make it a close game. At the end of round four, there were about 8 teams that were either tied for the lead or just 1/2 a point off the lead. But in the end, Cho-Stix struck gold in round four winning the chance to pick their own topics and a chance to draw for the jackpot. Alas, they were unsuccessful and so the jackpot rolls over to next week where the winner will have a 100% chance of drawing the blue chip. Study up because this game will be packed with hopefuls:

1. The Music of 103.7 "The Beat"
2. LL Cool J
3. Notown Roller Derby Team
4. Real Housewives of Atlanta
5. Tom Lehrer
6. Salt Lake City
7. Charlie Chan
8. One Hit Wonders
10. Warehouse 13
11. Pedro Almodovar Films
12. Politics
13. Hunger Games Trilogy
14. Datsun Models

In other news, after next week (11/17), some of the guys from Alana Is Satan will be hosting another vacation week (11/24) for Carrie, Ed, and Adam. That's the day before Thanksgiving so we're excited to see some of our fans of pub quiz who are returning to town for the holidays. As usual, that week will be a standalone week where the winner will take the jackpot without drawing. As well, we won't be using or taking round two topics. Those will roll over to the next week after Thanksgiving. Once again, we three look forward to putting a team together and playing from the other side of the head table. We'll be reminding everyone of this during next week's pub quiz.

Also, don't forget Monday Night Football at Landmark for our quick half-time trivia match for all you sports quiz buffs.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Craziness (or anger, but not really either) leads the way with a Mad Figs tie-breaking win

The Mad Figs secured another win notch on their belt after a little break from the winners circle. They took it all the way down to a tie breaker with an iteration of last week's champion team, The Worst of Bob Morta. They did not draw the jackpot which means we're rolling down to one red chip and one blue chip next week. Those are pretty good odds if you ask...anyone (except for the last team to draw a red chip on 1-1 odds)! In other news, the Mad Figs won round 4 too! Here are the things they want you to study (and yes, there are some repeats, so maybe your job will be easier...or not):

1. Norse Mythology
2. Biology
3. 2010 World Series
4. Military Aircraft
5. Top Gear (TV Show)
6. FFA
7. Sexual Lubricants
8. Reformation Europe
9. Ska (2nd Wave)
10. Joss Whedon (TV)
11. Moto G.P.
12. Richard Simmons
13. Air Pollution
14. Fresno Pub Quiz

I don't know about you, but that last one seems

Good luck studying!

In other news, we'll be taking a vacation and letting yet some more players take a stab at hosting pub quiz. We're planning for the week after the jackpot is drawn which will either be one or two weeks from next Wednesday. We'll have more details for you in that regard when they become available.

Also, you may have noticed (or probably not) that we didn't do MNF pub quiz this last week. We were there and were ready but more important things were taking place: namely, the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series. We decided not to disrupt a bar full of celebrants. You can bet your sweet bippy we'll be back this coming Monday. Turnout has been on the meager side so please, grab some friends and come give it a shot. The Landmark has wonderful new widescreen TVs on which to view the game and they run drink and food specials. And the best part is that there is no drawing, no messin' around, winner takes all. That's teams of 1-4 with the same entry fee as Wednesday nights.

Okay, I think that's it. Have a great weekend and we'll see you next week, Monday, Wednesday, or both!