Friday, October 28, 2011

Twofer fer the team that always changes their name

Two wins and two round fours in a row. Winning your topics is key, folks. Will any of you take them on next week?

1. Thin Lizzy

2. Names our team has used when winning PQ

3. HP Lovecraft

4. Fringe (TV show)

5. Selma, CA history

6. William Tecumseh Sherman

7. Home loan refinancing

8. Modern Family (tv show)

9. Doom Patrol (comic book)

10. From Hell (comic book/graphic novel)

11. Instruments played by Tony Banks of Genesis

12. Gibson Les Paul guitar

13. Periodic Table of Elements

14. Akira (anime)

Friday, October 21, 2011

A lot of crabs were got last Wednesday

Team ...And That's The Second Time I Got Crabs managed to win three rounds, including round 4 this last Wednesday but since the jackpot is young, their odds of pulling the blue chip were low. That means that all you other players have five days to put together some phenomenal teams* and study up on these topics:

1. Songs by Blake Jones & The Trike Shop
2. Howl's Moving Castle (Film)
3. Auschwitz Concentration Camp
4. Defenders (Marvel Comic Series)
5. East-West-runnig streets north of Herndon and east of Blackstone
6. Dodgeball (Game)
7. Derek & The Dominos (Band)
8. Birds of the Galapagos
9. Oasis (Band)
10. Names our team has used when winning pub quiz
11. Writings of H.P. Lovecraft
12. Tim Tebow
13. Republican Presidential Candidates
14. Soma (the muscle relaxant Carisoprodol)

Study hard and we'll see you next week! Don't forget that we'll be integrating some Halloween-flavored aspects for the game so feel free to get into the holiday mood early by learning about the ghoulish nights ahead.

*you're all phenomenal teams to us

Friday, October 14, 2011

Riker takes round four

Here are their topics for next week. A new jackpot, a new game, a possible advantage. Happy weekend, quizzers. We love you.

  1. French Revolution
  2. Batman graphic novels of the 80s
  3. Coen brothers films
  4. Big Bang Theory - tv show
  5. Ely, Nevada
  6. Tron (movies)
  7. Disneyland
  8. Feminist lit
  9. New York City
  10. Cowboy Bebop
  11. Armenian culture
  12. Cover songs
  13. Hermaphrodites we know and love
  14. Kau'ai

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fresnocity wins but draws unlucky red

If we recall correctly, this is the second time a team has won the game when it was one red and one blue, and opted to send a new team member up for the chip draw. Both times, red. That's a lot to bear. Take heart rookies, it's pure chance.

Next week, all there is in the bag is a blue chip. Bring your A-game, set your star line-ups, and study hard because you'll be contending with these topics from All My Fascist Friends Are Coming Over Tonight (don't eat saltine crackers while studying, these are dry enough):

1. Warren Ellis Bibliography
2. Allman Brothers Band
3. Home Loan Refinancing
4. Washington DC Punk of the 80s
5. Characters from Game of Thrones
6. Cutter Expansive Classification System
7. Credit Reporting
8. Damages (TV Show)
9. Clan of the Cave Bear (novel)
10. Current NFL Quarterbacks
11. Sister Wives (TV Show)
12. Justice Society of America (Comic Book)
13. Isis (Egyption Goddess)
14. First 6 Black Sabbath Albums

Good luck, have fun!