Friday, August 30, 2013

Hermanos Not about Meth

Sometimes you play Pub Quiz and you have less than 6 people.  We don't advise it, but it happens. Sometimes when you have less than 6 people you ask us if anyone is looking to join a team. We saw a bit of that this week.  You know what, one team took on a random player, and they won a round for the first time.  Another two teams joined together, and they won it all.  Okay, this doesn't always work out like this, but it did this week so we'll hype it up.  In the game we had a bunch of round tie breakers, and we ended up with 4 different round winners.  Cinco Hermanos De La Noche +1 were the overall winner, but they didn't pull the jackpot. It was the first week of the jackpot, so they probably were alright not winning it.

In our random drawing for round two topics, My Shuttlecraft is Full of Rikers was drawn, and they chose these topics for you to study for next week's round 2:
Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
Homosexuals in History
Oddities (tv show)
The Many Roles of William Shatner
Menu @ Livingstones
Climate Change
Redlipped Batfish (the fish)
Ice Road Truckers (tv show)
Fresno bands
Oscar Wilde in totality

And now for information about our cross town Pub Quiz Championship.  Here's how it will work:
3 teams a night will qualify.
Your team can qualify at Fresno Pub Quiz at Landmark on Wednesdays, or Sequoia North Pub Quiz on Tuesdays.
If a qualified team finishes in the top 3, we'll add in the next placed team, so 3 teams will always qualify.
Overall, 24 teams will qualify.
Once your team has qualified, you're in for the Championship, which will take place Thursday, October 17 at the Landmark.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Gasmic Win

We love it when every round has a different winner.  And we love it when games are close.  So we loved this week. Now, when it gets down to the last few weeks in a jackpot drawing, it the game gets a little tougher.  And you may not love that.  But this week's tough game produced some excitement as we ended up with an overall tie.  Obama Doesn't Need A Warrant to Read Your Sex-Gasms won the tie breaker.  They really showed their skills, or luck, by pulling the jackpot chip. Congrats to them on winning a tough game and the jackpot.

Our random topics draw was won by Steve Mensel Still Won't Play With Us, and here are the topics they chose for you to study for next week's round 2:
World War 2 guns
Punjabi Language
SSA terminal Oakland
89.3 KPCC
Kim Gordon
The Office (seasons 1-8, US version)
Michelin Three Starred Restaurants
University High School Fresno
Cigarette Brands
Salter's Distributing

Study up for next week's game.

In other news, the big news this week is the announcement of our crosstown tournament! That's right, we're teaming up with the folks who run Sequoia Pub Quiz to put on a tournament of champions. Here are the basic details with more information to follow:

September will be qualifying month. Each of the four weeks in that month, at both venues, the top three teams will be automatically entered into the final. If a team that has already qualified is in the top three, then we'll go down the rankings to get the top three qualifiers who haven't done so already.

That means there will be 12 qualifying teams from Fresno Pub Quiz and 12 qualifying teams from Sequoia Pub Quiz. You can qualify at either quiz but not both and the venue at which you qualify will be the one your team represents in the final.

The Championship game between those 24 teams will take place on October 17th (yup that's a Thursday), and after the Big Fresno Fair closes up shop for the year.

The quiz format will be the same for qualifiers and the final will also be the same format with questions and music contributed by both of the hosts. All other aspects of the September games will stay the same with jackpots rolling or being won like normal.

We'll let you know where the final will be as well as other details and potential prizes/giveaways as we get closer. For now, if you're interested in being a part of this, start getting your A-team together and keep your minds sharp

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spoiler Alert: Jackpot Rolls On

Usually, when we look back at a night of trivia, we judge it by a few things:
- did people have fun?
- did multiple teams win a round?
-did the jackpot roll over?

We like yeses to those questions. When we get them all in a week, we're pretty darn excited.  This week, three yeses.  And boom goes the dynamite.

Spoiler Alert: Walt Changed His Nom de Meth From Heisenberg to Schrodinger jumped out to an early lead by winning round one.  The pulled down round three, and managed to hang on for the win.  Two other teams won rounds, and kept the game fairly close through the night.  Sadly for Spoiler Alert, they didn't pull the jackpot chip, so next week it's 50/50 odds.

Thanks Obama was chosen to pick next week's round two topics, and here's what they came up for you:
California Fire Code
IPA Beer
Chinatown (Fresno)
Wigfield (book)
Capital Cities songs (band)
Craps (game)
Back to the Future trilogy
Ewan McGregor movies
Sexy Pub Quiz Hosts
X-Box 1
GAAP Accounting
The Houston Texans
Marin County
Ron Swanson quotes

Have fun studying up, although we don't advise you stalk your sexy pub quiz hosts.

If you'd like another night of trivia, we encourage you to check out the pub quiz at Sequoia North.  Also, be on the lookout for information about a Pub Quiz playoff.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Week of Fours

This Wednesday saw the normal four rounds of trivia, and each with a different round winner.  After those four rounds, there was a four way tie for first place, which was settled with a tie breaker.  Alana is Satan won the tiebreaker, guessing the closest to the elevation of Half Dome.  There were four chips in the jackpot bag, but the winning chip was not chosen. So, the jackpot grows and the odds get better.

This Wednesday we also announced the return of topics to round two. However, we'll do a random drawing each week to determine the team that will pick the topics instead of using the round 4 winner. Robots from the Other Side of the Tracks were drawn this time, and these are the topics chosen for next week's round 2:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv show)
Siouxsie and the Banshees (band)
Los Angeles Dodgers
Bob Dylan
The Tick (cartoon tv show)
California Building Code 2010
Pushing Daisies (tv show)
Human Anatomy
Greek Mythology
Renaissance Art
Title IV Funding (financial aid)
Young Frankenstein (movie)
Parks & Recreation (tv show)

We hope you enjoy studying these topics and we'll see you next week at Pub Quiz.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Spoiler Alert, Gasms Were Good Hosts

We always love having one of our teams take over hosting duties.  We get to play, and you all get to get angry at someone else's questions.  Just kidding on that second part.  But we appreciate when a team steps up and runs the night.

This week, the team that likes to Gasm took over for us.  They brought out a mix of questions, challenged us all, and hopefully everyone had a good time. We know we did, as we won a round for the first time ever!  The game belonged to Spoiler Alert: Alana Comes in Second Tonight, who won round 2 and the game.  Our guest hosted games are always one offs, so Spoiler Alert took home the jackpot.

Next week, we return to our normal game, with your normal hosts behind the head table.  We'll be on the second week of a building jackpot, with 3 red and 1 blue chips in the jackpot bag.