Wednesday, January 31, 2018


The streak is broken! Despite two teams using the name Alana is Satan, neither was able to keep that moniker from picking up its first loss of the year. There were two Fire Squids as well, and neither of those teams could snag the win, although one did end up in second place. There was only one Fluffernutters, and they were the cream of the crop. They won the game, but didn't pull the jackpot chip. That means tonight there will be 2 reds along with the jackpot chip.

As always, register after 7:15, game at 8.
$5 a person, teams of 1-6.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Last week at Pub Quiz, eleven teams squared off at the Santa Fe Basque. Alana is Satan won our game, but not the jackpot. However, they are UNDEFEATED IN 2018! Who will cast them off the throne?

Tonight, your team can take their shot at the win, and at the jackpot. As always,
$5 a person, teams of 1-6.
Register after 7:15
Game starts at 8.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's A New Year, Why U No Pub Quiz

Hey, try out a new tradition or return to an old one with Pub Quiz.  We're back at the Santa Fe Basque on Wednesday.  The jackpot is building, and you've got to build yourself a fun team of smarties to win it.

As always, we start registration at 7:15, the game at 8.  $5 a person, and teams of 1-6 people.