Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Swinging on 2/1

Are you interested in swinging or swapping?  No, not that kind of swinging & swapping. Team swapping. A few of our long-time teams are interested in switching teams for the night. If you want to meet some new people and play on a different team, show up @ 7, and meet up with members of Cmdr Riker or Fresnocity up near the front table. They'll draw names around 7:45 and go from there.

Possible fun extra to go along with your swinging experience.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Topics for 2/1/2012

Hey, Alana is Satan won round four so here are the topics they'd like you to get acquainted with:

1. Seinfeld (TV Show)
2. Futurama (TV Show)
3. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book)
4. California Geography
5. Oingo Boingo (only the music released under this iteration of the band's name)
6. World War II Battles
7. Godfather Part I
8. English Premier League
9. Thoroughbred Horse Racing
10. Tom Waits
11. London Landmarks
12. X (band)
13. Lost Boys (film)
14. Montreal Expos

Have fun! See you next week.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Topics for 1/25/2012

And here are the topics from the Midiscorians:

1. James Ellroy Novels
2. Mac OSX (All Versions)
3. Archer (TV Show)
4. Alfred Hitchcock Films
5. Pokemon (The Video Game)
6. Judo
7. Doctor Who (TV Shows)
8. 20th Century American Small Arms (pistols and rifles)
9. Genesis (Band)
10. Internet Memes
11. Johnny Cash
12. Much Ado About Nothing (The Play)
13. Tectonic Geology
14. The Wonder Years (TV Show)

Study up and we'll see you on Wednesday.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A fun start to a new jackpot

This should be fun. Here are the topics submitted by Admiral Akbar for next week's round two. Get yer nerd on, quizzers!

1. the Star Wars Films
2. the Star Wars Films
3. the Star Wars Films
4. the Star Wars Films
5. the Star Wars Films
6. the Star Wars Films
7. the Star Wars Films
8. the Star Wars Films
9. the Star Wars Films
10. the Star Wars Films
11. the Star Wars Films
12. the Star Wars Films
13. the Star Wars Films
14. the Star Wars Films

Monday, January 9, 2012

Topics for 1/11

Sorry we didn't get these up here earlier, but here are you topics for this Wednesday. Also, sorry that we didn't post an update about last Wednesday.
Topicos Magnificos
1. German Board Games
2. Star Trek films
3. World of Warcraft
4. Western Philosophy
5. Manga
6. Composting
7. Six Feet Under (tv show)
8. Haruki Murakami (author)
9. Leonardo DiVinci
10. Vegan Cooking
11. Classical Music
12. A Song of Fire and Ice
13. Classic Rock
14. NFL Football (2011-2012)