Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aaargon Is Me Favorite Noble Gas

Yup, this last week, Aaarrgon Is Me Favorite Noble Gas managed at solid win with 31.5 points but the jackpot rolled over. Be sure play next week and make your attempt at winning! Alana is Satan, pub quizzers from the beginning finally won their first round four and were excited to pick some round 2 topics. Be sure to study hard because they are looking to stump you with their obscure sports, history, and musical topics:

1. Chicago Sports History
2. Sonic Youth (band)
3. Famous Lakes
4. Thai Cooking
5. Montreal Expos
6. Aztec Camera (band)
7. The Clash (band)
8. Alma Mahler-Werfel
9. Mystery Science Theater 3000
10. Otto von Bismarck
11. Fresno Punk Scene
12. Insurance Law
13. 1980's Baseball (MLB)
14. Climate Change

Hit the books and we'll see you on Wednesday.

As well, if you're an NFL fan and a sports trivia fan, this Monday night we're finally giving our sports trivia another go (assuming city crews don't cut the Comcast lines again while working). Registration will take place during the first half and the quiz will take place during half-time. Teams of 1-4 and $5 registration. Come enjoy some football, some drink specials, and all the sports trivia you wished we would put into Wednesday nights.

UPDATE: Music Hint: All songs this week brought to you by the letter P.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday Night Football Pub Quiz game

So, this Monday, 9/20/10 we're trying out a modified Pub Quiz game during halftime of the MNF game. It'll start promptly at half time, and you'll be able to register during the first half of the game. Here's how it'll run - same rules as normal, same $5 a player. Here's the difference: 1-4 players a team, only 20 questions, and the winning team wins it all. We'll be playing up in the front of the Landmark as well, so this will limit the amount of players possible.

The Monday night game will have no impact on the super awesome, long standing Wednesday night game.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Round 2 topics 9/22

Congratulations to first time (I think?) round four winners The Snicklefits. Below are the categories they hope to pound out an easy round 2 victory with, so study up quizzers. There are four chips in the pot - 25% chance of overall winner taking the jackpot.

1. Sex and the City (TV Series)

2. Adam Corolla

3. SF Giants

4. Healthcare Regulations

5. Breaking Dawn (Twilight Novel)

6. Ultimate Frisbee Terms

7. Surfing Terms

8. 311 (the band)

9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV series)

10. The Real World (first 8 seasons)

11. The Ghostbusters (original movie)

12. Top Chef (TV series)

13. Sacramento Kings

14. Formation of the Solar System

also, congrats go out to F.T.W. (take it how you want it) on their, well, win. We hope to see you all next week.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Round 2 topics 8/15

Thanks to Heather & Roque for hosting for us last week. And, congrats to Work of Bavmorta on a win by 4.5 points, scoring 37! We're back on questions next week, and here are the round 2 topics chosen by I've never seen one that Big...the pot that is.

Round 2 topics for 8/15:
1) UFC
2) New Jersey Nets
3) Point Break
4) Goonies
5) Greek Mythology
6) Song of Fire & Ice characters
7) Cowboy Bebop (anime)
8) Real Housewives of New Jersey
9) Mortgage financing
10) Black Flag (the band, not the bug spray)
11) Smiths lyrics
12) Episodes of Star Trek, the original series
13) John Ford movies about the U.S. Cavalry
14) Famous creationists of the 20th century

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 1 results & news

Congratulations to "I've never seen one that big before...the pot that is" on their big win. The won rounds 3 & 4, and the jackpot. (BTW, for those that don't know, this team plays every week, but always changes their name. They even won like 3 weeks ago, but didn't pull the blue chip.)

Other important news:
Next week - Roque & Heather from Blogocide are picking questions & running the show. It'll be a winner take all night.

In 2 weeks - your normal FPQ team will be back at it, and we'll have Round 2 topics posted in advance.

For the future - we're going to now start at 5 chips in the bag instead of 10. Less chips = more winning!