Friday, December 31, 2010

topics 1/5/11

Celtic mythology
xxxholic (anime)
books by Guy Gavriel Kay
Eastbound & Down (tv show)
Ca. state budget & revenue
30 Rock (tv show)
1 Million Dollar Listing (reality tv show)
home loans
state birds
evolutionary biology
analog synthesizers
characters from a song of Fire & Ice
famous tourist attractions in Ireland

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Snicklefits secure their first overall win!

Congratulations to The Snicklefits for kicking ass and taking names in their dominant first win. On top of that, they drew the jackpot. Fresnocity brought the ferocity in round 4 so they could bring you these 14 topics.

1. The "L" Word
2. John Cougar Mellancamp
3. U.S. Universities
4. Celebrity Divorces
5. Johnny Cash
6. Fulton Mall
7. Fresno History
8. Star Trek
9. How I Met Your Mother
10. Physics (classical)
11. Elliott Smith
12. Monty Python (including Spamalot)
13. The Rolling Stones
14. Fly Fishing

Some new ones in the mix. Study hard!

In other news, we'll be taking a break between Christmas and New Years (12/29) so we can do some traveling and celebrating of our own. That means this coming pub quiz (12/22) is the last of 2010.

Also, January 13th marks the one year anniversary of Fresno Pub Quiz (I know, it flew by for us too!) which means we'll probably try to have some extra giveaways or some sort of celebratory additions to the nearest pub quiz night (1/12) to commemorate that event. We hope you'll be around to help us cheer the fact that you all have made this possible with your incredible attendance and faithful support.

Thanks for playing!

Friday, December 10, 2010

An Unspeakable Win

Unspeakable Title had a definitive win this week taking first place by a 5 point margin. They have become the team to beat it seems. Finding Strangers in the Alps swung a round 4 victory though, so they'll have the advantage going into round 2 next week. Study up and we'll see you on Wednesday!

1. Max Headroom
2. Films of Jacques Audiard
3. Doctor Who
4. The Endurance Expedition
5. DC Comics
6. Firearms
7. Films of Ridley Scott
8. Penny-Arcade (webcomic)
9. Suzanne Vega (musician)
10. German Board Games
11. Hannibal Barca
12. Starbucks "Lingo"
13. Sherlock (BBC series)
14. James Bond actors and actresses (film)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Round 2 Topics for 12/8

Full Frontal Double Rainbow won round 4, which pulled them into a tie with the Work of Bavmorta, and then they were closer to knowing the tie breaker answer about the number of pages in GW Bush's book, Decision Points. Here are the topics they selected for next week's Round 2:

1) The symphonies of Gustav Mahler

2) Episodes of Star Trek (the original series)

3) The voyage of the Beagle

4) Gods & godesses of India

5) Darker than Black (anime)

6) Books by Ilona Andrews

7) UFC

8) Tower District bartenders

9) Pai Gow Poker

10) Home loans

11) Black Flag (the band)

12) The Allman Brothers Band

13) preacher (comic books)

14) freaks & geeks (tv show)